Friday, December 24, 2010

No Talent

Yeah he said I have no talent in music

I'm the one who lead the choir group in my school..

I'm the one using my hearing ability to improve and harmonise "stand by me" song for our grandmother. And the credit goes to the eldest among us siblings, my sis.

I'm the one who've not seen any songs tutorial and learn from them. I learn by music scores and no matter how I will follow that path.

I'm not even grade 1 yet, though I can't detect any chords for a song, I can play the full melody(original tone) by hearing and practicing just a bit. In fact, I can create my very own melody(Right Hand). This means that I can create songs! And I'm still just few months touching my piano.

If I managed to learn music in a proper way and to be exact, if I have been educated in music since I'm young.. I dare say that I might be another music prodigy in this world.

And to say that I'm not really interested in contemporary music, that I'm much more attracted to classics, but do you think a not-even-grade-1 fella can play all these songs? Susah nak harap la..

Quality is always better than Quantity. Though honestly my eldest sister knows how to play more complete songs than me, my tempo and smoothness of a song won't lose. Learning through music scores is a hard way than just follow a pianist's hand running in a piano on Youtube. But this will eventually pay off one day. While through scores, I will master sight-reading one day.. So don't think that early achievement will be far ahead compared to the slow one.

That's all.
Ethan Liew signing out.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wrong Choice

Yeap indeed I've made a wrong choice in studying STPM, but that's life! I'm just gonna stand up and run the whole race. I know I can do it, but Dentistry? Hmm...

It all started when SPM results came out. Everyone is starting to have their career be their goals so they took the subjects they're interested in. Me? Nah.. How can I be a musician?(yeah my primary goal was to become a musician, a pianist, a maestro....) eyes that stated "You have no talent" glared at me.. Yeah I'm not as talented but yeah, I'm better than a lot people too. Never know when you never tried eh? haha but I have no chance on it.

"Music as a career for men? You won't earn enough living for a family."
"There are a lot of talented people other than you, you won't survive."

Thus it was my farewell to music education, then I thought "I love electronics, computer, programs... Hmm.. Programming should be fun!" So this is my second choice, Programming. I got interested on how computers, programs etc work.

"A lot of people are taking these.. You must be very successful to earn a lot!"

HANCUR! haha so my mom kept saying that Dentist is a good job. Well obviously, because she went there every few weeks(maybe?) and got charged for more than RM200. Then yeah that's when I thought.. Okay since I like to help people out.. and I love Red Crescent so much.. I should try this, and I made Dentistry my goal now.

And because of Dentistry I must take STPM.

Now, I'm getting the feel that I shouldn't be here, in STPM. But half a year is already gone. I'm now stuck.. I can't turn back now.. Dentistry all the way now.. =)

I feel guilty. If I am really decisive I would've made a bold choice at going for music or tech educations.. I will be even more happier that way.

Lets hope I can endure this choice for life that I've made now.. I can do it! =)

Ethan the Classic signing out

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fun day

30th of November 2010

Today I went to college to do my group experiments with Hui Yee, Simone, Janice and Vivian.(The only guy here XD)

Yup it was fun, since I am the only guy there.. Got used lol. They asked me to use my MANPOWAA~(man's strength) to help them to collect soils. haha

Besides that, Vivian brought a 小强(xiu qiong, in cantonese, a name for cockroach) for the insect collection assessment. From that I realised how cute is a cockroach, despite how dirty it is. hehe

After the experiment, we went out for lunch, leaving Vivian alone =( (sorry Vivian XD) and played pool XD

On the way back, I went to KLCC to see whether the HTC HD7 are there to be viewed. Alas I saw one at the HTC store. The "promoter/manager/whoever he is" was holding one and I was like: "Whoah, is it THE HD7?" and he smiled nodding his head. My face was covered with smile when I saw how fast the phone is ^^ Definitely must win this phone in the contest! =)

I saw the iPad too~!! Wow I'm amazed at the smoothness of that device. It's so great I couldn't describe lol.

That's it for today..
Ethan Liew signing out.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Nice one~

I loved how my pastor joked about a verse yesterday

“Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.”(KJV) the last paragraph from 1st Corinthians 15:32

Then my pastor said: "in our time now, we would say "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we DIET!""

Quite true lol

Anyway, I don't think there's a lot of people wandering in my blog already, thanks to me for not touching it for quite some long time.

Thanks to my brother Joseph(not real bro, but in Christ), and also brother Unsgar for taking me to gym after every Sunday Service. I feel strong! and now my back hurts! all because yesterday's workout was all for the backs.. @.@

ah been lazy these days.. I need to win that HTC HD7! Been trying so hard now.. Hope you guys can help me =)

Ethan Liew signing out.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The 7th day of the week

13th November 2010

Today is Saturday, also known as the Sabbath day. What is Sabbath day? it literally means Rest day in the Bible, the Word of God.

I guess you wonder why I would talk about that right? It all happens when few Koreans preached their interpretation of the Gospel for me. I was shocked at that time to know that I was so unprepared in my Bible knowledge. I almost knew nothing regarding the Bible. So, they kept on "attacking" me in different ways, saying that my church teachings are incorrect and theirs are true. They've asked why our service is held on Sunday but not Saturday, which is the Sabbath day? the Holiest day of the week, where God Himself asked the Jews to observe it? My mind was totally blank. I was flanked by 3 of them, not knowing what to answer, nor how to just run from them. So I would just accept what they were talking about. Besides that, they also talked about why Christmas shouldn't be celebrated and why the Passover event MUST be observed and kept.

But through God's grace, I was able to ask my senior, a near fourty brother in Christ regarding Sabbath and Sunday, the Lord's day when I'm on the way back home. He gave me a website.

This really explains why our church does our service on Sunday instead. I was relieved that there was really such answer to that. I believe I chose the correct church. So I replied them through SMS with the link included. But they are hard-headed, not willing to give up on me, to bring me to their church; to convert me into their belief. Not long then I was getting annoyed by them. @.@

Now they've asked that I should meet them during Monday afternoon, after my school ends. Should I meet them? knowing that they will keep on trying to convince that my church practice wrong teachings? Do leave a comment here. Thanks

Ah and by the way, my [all about smartphone] website is on!

Ethan Liew signing out

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New blog for new taste

Hey there! I've created a blog about phones.. will tell you all soon ^^
its my hobby to do tech news about phones so I hope you all will enjoy..

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Damn I really need a new phone..

6 September 2010

I love my phone, my Xperia X1, but I need to move on.. So I've been working hard on the Windows Phone 7 contest. Trust me, you wouldn't know I would send 1000+ friends about this right? @.@

So now I'm half dead, dad knows I'll lose my scholarship. Hmm.. I wonder how many more people will experience the same? even people who REALLY study got 55 marks for Biology, I can't imagine mine =.="

Will soon try to install ROMs for Ms. Simone's HD2, hmm.. kinda pressured though, just because it isn't mine, so I'm kinda scared of bricking her phone.. Wish me luck! I got to do some reading about it first LOL

I feel like stopping something, because my true passion isn't that. I once said I liked the other one, but obstacles blocked my way, it prevented me to fly further. Who knows? I might soar way beyond if I try..

Ethan Liew signing out

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Help me win please!

Guys and Girls, I'm back in my blog for now.. But I need help from you all!

