Friday, June 4, 2010

TARC life No.10

4th of June

Guess where I am now? I'm inside our college's Cyber Centre!! The building is so huge and it consist around more than 500 computers I think. All free to use. But one thing bad is, there is limited amount of things you can do in the computers. No games, no Youtube, etc etc, unless, you bring the game and plug it in the USB console on the computer. Normally I see people there play none other than, DotA =.=" and they seriously suck at it. It's like, who's that stupid to press button 1,2,3,4 non-stop, thinking they can regenerate some Mana(used to cast spells) points faster than usual while they're not? I'm lazy to explain how it all goes.

Let me compile everything into note form:

1) Today I was nearly late to school.

2) During Physics class, I asked a question that nobody understands.. =.=" Teacher don't know what I meant also..

3) MUET class was short as teacher was late or something.. So we lepak in our classroom chatting.

4) I walked so far just to pass my sister her birth certificate. =="

5) I helped Ms Hee(Biology lecturer) to do her stuffs.(inserting some letters for parent-lecturer day into the envelope) ^^

6) I actually focused fully during Maths T2 class and for the first time I felt it was fun. Muahahahaha!!

7) Hui Yee sounded very down just now when I called her asking whether she should join us together to take LRT back.. Hope she's okay ^^

8) Today is Sin Hui and Hui Shan's birthday.. Happy birthday li'l sisters!! (oh yeah I'm elder than them ^^)

9) I'm getting better and better at talking to girls already hahaha!!

10) Saw Siew Yin and Zhi Kuan at Canteen 1 today, chatted with them and Kok Chung(I thknk I've spelled his name correctly) thought I went and kao lui(means pikat girls).. XD then later-on he asked to confirm whether it was true so that if it is, he's safe to go for someone.. Right Jack Ng?

That's all for today xD

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