Friday, July 9, 2010

In the mood to study?

Nah,, Still haven't stretch myself to the maximum~! OMG OMG OMG

Damn why am I the only one who appreciates and loves classicals among my friends?
Ah well, they just don't know music. Such a pity.

Added some new classical in the mixpod, feel free to hear and enjoy~!

Can't stop doing something.. Just too succumbed to it.. Aarrgghh! should I continue?~

I love Physics~!! Although Mr. Ng (Physics lecturer) actually quite bad in replying people's questions, but he's very good in teaching Physics. I can totally understand what he was saying!
For the first time I did not feel bored in Physics classes all the way until now! Thanks Mr. Ng

Today quite a few of my friends laughed at me for bringing my grade 1 theory test paper and doing it. Although they're grade 6 and some way above, I don't really care..
Maybe one day I can even surpass them eh? XD

Nowadays quite a few people like to share their problems with me. I'm really that trustable eh? But can I trust what you all told me? For me, if you were gossiping about another person, I can't trust you all completely but I need to see it in my own eyes.

That's all for now~


~Cch~ said...

知音难找 ;D ... Good Luck

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...