Please, those who have Facebook accounts

mind doing me a favor?
please view this url:
like this page.
then view my profile
click support at the wall post of
"Windows Phone 7: Make it Mine contest"
click allow
then support me, if you cannot find me inside,
click support at my profile again and you'll see me! Thanks!
(if you're really a good person and you want to help me.. Please do promote this for me too! THANKS!!)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Officially Closed.... For one and a half month

yep.. temporarily closed to concentrate more on my studies.. All the best on your exams especially Form 6 mates! (Shen Xi, Yee Kha, Chun Wai(If it's spelled correctly), myself(^^), Caryn, Simone, Janice, Karen Mok(LOL), Hui Yee, Noah, Surya, Loka, Ivy, Chui Ying, Ivan, Vivian, Yee Meng, Jia Yu, Man Yi, Fu Hong, Houn Foung, Hemanya, Sonia, Murnianya!(Muniye), Bryan, Guy Eon, Yi Hua, Yi Lim, Jack Goh, Jacqueline, Hui Shan, Charmaine, Wen Ying, Shu Yi, Thomas, Le Yi.. and the list continues (sorry if I didn't mention your name) So.. Study well guys and hope we score this with confidence ^^

Ethan Liew signing out.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

my phone...

As some of you guys out there who thinks I'm a mediocre at using my phone.. you might be wrong.. It's not easy to use my phone like you use Symbian OS(IF you don't understand what that means.. Turn on your old Nokia phones, including the touch-screens one and start looking at their displays!)

Some might think.. What's so good about my phone? but before I make any statements.. you must know my phone model is Xperia X1i which the model is some 2 years old.. Not Xperia X10 which is out for just a few months from now. Study more about phones before you simple assume something. my phone is considered very fast during those times.. and been compared with Iphone 3G by many phone-judges.

Okay, my phone carries a Windows Mobile 6.1 OS which is quite nice for the past years. But as you know.. Windows phones.. What do they do? THEY LAG THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR PHONES! literally.. Compared to the Iphone 3G which carries almost the same Processor speed and such.. and do stuff way more faster than my phone.

so yeah you think that's all? 6.1 is a total shitty OS with no customizations. It's like a Windows on your freaking handphone.. and with such a small 3.1" screen.. it's literally a nightmare.

So, I've done some research, and I found that xda-developers are amazing. what do they do? they do roms for phones (Which I bet you guys don't even know what are these for the phones).

And for the past few months.. I've been changing my phone into "other phones" and get the updates from the developers out there. Sony Ericsson is not good in providing good services. they gave us some firmware updates for the first few months and then? stops it and promote new phones for us to change. WTF? Even a Iphone 3G which is older than my phone can get iOS4 update.. Darn SE.

My phone can be modded using HTC's Sense UI(User Interface), Xperia X2 rom(which also means I turned my phone into an X2), Touchflo3D, Orange UI, and of course now.. Android which must be loaded through Windows! all these stuff requires some reading and risks.. phones might get bricked if you simply install a rom.

All these UIs and roms gives different feels and use for my phone. So yeah some roms might store taken pictures into the micro-SD card, and some into the device.

Yesterday my friends think I'm a noob just because I don't know which folder did I store the freshly taken pics. I installed this rom not very long ago so I didn't know they preset the location to the device instead of the micro-SD. so around 30-1 min search I can't find it in my micro-SD and my friends kinda laughed at me at my "stupidity of using my phone". It's not that I'm angry.. Just that I feel like telling them that they're so wrong.

Despite all the negative feedbacks on this phone.. I still love it. The design is nice, plenty of roms for me to try, and a full QWERTY keyboard.. Oh yeah!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

tech craze

Yeah you're probably will look at me when you see this topic.

yeah if you want, I can update my blogs with tech news about phones.. Only IF you're interested.. post your comments here XD

Classicals are just my stuffs.. I don't hear new songs unless I heard it from other people.. Feel like I'm outdated but.. Classicals are the best! Hooray~

Ethan Liew signing out

Thursday, September 23, 2010

TARC life no.18

23 September 2010

Hey guys... mostly girls... I'm back! kinda caught up in games nowadays but of course... will try to end this ASAP

at times I feel like I'm getting further from them.. Sometimes I do thought of being alone at the corner.. Just like Hon Foung. Studying alone, being alone, being a nobody seems good.. less caught up with friends and activities. It's stressful sometimes to say hi to everybody I know, faking my smiles when I feel like being alone.

Certain times I do feel like digging a hole and hide myself in it. I just felt like it.

I do hate people with several faces.. I don't know whether I am one or not.. but.. I do know who is that kind of person.. Just knew that not very long ago..

Until now I still haven't feel what best friends are like.. because I don't have one.. The psychologist is true.. what he explained through my drawings are correct.. I don't trust friends too much.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hey Guys and Girls.. I'm back

Yeah~ Finally now I noticed how long I didn't touch my blog for sometime.. so I'm back now.. will keep update soon

Monday, August 9, 2010


Ethan Liew Tjun Git has set the display to Busy mode.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oh oh..

Today went to Kasturi with my 2 of my great friends.. Shen Xi and Yee Kha.. How I missed them before I met them today.. Yee Kha looked just as good looking as usual.. and of course Shen Xi is still as gorgeous as she smiles.. (electrifying!!)

But too bad I cannot try their class.. so I just went to PC fair.. Silly me thought the PC fair was at PWTC so I went there.. and what I see there was printing machines etc fair.. LOL so I went to KLCC then and got there too early.. =.="

I was the first visitor to get into the pc fair today!! oh yeah I'm so proud.. though there might be hundreds behind me.. I quickly walked as fast as I could to the hall XD

Today I tested few phones.. but finally it all comes back to my Xperia X1.. Though my X1 is not as fast as theirs.. the functions of my X1 is still the best.. what you want X1 to be.. X1 can be! ^^

Overall Pc fair is still the same.. nothing special..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TARC life no.17

3rd of August 2010

Aww how time passes eh? I've been kept silent in my blog for quite a long time now.. Time to update a little bit just to cheer my fans up ^^

yesternight(yeah it's not a word) and tonight I'm using my whole time doing my presentation slides for my PA presentation tomorrow.. wish me luck

Everytime I look at her, and she look at me.. I can't freaking open my mouth and speak! I just smiled widely at her and moved my head =.=" I feel like a retard @.@
Still as cowardly as last time..

And yeah the girl that I am talking about.. is not from 11S2b.. XD

Deng it's always the same.. We all thought of the same questions, mostly in Physics.. are minds are almost the same then? XD But too bad my mind is way too distorted compared to hers >.<

ah well, study comes 1st. ^^

Now that I noticed..

Caryn's face is always erm... very erm... indescribable.. XD

Surya got annoyed by me lol

Hui Yee... always hyperactive when she sees me.. hehe

Noah.. pikat girls non-stop only >.<

Mok.. he saw me and Charmaine today and then he text me: " I see you all" so afraid of losing her I think..

Simone.. her monkey face is awesome.. really do look like a monkey sometimes.. haha

Janice.. she cut her hair!! looks better..

until now then.. Need to rush my slides.. tata for now ^^

Saturday, July 24, 2010

TARC life no.16

23rd July 2010

Hmm... Can't recall what had happened during Friday.. But I just remember that I'm sick =.="

Flu and sore-throat.. and a bit dizzy so I suspect I had fever.. But nothing major.. Focused on Chemistry and Physics.. so after that my brain cannot cope and I slept during Bio class.. for 20 minutes or so..

Got my Handphone back~! Love my Xperia.. too bad the service wasn't good enough.. The signal problem haven't been completely solved.. but I'm satisfied anyway.. At least the signals are still there and I can make calls..

