Monday, May 24, 2010

This is so =.="

What to do? Thanks to the first post I made for TARC life people started to say that I like Hui Yee.(Read the first post if you don't know her!)

Hmm.. Do I like her then? can't really say a no for that.(I'm being honest) I admire her bravery, and she's the type of girl that I will like. But it's just 1 week since I know her, how can I possibly in love with her? NO way! And I'm taking STPM, I don't have time for these things. (I hope so)

And yeah, Simone was sick for a couple of days last week and didn't manage to attend school, and so suddenly Noah and the gang, for nothing, kept asking me: "Why Simone is sick ah? Go call her!" and etc etc. There started the gossip about me and Simone. Now Simone gossiped about me and Hui Yee, that's "great", really "great".

Now there are 2 Gossips about me.

This is how it started. Yesterday, Simone read my blog, commented on my fb saying that I like HY, and bla bla bla..

This morning, I text her warning her not to spread the meaningless gossip. But unfortunately she's a bit of a torturer. The more I says no, the more she'll say yes!

When I reached my class, the gang looked at me in a different way that I could easily notice. And I am correct, Simone told the gang, including HY. And funny thing is, they left a seat for me beside her. LOL to that. They are really good friends right? =.="

I'm tired this morning, because I slept at 1:30 a.m this morning and I need to wake up at 6:00 a.m and thus I'm not very cheerful as I always are during class. I was trying to concentrate on Miss Hee, my Bio lecturer but failed at certain part.(Bio Chapter 1 is sooooooo boring). So I'm getting more and more wasted and then my friends claimed that I'm getting moody because of the gossips. xD everything lines up beautifully.. Nothing to comment about it.

HY said she doesn't mind the gossips. But is it really the true voice of her heart?

Today Chem lecturer gave us A LOT of homeworks!! 8 pages of Tutorial questions which each page consist of around 20-30 stoichiometric equations questions. Nice right?

I'll stop for now..

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