Thursday, September 23, 2010

TARC life no.18

23 September 2010

Hey guys... mostly girls... I'm back! kinda caught up in games nowadays but of course... will try to end this ASAP

at times I feel like I'm getting further from them.. Sometimes I do thought of being alone at the corner.. Just like Hon Foung. Studying alone, being alone, being a nobody seems good.. less caught up with friends and activities. It's stressful sometimes to say hi to everybody I know, faking my smiles when I feel like being alone.

Certain times I do feel like digging a hole and hide myself in it. I just felt like it.

I do hate people with several faces.. I don't know whether I am one or not.. but.. I do know who is that kind of person.. Just knew that not very long ago..

Until now I still haven't feel what best friends are like.. because I don't have one.. The psychologist is true.. what he explained through my drawings are correct.. I don't trust friends too much.



chang ung yee said...

You like drawing? me too! show me next time the drawing, let me try to analyse ^^

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

drawing? err.. I can't draw lol.. just that there was once a psychologist talk in TARC.. dunno whether you're there or not.. and he asked us to draw pics of houses and stuff.. and he depicted my characteristic through that..