Starting to port Android on my phone today.. Wish me luck.. ^^

Hate Flu~ Throat infection

SICK!!! Will update my TARC series tomorrow ^^

Thursday, July 22, 2010

TARC life no.15

22th of July 2010

Today I'll just make it short..

During Chemistry Lecture class, ARRRGGHH!! Bryan suddenly said: "Hey Ethan, Joanne said that she loves you!" and everybody in the class.. including 11S1a and 11S2b were there.. and most importantly.. C was there too~! Damn.. =.="

Come on, it should be a joke I think.. But OMG so many people heard that darn statement.. Some cheered =.= How should I avoid this? T^T

And Joanne kept looking at me T^T and her smile towards me is so..... =.="
Totally freaked out.

After that we went for Maths T2 class, and unluckily Joanne sits at the left front of me.. and here goes again.. I kept trying to avoid her eyes.. Humans have Stereoscopic Visions.. and this really sucks when it comes to this.. She just kept on looking at me with a grin.. Oh shit I can still remember it =.="

Vivian is a hamster while Man Yi is a koala! ^^

Today's Chemistry R&C is so funny.. Bryan came into our class and we chat a lot ^^
Even after that Me, Simone, Janice, Bryan and Noah continued the topic lol..

That's all for now..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TARC life no.14

21st July 2010

8:10am - 9:00 am

I was late to Physics Lecture class. Though it's not that late but.. I'm still late. It's always will be like that if it's raining. Gonna plan to stay there then.. hmm...

Physics Lecture is so fast today.. I can accept most theory but some.. Just don't understand some things.. I need further 1 on 1 question and answer session from teacher to understand.. If not.. I'm surely dead.. DEAD!!

9:00 am to 10:00 am

PA Karangan class.. Got a presentation performed by Fu Hong and Hema.. Don't understand why only Fu Hong the only 1 doing all the talking =.="

I kinda asked him some stupid question that caught him a bit.. XD

Charmaine is kinda interested in Bible stories.. I should tell her about it more often then.. hehe (Mok!! Don't be freaking jealous~)

10:00 am to 11:00 am

Maths T1 lecture.. are always that good hehe... Damn funny lar.. and we enjoyed and learnt something at the same time.

11:00 am to 12:00 pm

I think I got totally no interest on Biochemistry at all.. It's so erm... Boring T^T

Hope I can push myself harder then.. Been telling stories to Charmaine.. Thanks Wen Ying for helping to explain also.. hehe


Osaka Oyuro, This particular so called erm... the Sassy Girl a.k.a "Stitch" really kacau me until =.="

I feel molested T^T
I feel bullied @.@
I feel kesian #.#

I saw girl C at canteen.. can't stop looking at her XD
my eyes will just turn there no matter when I'm eating, talking or doing something else.. Even when Joanne bully me that time =.="

had a close look on Hui Zhen, Joanne and Ah Ying~ today.. found that all 3 of their skins are kept well.. good ah.. haha..

Taught them all about Biology Assessment.. I sounded like a pro then.. haha

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

PA kenegaraan.. Laughed a lot during Ms. Jacqueline's class.. I always like to say CSL in front of teacher.. her face will straightaway change XD
Simone and I talked about ehem... certain stuff hehe.. And LOL suddenly Ms. Jacqueline said "Tjun Git, janganlah mengurat Simone.. Simone ialah Guy-Eon punye!" I laughed so hard ^^ Simone was totally innocent that time >.<

Getting my X1 back on Friday.. Hope they did not change any parts of mine with a ciplak 1.. I'll definitely kill them.. Definitely

Classic Liew out

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TARC life no.13 + add ons ^^

20th of July 2010

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Maths T1 was okay.. Love how our teacher joke LOL.. Super lame but super fun haha.. Everybody seems to got shocked by my new hairstyle.. Bzzz..

9:00 am - 10:30 am

Biology practical Assessment.. Thought it was hard but it's still fine.. My records for my experiments are so constant.. it looks fake =.=" Hope teacher know it's true lol

Was taking too serious about it.. too concentrated into the experiment.. made my brain tired faster than usual.. =(

11:30 am - 12:10 pm

Chemistry practical.. ^^ it was fun... I like to cheat my records hehe.. and thus I can finish it off early today and went to lunch earlier than usual ^^V

sadly, everyone didn't told me where they were heading to.. One said they're heading to canteen 1 so I went there.. Too bad they changed plans and head to canteen 2 instead.. Poor me eating there alone T.T

It's alright.. Since I'm trying to save money >.<

Exra time - 2:00 pm

Revised physics, went to study room and sleep.. but before that I went teasing Surya and quite a number of girls.. LOL imagine how he got irritated by me ^^ (that's for teasing me and Hui Yee yesterday! Yay~! XD)

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Physics lecture.. That Hui Yee.. suddenly changed her seat with Ung Yee (wow it rhymes XD).. and thus made me feel erm.. blur? >.<"

80% concentrating on Physics.. 20% gone to somewhere =.=" (still understood what teacher taught of course.. But only 1 thing I kinda blur.. gotta ask teacher tomorrow.. ^^)

Sometimes questions that were asked by me is totally what Ung Yee wanna ask too.. and same case for me with her questions.. I wonder why other people didn't ask those questions? Do they really get what teacher teach? ^^

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

PA1 tutorial class.. Phew I pass my PA test.. so happy hehehe.. Hope I can do much better in test 2.. Created new animal names for our fellow friends.. Hui Yee (rabbit).. Hui Shan (Panda).. Yee Meng (Zebra).. and of course not forgetting our infamous Beaver (Sin Hui).. ^^

That's all in TARC life today..

time for add-ons..


Me and Mok were on the way home and we experienced that there's 1 LRT door that cannot be opened.. So we really don't care.. Then until the next train station.. some people waited for the door to be opened while other doors were opened.. They didn't notice a thing (so blur) and kept on waiting.. So as the good guys, we were just inside the door.. waving at them like monkeys doing their dance and show them that the other doors were opened =.=" It was so funny~! hehehe

Then the most funny part came.. A Malay woman(I'm not racist!) stood up and got ready to go out from the train from the same door =.=" and again as a good Samaritan I politely smiled at her and said: "erm.. Pintu ini tak boleh bukalah." I know my Malay sucks but she understood it well.. First she though okay I'm telling the truth but when the part that I smiled at her.. She then thought that it was a prank by me.. and then she said: "yakah?" and some mumblings showing that she doesn't believe me haha.. So I said: "tengok dululah.. tengok dulu.." with a grin.. making her more uncertain.. (I'm a pro.. I know.. haha)

But before reaching the station.. My heart was pounding with a faster pace.. who knows whether suddenly the door will work fine when it reaches there? I will be damn shy if I was wrong..

