Friday, May 28, 2010

SJK(c) Yak Chee 6P year 2004 Gathering

28th of May 2010

Today went to IOI for my Brunch(Breakfast+Lunch)with Lucas Chong's family. Had Dim Sum until I'm full.(First time man, first time....)

Lucas and I chat a lot today. We actually seldom talk to each other because we have not much topic to talk about, unlike both of our parents.. They can talk non-stop! It's so good if I can be like my father. Haha

Then, my primary objective today is the Gathering. So before the Gathering starts, my family went for a walk in the shopping centre. And lucky me, my dad said I can buy some clothes! Oh yeah~! It's been a long time I haven't have new T-shirts. So I bought 3 cool T-shirts and 2 long pants. I'm happy for it. Thanks Dad.

3PM arrived. I went to Sense cafe and waited for them. Wai Keong and Yee Liang were there already.. So we waited for the others to turn up.

After that one by one they showed up and we started talking non-stop about our current life and so on.. It was quite fun hearing their stories and stuffs! Bernard and Yee Soon then went for Prince of Persia. =.=" And they forgot to pay their food and drinks! It was so funny~! I payed for them for awhile until they realised their mistake.. haha (I think Bernard still forgot about it~ Or did he actually paid for it? Cuz I know I payed extra RM8-9 for it) xD

Then we parted differently. Zi Yang, Zheng Yi, Kok Hong, Wai Keong and me went for pool. I'm totally new to pool, except the fact that I actually simply played it without knowing the rules before. Thanks to them now I know how to officially play it. It was quite fun, as I once got in 3 balls consecutively.

Nothing much to say after that. I bought a "Ciplak" watch that looks quite nice.. It'll accompany me to college for a while ^^

That's all for now!

Ethan has eaten the ethane!

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