Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TARC life No.7

1st of June 2010

This morning I "tumpang" Calvin(or Kelvin, didn't ask him)'s car to TARC. on the way, his mom went to load petrol.. But sadly, the car couldn't jump-start after that. So 3 of us (He, Mok and I) have to take cab to reach our school and we're late. T^T

Today I saw something that I shouldn't.. Kinda feel beh song(means not feeling good) when I saw that, dunno why.. It's none of my business anyway.

Chemistry Practical was so fun today!! We neutralised HCl and NaOH all by our own! everyone had the chance to conduct their own experiments..

Biology practical is cool though! Everyone has their own Microscope to use. Damn nice!!

During Physics class, I saw Hui Yee sms-ing.. Seems like she's having some fun.. So I tried to pull her back to the class by sms-ing her "eh dun sms during class la" something like that.. Haha and she didn't notice when I text that.. And after she received it.. She's like "Hurh??" and looked at me so confused.. LOL

Seems like today few girls are not quite feeling well or something. Vivian looked like she haven't recovered fully from her ill yet or something. Simone is sick, I think.. as HY told me that.

I'm not very happy today.. Don't know why..

That's all for today.

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