And the result is.. It didn't open.. That women that stood near the door knew she was wrong and didn't even dare to talk to me, taking her children out from the LRT at the next nearest door as fast as possible.. And I laughed so hard LOL Mok laughed too hehe.. And some of the bystanders laughed along =.="

Dad's Birthday was today so we celebrated it in a nice restaurant and a cake ^^

Monday, July 19, 2010

TARC life no.12

19th July 2010

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Chemistry class. Mr. Low brought the test papers and distributed it back to us.. My results aren't that good.. But still satisfied I think.. 1 thing is I lost to Mr. Digi T^T

Hui Yee got 100 for it.. OMG I must beat her! XD

9:00 am to 10:00 am

MUET class. Miss Christina asked us to complete the tutorial that she gave last week.. and she called few of us to show our answer on the board. Sadly I was one of them =.="

My answer was quite short so yeah, I've been waiting for Ms Christina to really talk bad about it.. She was laughing all the way when I posted my answer.. She even cut down a small space for me to post my answer lol. Then I went to the whiteboard, and start writing new answers XD

^^ She corrected a bit of my mistake and said my answer is short but nice! Woohoo! Happy~ hehe

10:00 am to 11:00 am

Chemistry Lecture. We arrived there late but when I went in.. The first thing I see.. XD (you know what...) Mr. Low... (What were you thinking?) LOL

Thank God he haven't start yet.. Everyone were seated except for our class =.="

Saw Ung Yee with her new hairstyle.. *2 thumbs up* totally a new image XD

Concentrated a lot during Chemistry class.. Just don't understand why Chemist wants to invent that cubic system =.="

11:00 am to 12:00 am

PA class. Nothing much.. Just like to kacau Charmaine and Wen Ying hehe.. Since we're same team for PA.. I got to sit with them.. So what to do? kept disturbing them lo.. Charmaine made the fake angry look.. LOL so cute~ Mok will surely like it hehehe


Met Zhi Kuan and Siew Yin and their friend, Winnie.. We ate our lunch together.. though I became their butler for a while XD we had fun.. talking about my love life =.="

Swimming Session

Swimming is fun~!!!!

That's all for now.. Classic Liew out

Sunday, July 18, 2010

No Mood to keep my blog updated like last time..

Feels bored nowadays to post my usual TARC blogs..


Will try to re-open it soon.. Stay tuned~

Friday, July 16, 2010

Not again.. T.T

It's already been a couple of times, when I see a girl that's too nice (both pretty and good behaviour).. I can't freaking talk to her.. Haiz..

Monday, July 12, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Ah~ Everything went just as I wanted.. Except I got 2nd place for the telematch this morning.
Our team should have gone first~! I mean for real! 6 points is very easy to be gained.. (I'm a kia-su fella ^^)
Section C (Word Building) we still have a lot of time but our seniors kinda asked us whether to stop or not and we agreed to stop~
if our team didn't agreed by then, more words should have been formed by us~ T^T (Former Scrabbler ya know! XD)
our team got "aeosyzp" and the letters are repeatable.. so yeah I made quite a few words that they don't understood too XD

euouae is a very nice word.. I knew the meaning before but forgotten because I'm not playing scrabble often already  =.="

Totally enjoyed today~ My team is the best~!! (Jun Tian, if spelled correctly; Hong~; Guy Eon, Ung Yee(finally got her correct spelling XD) and of course.. me hehe

Ung Yee is a nice girl XD and of course not forgetting the other girls hehe

Classic Liew out

Friday, July 9, 2010

In the mood to study?

Nah,, Still haven't stretch myself to the maximum~! OMG OMG OMG

Damn why am I the only one who appreciates and loves classicals among my friends?
Ah well, they just don't know music. Such a pity.

Added some new classical in the mixpod, feel free to hear and enjoy~!

Can't stop doing something.. Just too succumbed to it.. Aarrgghh! should I continue?~

I love Physics~!! Although Mr. Ng (Physics lecturer) actually quite bad in replying people's questions, but he's very good in teaching Physics. I can totally understand what he was saying!
For the first time I did not feel bored in Physics classes all the way until now! Thanks Mr. Ng

Today quite a few of my friends laughed at me for bringing my grade 1 theory test paper and doing it. Although they're grade 6 and some way above, I don't really care..
Maybe one day I can even surpass them eh? XD

Nowadays quite a few people like to share their problems with me. I'm really that trustable eh? But can I trust what you all told me? For me, if you were gossiping about another person, I can't trust you all completely but I need to see it in my own eyes.

That's all for now~

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ah Man~! Just wasted my whole night.

Wasted my night trying to learn how to use kitchen and cook roms. (In case you don't know what is it, I'll tell you briefly later.) And I turned out nothing. T.T

I never learned anything about computing before, so I'm quite a noob in it. There goes.

ROMs are known as "Read Only Memory". But what I'm basically talking about here is about ROMs in phone devices. In phones, ROMs are basically the memory that stores the Operating System files.

Interesting part is.. Cook ROMs? Why does it meant like this? and what's with cooking a memory using the kitchen? LOL

For ROM cooking, Kitchen are the place you cook your roms(like, duh). It's a program that let's you add ingredients(e.g it let's you add certain programs during the first startup of your device, or changing or adding your homescreens.).

Ingredients are classified as SYS,OEM and EXT.. (though I don't understand a single thing to it. Still learning it bit by bit though)

cooking a rom is the process where you add or remove functions or programs from the current rom that you're doing.

and finally after you've done cooking a rom.. You're eligible to be called a chef! Muahaha (I'm not yet though.. Still learning!!)

Damn now I feel like studying computing instead of Biology.. But WTF I must go on with my goal!! oh yeah!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TARC life no.11

21th June 2010

Holidays are over and I'm back to college. Nothing much to say today, as I didn't talked much during class.

Today was my first guitar lesson.(sort of)
I told the receptionist I was listed as lvl 2 for guitar but I'm taking lvl 1. 1 of the teachers there told me to come back this Thursday for lvl 2 lesson and tried to shoo me away =.=" but after my nagging finally he let me in for lvl 1 today.. but just for 1 day.

The 1 hour of the lesson was okay.. Learned how to stretch my fingers and warming it up. Then Benjamin (19 year old lvl 1 guitar teacher) said I can enroll for lvl 3 already since I know quite a lot about basics.. even the Barre chords..

After the class I asked about it and that took them quite a long time to make a decision.. and alas, I'm in lvl 3 and my class starts today(22th June, It's past 12 am now) at 4.30.. So I got to bring my guitar to college again (and the only 1 to bring it.) =.="

That's all for today, Classic Liew here

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Not in the mood to blog nowadays..

Temporarily inactive~!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Nonono!! Not my voice!!!

I lost my voice.. I can't sing mid-range tunes? All because of my flu, cough, sore-throat etc etc

Just jogged at the park near my home.. You should know where is it right? It's Taman Bukit Jalil.. Check it yourself.. Feel refreshed but dizzy now due to my sickness.

I can barely write this post too.


Sunday, June 13, 2010


Having flu now =.="

o2jamv3 maintainence is lengthened.. OMG can't I play it yet?! I still have 1 week of enjoyment before I really start marking my books T^T

Damn it

I hate people who thinks that classical sucks.. Or claiming that modern musics are better than them.

To all Classics haters: Have you even heard their songs before?

I Love Chopin's Etude Op10 no12 A.K.A Revolutionary Etude. Try that song! I seriously recommend it.

Beethoven's Sonata no8 op13 is nice too. Especially the 3rd movement. (Been searching this for a very long time! It's V3 in o2jam, more or less..)

(They're pure Geniuses)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

o2jamv3 server

For o2jam freaks and lovers.. This is the link to the private server for the game.. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Competiton? LoL

Oh yeah, I offered a challenge to Jia Yu that we would have a guitar battle after Holidays, I was joking at first but she agreed. +.+

She said then if I lose.. I'll need to tell her someone's secret..
Don't know what she's going to play after hols eh?

o2jam is back!! though it's private server but I'll definitely play it ^^

Monday, June 7, 2010


Darn it.. Wasted my effort and a bit of $$ for a set of stupid electric guitar string. That seller said it can be put on the acoustic guitar. (Yeah, I'm a fool to actually believe him.)

