Sunday, October 3, 2010

Officially Closed.... For one and a half month

yep.. temporarily closed to concentrate more on my studies.. All the best on your exams especially Form 6 mates! (Shen Xi, Yee Kha, Chun Wai(If it's spelled correctly), myself(^^), Caryn, Simone, Janice, Karen Mok(LOL), Hui Yee, Noah, Surya, Loka, Ivy, Chui Ying, Ivan, Vivian, Yee Meng, Jia Yu, Man Yi, Fu Hong, Houn Foung, Hemanya, Sonia, Murnianya!(Muniye), Bryan, Guy Eon, Yi Hua, Yi Lim, Jack Goh, Jacqueline, Hui Shan, Charmaine, Wen Ying, Shu Yi, Thomas, Le Yi.. and the list continues (sorry if I didn't mention your name) So.. Study well guys and hope we score this with confidence ^^

Ethan Liew signing out.

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