Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ah Man~! Just wasted my whole night.

Wasted my night trying to learn how to use kitchen and cook roms. (In case you don't know what is it, I'll tell you briefly later.) And I turned out nothing. T.T

I never learned anything about computing before, so I'm quite a noob in it. There goes.

ROMs are known as "Read Only Memory". But what I'm basically talking about here is about ROMs in phone devices. In phones, ROMs are basically the memory that stores the Operating System files.

Interesting part is.. Cook ROMs? Why does it meant like this? and what's with cooking a memory using the kitchen? LOL

For ROM cooking, Kitchen are the place you cook your roms(like, duh). It's a program that let's you add ingredients(e.g it let's you add certain programs during the first startup of your device, or changing or adding your homescreens.).

Ingredients are classified as SYS,OEM and EXT.. (though I don't understand a single thing to it. Still learning it bit by bit though)

cooking a rom is the process where you add or remove functions or programs from the current rom that you're doing.

and finally after you've done cooking a rom.. You're eligible to be called a chef! Muahaha (I'm not yet though.. Still learning!!)

Damn now I feel like studying computing instead of Biology.. But WTF I must go on with my goal!! oh yeah!