Saturday, June 5, 2010

What a dream!!

Wow, what a dream I just had.. It's just the first day of the holiday and my brain starts to go crazy already? OMG

It's just a normal day that I am going to college rushing to the leture hall. I saw Tian and I entered the hall. A weird guy(the crazy fella, few of you knows who he is) was in my class!! He put his arms on my shoulders and said: "Hey, bro.. I told all your friends about you ah!" And definitely I knew something bad has happened.

Everybody is looking towards me. He then sat back down with NaOH, SUN and Simonium. So I avoided him and went to higher seats and found that there is a seat beside HY and I took it. Then she stared at me when I sat down. Her eyes were wet when she saw me and said: "I am so disappointed in you!"(her signature words to me, =.=:) "PBSM??"

**you know... My dreams are freaking horrible but with no meaning at all.. I don't freaking understand what my brain is trying to say to me. Don't freaking laugh at me you know!! My dreams looked damn real whey!

She: "PBSM? What do PBSM means?"

Me: "Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah la!!"

She: "Nooo!! The hidden meaning for it!!"

Me: "WTF?! When did I have hidden meaning for PBSM? What did he tell you?"

She: "I thought you are my friend!! PBSM means..(I forgot what she said then).

Me: "OMG!! I freaking explained to you, PBSM means Red Crescent Society!! Ask SUN if you don't believe!! You don't believe me??! You believe a stupid guy and you don't believe me?!!"

I yelled at her and went off~ *I don't think I dare to yell at her in real life.. hehe I got the chance here ^^

Then I woke up from that crazy dream.

I feel damn relieved whey.. ^^

**Who's dream is in Third-person view?? Mine is in.. Normally people dream it in first-person view. Almost all my dreams are in 3rd-person.

Talking about dreams.. I can tell you about my childhood dream..

When I was still at a very young age around 4-6 and lived in Taman Maluri.. Every time I had normal dreams as usual.. But just before I wake up, I must dream a dream.

This time it's in 1st-person view. I entered my bathroom in my room and then entered my parents room.(It's linked together) Then, I walked slowly to the balcony door and opened it. I see a baby crib in front of me, and as I walk 1 step to the balcony, then when I turn right.. I will always see a white dressed, long black hair girl in front of me within few millisecond and then I wake up. This dream stayed for quite a long time until I move out.

When I was small I didn't think much about it. Now, once I recall the dream, it gives me the creeps.. Damn scared whey!

That's all for this morning.

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