Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TARC life no.13 + add ons ^^

20th of July 2010

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Maths T1 was okay.. Love how our teacher joke LOL.. Super lame but super fun haha.. Everybody seems to got shocked by my new hairstyle.. Bzzz..

9:00 am - 10:30 am

Biology practical Assessment.. Thought it was hard but it's still fine.. My records for my experiments are so constant.. it looks fake =.=" Hope teacher know it's true lol

Was taking too serious about it.. too concentrated into the experiment.. made my brain tired faster than usual.. =(

11:30 am - 12:10 pm

Chemistry practical.. ^^ it was fun... I like to cheat my records hehe.. and thus I can finish it off early today and went to lunch earlier than usual ^^V

sadly, everyone didn't told me where they were heading to.. One said they're heading to canteen 1 so I went there.. Too bad they changed plans and head to canteen 2 instead.. Poor me eating there alone T.T

It's alright.. Since I'm trying to save money >.<

Exra time - 2:00 pm

Revised physics, went to study room and sleep.. but before that I went teasing Surya and quite a number of girls.. LOL imagine how he got irritated by me ^^ (that's for teasing me and Hui Yee yesterday! Yay~! XD)

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Physics lecture.. That Hui Yee.. suddenly changed her seat with Ung Yee (wow it rhymes XD).. and thus made me feel erm.. blur? >.<"

80% concentrating on Physics.. 20% gone to somewhere =.=" (still understood what teacher taught of course.. But only 1 thing I kinda blur.. gotta ask teacher tomorrow.. ^^)

Sometimes questions that were asked by me is totally what Ung Yee wanna ask too.. and same case for me with her questions.. I wonder why other people didn't ask those questions? Do they really get what teacher teach? ^^

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

PA1 tutorial class.. Phew I pass my PA test.. so happy hehehe.. Hope I can do much better in test 2.. Created new animal names for our fellow friends.. Hui Yee (rabbit).. Hui Shan (Panda).. Yee Meng (Zebra).. and of course not forgetting our infamous Beaver (Sin Hui).. ^^

That's all in TARC life today..

time for add-ons..


Me and Mok were on the way home and we experienced that there's 1 LRT door that cannot be opened.. So we really don't care.. Then until the next train station.. some people waited for the door to be opened while other doors were opened.. They didn't notice a thing (so blur) and kept on waiting.. So as the good guys, we were just inside the door.. waving at them like monkeys doing their dance and show them that the other doors were opened =.=" It was so funny~! hehehe

Then the most funny part came.. A Malay woman(I'm not racist!) stood up and got ready to go out from the train from the same door =.=" and again as a good Samaritan I politely smiled at her and said: "erm.. Pintu ini tak boleh bukalah." I know my Malay sucks but she understood it well.. First she though okay I'm telling the truth but when the part that I smiled at her.. She then thought that it was a prank by me.. and then she said: "yakah?" and some mumblings showing that she doesn't believe me haha.. So I said: "tengok dululah.. tengok dulu.." with a grin.. making her more uncertain.. (I'm a pro.. I know.. haha)

But before reaching the station.. My heart was pounding with a faster pace.. who knows whether suddenly the door will work fine when it reaches there? I will be damn shy if I was wrong..

And the result is.. It didn't open.. That women that stood near the door knew she was wrong and didn't even dare to talk to me, taking her children out from the LRT at the next nearest door as fast as possible.. And I laughed so hard LOL Mok laughed too hehe.. And some of the bystanders laughed along =.="

Dad's Birthday was today so we celebrated it in a nice restaurant and a cake ^^

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