Wasted almost 2 hours to string it.(1st time so WTF) and it sounded like shit!


Freaking not in a good mood!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Less updates during the Hols

Yeap~ I won't be writing posts everyday.

This morning went to church. ^^
Today whole day didn't study. Dude, STUDY LAR!!! =.="
Played piano and guitar non-stop only. XD
Then DotA a while. >.<
Then I jogged today and done some workouts. Tired. @.@
Now doing nothing. :(

That's all !,!

No!! I am a guy!!

I will definitely show you all that I'm a freaking straight guy and I act like one too~!

Just because I can do the "GRGRGRGRGR" doesn't mean I can be a girl.

If got chance, During Monday after the holiday I'll try to make girls "lam" me.. Muahahahaha!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What a dream!!

Wow, what a dream I just had.. It's just the first day of the holiday and my brain starts to go crazy already? OMG

It's just a normal day that I am going to college rushing to the leture hall. I saw Tian and I entered the hall. A weird guy(the crazy fella, few of you knows who he is) was in my class!! He put his arms on my shoulders and said: "Hey, bro.. I told all your friends about you ah!" And definitely I knew something bad has happened.

Everybody is looking towards me. He then sat back down with NaOH, SUN and Simonium. So I avoided him and went to higher seats and found that there is a seat beside HY and I took it. Then she stared at me when I sat down. Her eyes were wet when she saw me and said: "I am so disappointed in you!"(her signature words to me, =.=:) "PBSM??"

**you know... My dreams are freaking horrible but with no meaning at all.. I don't freaking understand what my brain is trying to say to me. Don't freaking laugh at me you know!! My dreams looked damn real whey!

She: "PBSM? What do PBSM means?"

Me: "Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah la!!"

She: "Nooo!! The hidden meaning for it!!"

Me: "WTF?! When did I have hidden meaning for PBSM? What did he tell you?"

She: "I thought you are my friend!! PBSM means..(I forgot what she said then).

Me: "OMG!! I freaking explained to you, PBSM means Red Crescent Society!! Ask SUN if you don't believe!! You don't believe me??! You believe a stupid guy and you don't believe me?!!"

I yelled at her and went off~ *I don't think I dare to yell at her in real life.. hehe I got the chance here ^^

Then I woke up from that crazy dream.

I feel damn relieved whey.. ^^

**Who's dream is in Third-person view?? Mine is in.. Normally people dream it in first-person view. Almost all my dreams are in 3rd-person.

Talking about dreams.. I can tell you about my childhood dream..

When I was still at a very young age around 4-6 and lived in Taman Maluri.. Every time I had normal dreams as usual.. But just before I wake up, I must dream a dream.

This time it's in 1st-person view. I entered my bathroom in my room and then entered my parents room.(It's linked together) Then, I walked slowly to the balcony door and opened it. I see a baby crib in front of me, and as I walk 1 step to the balcony, then when I turn right.. I will always see a white dressed, long black hair girl in front of me within few millisecond and then I wake up. This dream stayed for quite a long time until I move out.

When I was small I didn't think much about it. Now, once I recall the dream, it gives me the creeps.. Damn scared whey!

That's all for this morning.

Friday, June 4, 2010

TARC life No.10

4th of June

Guess where I am now? I'm inside our college's Cyber Centre!! The building is so huge and it consist around more than 500 computers I think. All free to use. But one thing bad is, there is limited amount of things you can do in the computers. No games, no Youtube, etc etc, unless, you bring the game and plug it in the USB console on the computer. Normally I see people there play none other than, DotA =.=" and they seriously suck at it. It's like, who's that stupid to press button 1,2,3,4 non-stop, thinking they can regenerate some Mana(used to cast spells) points faster than usual while they're not? I'm lazy to explain how it all goes.

Let me compile everything into note form:

1) Today I was nearly late to school.

2) During Physics class, I asked a question that nobody understands.. =.=" Teacher don't know what I meant also..

3) MUET class was short as teacher was late or something.. So we lepak in our classroom chatting.

4) I walked so far just to pass my sister her birth certificate. =="

5) I helped Ms Hee(Biology lecturer) to do her stuffs.(inserting some letters for parent-lecturer day into the envelope) ^^

6) I actually focused fully during Maths T2 class and for the first time I felt it was fun. Muahahahaha!!

7) Hui Yee sounded very down just now when I called her asking whether she should join us together to take LRT back.. Hope she's okay ^^

8) Today is Sin Hui and Hui Shan's birthday.. Happy birthday li'l sisters!! (oh yeah I'm elder than them ^^)

9) I'm getting better and better at talking to girls already hahaha!!

10) Saw Siew Yin and Zhi Kuan at Canteen 1 today, chatted with them and Kok Chung(I thknk I've spelled his name correctly) thought I went and kao lui(means pikat girls).. XD then later-on he asked to confirm whether it was true so that if it is, he's safe to go for someone.. Right Jack Ng?

That's all for today xD

Thursday, June 3, 2010

TARC life No.9

3rd of June 2010

Thanks to my fellow blog viewers/fans I'll continue to update it.

I felt like avoiding someone today.. Or not to say avoiding that person, but I don't want to feel awkward when I start a conversation with that person.

Now only I know Simone got BF.. So everyone!! Don't go tease me and her already.. Pity her la.. Later her BF knows about it I sure kena from him. XD

During Maths T2 Lecture today, Charmaine Tong the Tong Sui(or you can say sweet soup, a kind of dessert) A.K.A. Tong Sampah(Thanks to me) competed with me in drawing emoticon.. Weird eh?
*I was drawing the "less than" and "more than" ogive(Checked it, it's pronounced as "oh-Jyve" and she suddenly drew a ==" at my paper.. now I'm really =.="

then each of us drew one emoticon at a time..

> <"

there's more actually.. But I kinda forgot about it.. It was my first time sitting with her and Wen Ying.. they're quite friendly too! Seems that I should sit with them more often too.. I can't always accompany you guys right?(indicating Suria, Noah, Hui Yee, Simone, etc) I should be more friendly to everyone like I were during my secondary school days.

Today chat quite a lot with Simone.. She's kinda cool girl that I can share my thoughts with.. Since we're good friends right? (you guys don't think too much~!)

I kinda feel jealous I think when I saw the two sitting near and chat normally.. Wished I can do that too.. But it's all over now hehe..

I'm just fine today but everyone look at me like I'm damn Emo.. =,="
Suria and Noah kept asking me whether I'm okay.. Duh I AM!! xD
at least it's a lot better compared to a couple of days back right?
Caryn comforted me.. kinda.. But I feel much better after that(Thanks Caryn)

P.S: Eh, don't think I'm Emo-ing again please.. I'm fine as usual..

That's all for today

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fair or not fair?

I lent my sister my old handphone for more than 6 months now.. She said she want to buy my old phone.. But guess what? She WON'T buy it eventually

She barely even touch her guitar so I used it and put it in my room..

I kinda owe her around RM50 from my hair dye(She's not using that Garnier dye either, so what's wrong for me to have it?) and some stuff.. (but I recalled lending her some fares for the taxi she took when she went to work.. I don't think she actually remembered it..)

So here's the problem..

Just now, I told my sister of a proposal of exchanging my phone with her guitar, since she's not using it anyway.. Then she went SOOOO overly angry and said I still owe her this and that, and that she won't be using my phone forever and so on.

