Thursday, June 3, 2010

TARC life No.9

3rd of June 2010

Thanks to my fellow blog viewers/fans I'll continue to update it.

I felt like avoiding someone today.. Or not to say avoiding that person, but I don't want to feel awkward when I start a conversation with that person.

Now only I know Simone got BF.. So everyone!! Don't go tease me and her already.. Pity her la.. Later her BF knows about it I sure kena from him. XD

During Maths T2 Lecture today, Charmaine Tong the Tong Sui(or you can say sweet soup, a kind of dessert) A.K.A. Tong Sampah(Thanks to me) competed with me in drawing emoticon.. Weird eh?
*I was drawing the "less than" and "more than" ogive(Checked it, it's pronounced as "oh-Jyve" and she suddenly drew a ==" at my paper.. now I'm really =.="

then each of us drew one emoticon at a time..

> <"

there's more actually.. But I kinda forgot about it.. It was my first time sitting with her and Wen Ying.. they're quite friendly too! Seems that I should sit with them more often too.. I can't always accompany you guys right?(indicating Suria, Noah, Hui Yee, Simone, etc) I should be more friendly to everyone like I were during my secondary school days.

Today chat quite a lot with Simone.. She's kinda cool girl that I can share my thoughts with.. Since we're good friends right? (you guys don't think too much~!)

I kinda feel jealous I think when I saw the two sitting near and chat normally.. Wished I can do that too.. But it's all over now hehe..

I'm just fine today but everyone look at me like I'm damn Emo.. =,="
Suria and Noah kept asking me whether I'm okay.. Duh I AM!! xD
at least it's a lot better compared to a couple of days back right?
Caryn comforted me.. kinda.. But I feel much better after that(Thanks Caryn)

P.S: Eh, don't think I'm Emo-ing again please.. I'm fine as usual..

That's all for today

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