Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ah La La Long Ah La La Long..

For this post.. I'll make it short...

On last Friday.. I went for tuition at Kasturi( Just started my first tuition ever on last Wednesday).. During my Chemistry class... A girl looked at me.. Sort of.. Our eyes met for a while(but not about those things la..) I felt like I met her before...And... The air-cond is way damn cold... After the class... All of us came out.. going to toilet for a loo and just hanging around for keeping warm of ourselves.. Then the girl talked to me: "so cold oh?" "ya" I replied.. Then blah blah blah... Then i know her.. Her name is called Gao Yi. That's all.. Then after that... My new friend, Jian Wei told me she is an actress... in the movie "Ah Long Pte Ltd". I was not so sure then... So after that I asked her.. And the answer is yes.. She is indeed her!! LOL!! thats why i felt like I knew her..

Thats all... now trying to know her more and try to become her friend... If possible..

Friday, November 7, 2008

Long time no blog!!

It's so long since I write another post... Few months.. Guess all my loyal customer had gone off!!

In this few months, I've meet many challenges and decisions that changed my personality and my attitude. For some, they might think I'm getting more and more proud of myself, others think I'm serious, and sometimes even EMO!!

But for me, this is where I start to grow up, to recognize the world, both good and evil, nice and bad and many other things.

Haiz.. And by the way... My past... I think I should forget it... The bad ones... Hope that I'm a best friend to somebody... For I never tried before... It's just sad that someone that is quite popular in school is not a best friend to anybody, right?

Ya, almost the whole school knows me, but I don't feel happy nor excited.. Because I'm still a guy that not much people will stick to me... The green guy right? Who would stick to that nerdy librarian? Huh? Who will?

I'm not EMO-ing, but I'm just too......