Then I said she's taking things for granted, as she's using my phone for half a year and she's throwing it back to me now. What a joke! My phone still worth around RM130 at shoplots and her "more than 3-4 years worn-out-string" guitar doesn't worth much as well. (she bought it around the same price also, excluding the bag.)

I told her about using my phone too long and now she just return it to me like that? She just take things for granted. she took 6 freaking long months(and more to go) to repair her SE phone? And to say that she actually has another phone that she can use(A touch-screen phone that looks similar to Iphone, some ciplak phone) but she insist on using mine!

This ain't a good deal? I had a digi prepaid and I gave up on it because I don't have another phone for it. Now the sim card's gone for good. It's expired and MIA

Now she said she's going to give back the phone to me and ask me to leave like that? And to pay her RM50 back? And she's not even trading her guitar for that?

1) I didn't said anything of not returning her her RM50.. but yeah I never remembered those thing though.

2) I never even asked her to change the guitar string using the new string her admirer bought for her some 2 years ago. I can buy some cheap string that my guitar teacher said and that will just do fine.

3) Talking about money, I did mentioned that I used quite some money to buy Korean Dramas.. But when I asked her to share, since she's having a part watching it.. She'll say no.. If she took the share for it.. I've already cleared my debt. But sadly everything turned out the opposite way.

Who's got the fairer idea? Mine or hers?

P.S: I just want that guitar so that I can start training it after school holidays in the Music Society. But it seems that I should buy 1 myself then. My dad will eventually scold me then for wasting money on another guitar.

Turning back to my own self

Oh yeah, I'm so enough with all of this.

Tomorrow I'll be back to my own self.
And I'll be quite different.

TARC life No.8

2nd of June 2010

Today I felt weird. When I'm in Physics, PA, Maths T1 and Bio class.. I gave my full strength to it. But after that.. during the other classes I was like not really paying full attention to it. Why? I'm not thinking anything..

All the time, we love to tease Caryn and Guy.. They are really going to be a couple if we keep on doing that.. ^^

Today no mood to write my blog.. I think I'm getting emotional again.. sad.. Will put myself back to normal ASAP..

Hope I can concentrate well in class ^^

That's all for today.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TARC life No.7

1st of June 2010

This morning I "tumpang" Calvin(or Kelvin, didn't ask him)'s car to TARC. on the way, his mom went to load petrol.. But sadly, the car couldn't jump-start after that. So 3 of us (He, Mok and I) have to take cab to reach our school and we're late. T^T

Today I saw something that I shouldn't.. Kinda feel beh song(means not feeling good) when I saw that, dunno why.. It's none of my business anyway.

Chemistry Practical was so fun today!! We neutralised HCl and NaOH all by our own! everyone had the chance to conduct their own experiments..

Biology practical is cool though! Everyone has their own Microscope to use. Damn nice!!

During Physics class, I saw Hui Yee sms-ing.. Seems like she's having some fun.. So I tried to pull her back to the class by sms-ing her "eh dun sms during class la" something like that.. Haha and she didn't notice when I text that.. And after she received it.. She's like "Hurh??" and looked at me so confused.. LOL

Seems like today few girls are not quite feeling well or something. Vivian looked like she haven't recovered fully from her ill yet or something. Simone is sick, I think.. as HY told me that.

I'm not very happy today.. Don't know why..

That's all for today.

TARC life No.6

31th of May 2010

We went for library after class ends just to wait for the meeting for SMS.

SMS? You: "Don't joke with me". Yeah I didn't. SMS stands for Science and Maths Society.

So, 5 of us(Suria, Noah, Simone, Hui Yee and I) chat about the most interesting topic; LOVE.

It's like, everybody has their own point on it. Glad I remembered some.

1) Girls got only 1 rule(From what the girls said): First Impression. If your First Impression to a girl is good, you're good to go for her. (I screwed up mine during the first day. I combed my hair all up, making me looked like an idiot, and I look like a Malay too. The 2 girls that were chatting with us said too bad for me. It literally means.. Tak Boleh Harap la..." =="

2) Boys likes to flirt with girls, even if they have Girlfriends. (Not really true, I think it depends on how his Girlfriend care about him.)

3) Boys will never tend to give up. (Yeap, but not entirely true though)

4) From girls: They would love to keep their boyfriend's email accounts, facebook accounts, Handphones if possible just to make sure their BF isn't doing something wrong towards her. (I would love to hand over those to my GF if I had one.. ^^)

That's all I can remember now..

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Today went to Giant and met Yee Kha and her siblings and her mom. Chat for a while with her mom about our studies and briefly about my life in my college. Pity Yee Kha cannot join me eh? haha.

Today also met Jia Lu(Rynnie) there. Nothing much.. Just waved at her and parted.

Can't seem to stop sending messages to someone. But sadly, she said I'm not her type. XD

Now rushing my homework(especially Chemistry!!)

Yeah, that's all for today.

No Title

29th May 2010

I'm so happy today.
So happy
Too happy

Happy because I learned something new about music from my piano teacher.
Happy because I had the determination to do homework already.
Happy because I can relax.
Happy because I done few pages of Chemistry Tutorial book in few hours STRAIGHT.
Happy because I can chat with someone.

yeah, Today's one of my favourite day!

Ethan has eaten the ethane?

Friday, May 28, 2010

SJK(c) Yak Chee 6P year 2004 Gathering

28th of May 2010

Today went to IOI for my Brunch(Breakfast+Lunch)with Lucas Chong's family. Had Dim Sum until I'm full.(First time man, first time....)

Lucas and I chat a lot today. We actually seldom talk to each other because we have not much topic to talk about, unlike both of our parents.. They can talk non-stop! It's so good if I can be like my father. Haha

Then, my primary objective today is the Gathering. So before the Gathering starts, my family went for a walk in the shopping centre. And lucky me, my dad said I can buy some clothes! Oh yeah~! It's been a long time I haven't have new T-shirts. So I bought 3 cool T-shirts and 2 long pants. I'm happy for it. Thanks Dad.

3PM arrived. I went to Sense cafe and waited for them. Wai Keong and Yee Liang were there already.. So we waited for the others to turn up.

After that one by one they showed up and we started talking non-stop about our current life and so on.. It was quite fun hearing their stories and stuffs! Bernard and Yee Soon then went for Prince of Persia. =.=" And they forgot to pay their food and drinks! It was so funny~! I payed for them for awhile until they realised their mistake.. haha (I think Bernard still forgot about it~ Or did he actually paid for it? Cuz I know I payed extra RM8-9 for it) xD

Then we parted differently. Zi Yang, Zheng Yi, Kok Hong, Wai Keong and me went for pool. I'm totally new to pool, except the fact that I actually simply played it without knowing the rules before. Thanks to them now I know how to officially play it. It was quite fun, as I once got in 3 balls consecutively.

Nothing much to say after that. I bought a "Ciplak" watch that looks quite nice.. It'll accompany me to college for a while ^^

That's all for now!

Ethan has eaten the ethane!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

TARC life No.5

27th May 2010

Today, Mok and I arrived early in TARC as Biology class was canceled and thus we went for a tour in TARC and then we decided to stop at the canteen 1 for some refreshment. And then we met Jia Yu, Simone, Fu Hong, Bryan and Avin there. Simone was then shocked to see us as she thought we didn't know about the cancellation of the class. But then she added: "Today no physics class also la!!" =.=:

Then I contacted few girls about the same thing while they're on their way to TARC. It was so funny to hear their reaction on the phone. Then all of us agreed to study and do our weekends homework in the Reading Room in our school block. the starting first hour was quite serious, all of us taking our exercises and doing our homework. But later on, we were notified that our Physics are still ON!! We were like "OMG, what the heck is happening?! I thought it was canceled? AARRGGHH!!" We then quickly rush into the office(There were about 6 of us) and apologised saying sorry! to him. We should have sing "Sorry, sorry" by Super Juniors ya know~! He then accepts our apologies and didn't got angry about it.

