Sunday, May 23, 2010

College Life Part 1

Never thought my College life would have been so much fun compared to Secondary school life..

Though I seldom do homework during school days.. I'm actually doing it now. Maybe because it's STPM for me, so I'll need to work much more harder.

The first day when I entered my Form 6 class, 11S2a from SPUS school of TAR College, I'm a total stranger to everyone. Nobody knows me, and I to them. But fortunately, some guy that I met earlier (We claimed to have known each other during the orientation week but we're not, funny right?) was in the same class with me. Noah (His name) really helped me a lot. He met some friends there too so yeah, I got to know them too. And there I met Suria too. He's a great guy, all hardworking and studying is his way. Simone is a direct and honest person, in her own ways though.. That makes her a bit of a scary person too~ At least I'm scared of her.. She like to say: "Sim!"(meaning Go Away) when she's doing or thinking something.

Noah and Suria is my current most reliable male friend that I can cling to in TARC.. They helped me a lot too cope with the surroundings too.. And my "perasan-ness" is coming back.. And because of that, I got to know more guys and girls in my class..

And one particular girl in my class(Hui Yee).. She's amazing! Her bravery really is undeniably great! Let me brief you about her:

1) During the Orientation week, there's been an close-up with the seniors of this school, so when there was time for some questions for seniors, she stood up and asked the question in a very loud and clear voice. All of us in the hall was like "Woah~! This girl is sooooooo brave~!" and she was alone when she asked this question.. nobody is beside her giving her the strength for this! Then she asked another one, and another one until she's pleased with it and sat down then.

2) She can approach to guys easily.. Guess she's more open than we guys do.. Even she said hello to me first before I knew her~ LOL

3) During Thursday, (which is the fourth day of our class) we had so much time after school so we went for lunch together with Suria and Avin(friend from another class). Then we decided to do homework and study together in Suria's house since it's raining. And yeah, there are a total of 5 boys and only one girl in the house, and we've just met for 3 days. We all stayed there for 2 hours.

4) She once intended to actually complain about how boring a lecturer was to the office. All of us said: "are you joking" and she said no. OMG

Imagine a girl being THAT brave, I kind of worried about her, as she's a pretty girl also. And since I have 3 sisters, I'm used to worrying about girls' safety. It's normal for me to accompany girls safely if they ask. I accompanied Gloria and Zhi Kuan (ex-schoolmates) before in LRT.. and sms-ed them whether they've reached home safely or not after that. I'm a good Samaritan ain't I?

We (as in me, Noah, Suria, Hui Yee, Simone, Hema, Muniye) always like to sit in front of every class, except a class which they claimed the lecturer was boring during the fifth day.

We usually have sweets with us during classes so that we might not get asleep. I'm scared we'll have Diabetes if we keep on doing that for a long term. XD

That's all I want to say for now. More updates will be posted every week hopefully.

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