Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TARC life No.4

26th of May 2010

Today's classes was quite interesting and easy to understand, though Biology was quite a challenge to be memorised. That's because I hate proteins, lipids etc etc.

Today didn't tease Suria but enjoyed a psychological fight with him. I was just looking at him and he went a bit panic as he thinks I'm going to tease him with ______(censored). While he too tried to do that to me too! And also, Suria is "jealous" of me as I am quite close to girls(actually not) and now might want to gossip about me and all other girls that I know.. hahaha =.="

Noah is just as cool as usual today.

Hui Yee acted just as herself except in Maths T2 class. It's like totally a different girl in the class you know? She just answered "understand" in an unusual way every time teacher asked us whether we understood the examples he showed. But slowly after that, she asked the lecturer a question and I was like LOL! Maybe she's starting to put hope again to him hopefully.

Simone? Nothing much to expect from her anyway. XD

Today there is a new student in our class, a girl, smart girl, who lives in OUG(close to my house area..), and very friendly and easy to be friends with. Her name is Janice Yeo Yin Torng.. (Now I realise that the 1st 2 name, Yeo Yin is my another friend.) Easy to remember her name~ ^^

That's all for today~

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