=For the 1st time, Physics lecturer was smiling towards us!!!=

After that, I accompanied Hema and Caryn to look for 2nd-hand books sold near Canteen 2. Then halfway reaching there, a funny guy, named Yong Tien Shin without knowing what he is doing, came to me and rest his arm on my shoulder. I guess he's trying to make me angry but failed eventually. And he does not know shame, because my friend was with me and he's not even polite. I ignored him mostly and just left him be. He then said: " My next class still got a long time to go la.. I've no friends now etc etc".. Aww, I pity him. What a jerk that tries to piss me off during secondary school till present and now wants to be near to me. (If you want more information about this guy, feel free to ask me during class)

Maths T2 was quite fun today. We heard a lot of very very lame jokes from the lecturer itself until no one is laughing. Then when there is part when teacher explains about some theory about the topic that he's teaching, Ryan raised his hand and asked: "Teacher, will this come out in exam?" We all laughed until nobody's business.

After school, Me, Caryn and Mok went to the Music centre and registered for the instruments that we're going to take. Caryn is taking Keyboard while me and Mok will be taking Guitar. I wanted to learn Keyboard but they prefer us to have our own instruments and bring it there. So I went for Guitar instead.(Sorry Caryn, can't teman you luu~) Then I asked, should I go for level 1 classes in Guitar? and they tested my skills.

How good am I in guitar eh? I learnt guitar chords myself. So I'm very bad in it. The guitar teacher then said I'll be in level 2. ^^ Level 2!! Never thought I'm actually can skip 1 level! hehehe.
(Hope I can manage to save money for this.)

Noah, Hui Yee, Janice, Mok, my sister and I took LRT home together. It's the first time I'm taking LRT with a lot of my friends. xD

That's all for now. (I'm quite dizzy and tired now.. So my sentences are quite weird today. Hope you'll bear with me.)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TARC life No.4

26th of May 2010

Today's classes was quite interesting and easy to understand, though Biology was quite a challenge to be memorised. That's because I hate proteins, lipids etc etc.

Today didn't tease Suria but enjoyed a psychological fight with him. I was just looking at him and he went a bit panic as he thinks I'm going to tease him with ______(censored). While he too tried to do that to me too! And also, Suria is "jealous" of me as I am quite close to girls(actually not) and now might want to gossip about me and all other girls that I know.. hahaha =.="

Noah is just as cool as usual today.

Hui Yee acted just as herself except in Maths T2 class. It's like totally a different girl in the class you know? She just answered "understand" in an unusual way every time teacher asked us whether we understood the examples he showed. But slowly after that, she asked the lecturer a question and I was like LOL! Maybe she's starting to put hope again to him hopefully.

Simone? Nothing much to expect from her anyway. XD

Today there is a new student in our class, a girl, smart girl, who lives in OUG(close to my house area..), and very friendly and easy to be friends with. Her name is Janice Yeo Yin Torng.. (Now I realise that the 1st 2 name, Yeo Yin is my another friend.) Easy to remember her name~ ^^

That's all for today~

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TARC life No.3

Okay everything seems to be fine today, excluding the part where HY were so stressed out all of a sudden about our Maths T2 lecturer. (OMG, why is she always the centre of attention in my blog? I must divert it back to myself again.)

She really hates that lecturer as she claimed that he cannot teach well enough. Well for me he's just okay, just that his way of teaching is so different and boring. He's currently the first teacher that appointed us to copy his notes about maths T2, and yeah, it's all the definitions of it. Not that it's useless.. But, can't he at least explain it in examples more often? We wasted most of our time copying those notes. I respect the lecturer of course, and I did understood what he taught. But too bad, HY cannot cope with that. So she's going to really complain about it(based on the 1st post, you should know what I'm talking about).

Hope that her bravery can help her find what she wants.

Okay, today we had another gossip.. About Suria. We teased him with Loka, as they were discussing homework together.. And now because of that, now He(Suria) "confronted" me in Facebook and "begged" me for not teasing him with any girls. Now he knows finally how much that I had suffered from the gossips eh?!

Today we only had 2 classes.. Cool right?! Almost every class canceled except Physics and Maths T1..

Physics class was interesting today, about vectors. but due to bad environment(the room only have lights, while fans and air-conds are not functioning. We changed to another better room but it's not cold also) I almost slept in the class. But Thank God I can understand what teacher had taught.

That's all for today~~

Monday, May 24, 2010

This is so =.="

What to do? Thanks to the first post I made for TARC life people started to say that I like Hui Yee.(Read the first post if you don't know her!)

Hmm.. Do I like her then? can't really say a no for that.(I'm being honest) I admire her bravery, and she's the type of girl that I will like. But it's just 1 week since I know her, how can I possibly in love with her? NO way! And I'm taking STPM, I don't have time for these things. (I hope so)

And yeah, Simone was sick for a couple of days last week and didn't manage to attend school, and so suddenly Noah and the gang, for nothing, kept asking me: "Why Simone is sick ah? Go call her!" and etc etc. There started the gossip about me and Simone. Now Simone gossiped about me and Hui Yee, that's "great", really "great".

Now there are 2 Gossips about me.

This is how it started. Yesterday, Simone read my blog, commented on my fb saying that I like HY, and bla bla bla..

This morning, I text her warning her not to spread the meaningless gossip. But unfortunately she's a bit of a torturer. The more I says no, the more she'll say yes!

When I reached my class, the gang looked at me in a different way that I could easily notice. And I am correct, Simone told the gang, including HY. And funny thing is, they left a seat for me beside her. LOL to that. They are really good friends right? =.="

I'm tired this morning, because I slept at 1:30 a.m this morning and I need to wake up at 6:00 a.m and thus I'm not very cheerful as I always are during class. I was trying to concentrate on Miss Hee, my Bio lecturer but failed at certain part.(Bio Chapter 1 is sooooooo boring). So I'm getting more and more wasted and then my friends claimed that I'm getting moody because of the gossips. xD everything lines up beautifully.. Nothing to comment about it.

HY said she doesn't mind the gossips. But is it really the true voice of her heart?

Today Chem lecturer gave us A LOT of homeworks!! 8 pages of Tutorial questions which each page consist of around 20-30 stoichiometric equations questions. Nice right?

I'll stop for now..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

College Life Part 1

Never thought my College life would have been so much fun compared to Secondary school life..

Though I seldom do homework during school days.. I'm actually doing it now. Maybe because it's STPM for me, so I'll need to work much more harder.

The first day when I entered my Form 6 class, 11S2a from SPUS school of TAR College, I'm a total stranger to everyone. Nobody knows me, and I to them. But fortunately, some guy that I met earlier (We claimed to have known each other during the orientation week but we're not, funny right?) was in the same class with me. Noah (His name) really helped me a lot. He met some friends there too so yeah, I got to know them too. And there I met Suria too. He's a great guy, all hardworking and studying is his way. Simone is a direct and honest person, in her own ways though.. That makes her a bit of a scary person too~ At least I'm scared of her.. She like to say: "Sim!"(meaning Go Away) when she's doing or thinking something.

Noah and Suria is my current most reliable male friend that I can cling to in TARC.. They helped me a lot too cope with the surroundings too.. And my "perasan-ness" is coming back.. And because of that, I got to know more guys and girls in my class..

And one particular girl in my class(Hui Yee).. She's amazing! Her bravery really is undeniably great! Let me brief you about her:

1) During the Orientation week, there's been an close-up with the seniors of this school, so when there was time for some questions for seniors, she stood up and asked the question in a very loud and clear voice. All of us in the hall was like "Woah~! This girl is sooooooo brave~!" and she was alone when she asked this question.. nobody is beside her giving her the strength for this! Then she asked another one, and another one until she's pleased with it and sat down then.

2) She can approach to guys easily.. Guess she's more open than we guys do.. Even she said hello to me first before I knew her~ LOL

3) During Thursday, (which is the fourth day of our class) we had so much time after school so we went for lunch together with Suria and Avin(friend from another class). Then we decided to do homework and study together in Suria's house since it's raining. And yeah, there are a total of 5 boys and only one girl in the house, and we've just met for 3 days. We all stayed there for 2 hours.

4) She once intended to actually complain about how boring a lecturer was to the office. All of us said: "are you joking" and she said no. OMG

Imagine a girl being THAT brave, I kind of worried about her, as she's a pretty girl also. And since I have 3 sisters, I'm used to worrying about girls' safety. It's normal for me to accompany girls safely if they ask. I accompanied Gloria and Zhi Kuan (ex-schoolmates) before in LRT.. and sms-ed them whether they've reached home safely or not after that. I'm a good Samaritan ain't I?

We (as in me, Noah, Suria, Hui Yee, Simone, Hema, Muniye) always like to sit in front of every class, except a class which they claimed the lecturer was boring during the fifth day.

We usually have sweets with us during classes so that we might not get asleep. I'm scared we'll have Diabetes if we keep on doing that for a long term. XD

That's all I want to say for now. More updates will be posted every week hopefully.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jeon Ji Hyun and Park Shin Hye

Who do I really love? Can't really decide which to be placed first in my heart..


Watch Korean drama: "You're Beautiful!" or Korean movie: "My Sassy Girl" to compare!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I wonder?

Hmm.. I'm curious..
Why is it that some guys out there are just so free that they like to post some bullshits in my blog?
Are they gays?
Are they retards?

P.S: Thanks Bryan, now I know which place suits you now. Be with them and be retards together. It's so easy right? Since you live near them.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stay out from my life if you don't take me as a friend!

Yeap I said it.. Just don't be a stupid person wasting your time and strength trying to make me pissed.. Because now I can totally ignore you all already. To think that I once became so pissed at you. Yeap I cannot deny I am foolish that time to fell into your trap, but that's all.. No more from now on. You all thought that I'm worse than you all? Look at yourself.. what kind of achievements are you making? Wasting your parents money on your tuition and it didn't helped at all..

Laugh at my stupidity? You thought you're not? Wasting your parents money on your tuition fees and college isn't much of being a smart guy either. You didn't even realize that you don't deserved to be tutored.. If you're not interested to study.. then DON'T! There are plenty of people that needs tuition. But not you. Your parents can afford it, and you agree with it. What a joke! Look at your results! What kind of results did you got? Can you even apply for a scholarship? No?! Oh but you need to go college to right? So here comes more fees for your parents to pay.. What a fool you are.. Think of how your parents pay for you to go for better education.. I don't think you'll do the same to your kids, if you had one.(Really can't imagine a girl can fall for a guy like you.)I doubt that you can find a good job from your egoistic attitude. Your so called "Imma the ruler, you all are inferior to me" stuff doesn't suit in this society.

You think it's not important to study during secondary school? You will realize that you are so wrong. "It's no use to learn this thing la.. Do you know this? Do you know that? No?! You suck!".. Oh please.. Don't use what you've heard or learned to pawn somebody.. You don't even know basics and you're claiming that you're better than them. People don't learn B before they learn A. Even kids know how to learn and take it slowly. "Do you know how to do this? and how about that?" No hope for you, my "friend", Ya there may be some things that you can do but I cant.. But that doesn't mean what I can do, you can do it too.. even some things that you can do and you're trying to boast it on me, I can do it too.. You said you're getting stronger.. But for me.. You're just the same old you.. Nothings changed. I can still beat you if I'm out of patience.

Enjoying your life now? You think that you got life-long friends? You can even talk bad things about your friends.. Saying how bad and stupid they are.. But do you think that they'll not do the same to you? They're just like you. Your friends will back stab you anytime.

Tata! Hope that we'll never meet each other again.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Friends.. or Fiends?

Can't differentiate anymore.. Whether I should be a friendly guy anymore.. I'm quite tired now, tired of being friends with everybody else.. I don't know which place you all have put me into your hearts, but I'm sure.. I'm not as friendly as you all know I am.

My dad usually says: "Don't mix with bad influences", and I didn't, until now.. I know the friends that I just knew aren't very good both in behavior and in moralities, but unless they smoke or do anything that is illegal, I'm fine. But something keeps pressing to my heart, telling me to stay away from them as soon as possible.

I still miss my old friends. They're the one who can calm my mind and my heart. Although I did hate some few guys out there, but they indeed helped me a lot in my growth. I did hate Daniel, Kenneth and Nicholas once, but that was the past. At least they did not gave me some insecure feeling I have now with my new friends. They couldn't influence me to become a bad guy..

How I miss the old days now, as I can meet them, joke with them, play with them, and so on. But still we are separated from each other as I live far away from them. I can't always go there and have activities with them like they always can.

But back to the topic, can my new friends replace them? Or will they change me to be like them? I feel weak, none of these friends can help me to improve myself to be a better person, in fact, they might mold my personalities that I have build. Am I the only Christian within the gang now? Although there is one other girl, but she does not care about it. No one, no one can guide me already, just like Garry does in the past. Every mistakes that I made, Garry would correct me. Now? Even I want to correct my new friends, they won't even hear..(I think)

Let's see how long I could withstand this new waves. Hope it'll make me stronger.

Korean dramas.. Made me crazy!

Very into Korean dramas now, especially medieval eras story based on legends or history.. so nice.. Let me introduce 2 of them:

1) Queen Seon Deok
2) Il-jimae (suggested to watch! as I've watched it twice.)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yup.. I've start working as a full time contract cashier for 2 months.

Started work since last Monday and I've learned a lot of things that a cashier needs to take responsibility.

Let me brief you on how to be a cashier at a supermarket:

1. You must arrive half an hour earlier than all other workers at the supermarket.

2. You will be assigned to take care of the deposit money appointed to you.

3. You must ensure the money is safe and secure in the machine.

4. You must serve the customer with everlasting smile. The customer will be always right even when they're wrong, and still you can't do anything about it.

5. You must not give wrong change to your customer. If the money in the machine is less than the account, your salary will be deducted.

6. You must not show your laziness or tiredness.

7. You must pack the groceries bought by the customers.

8. You will be exhausted during the weekends.

and etc...

being a cashier is not an easy job. especially during the weekends. Next time please try to respect them and take it slowly.

Monday, January 11, 2010

my new handphone

I got my new handphone.. And I can brag about it!

say hello to......

XPERIA X1... Woohoo!

dunno what the heck is it?
I'll show you..

It's this! Can't believe? Then it's your problem.


Time to update my blog!