Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ah Man~! Just wasted my whole night.

Wasted my night trying to learn how to use kitchen and cook roms. (In case you don't know what is it, I'll tell you briefly later.) And I turned out nothing. T.T

I never learned anything about computing before, so I'm quite a noob in it. There goes.

ROMs are known as "Read Only Memory". But what I'm basically talking about here is about ROMs in phone devices. In phones, ROMs are basically the memory that stores the Operating System files.

Interesting part is.. Cook ROMs? Why does it meant like this? and what's with cooking a memory using the kitchen? LOL

For ROM cooking, Kitchen are the place you cook your roms(like, duh). It's a program that let's you add ingredients(e.g it let's you add certain programs during the first startup of your device, or changing or adding your homescreens.).

Ingredients are classified as SYS,OEM and EXT.. (though I don't understand a single thing to it. Still learning it bit by bit though)

cooking a rom is the process where you add or remove functions or programs from the current rom that you're doing.

and finally after you've done cooking a rom.. You're eligible to be called a chef! Muahaha (I'm not yet though.. Still learning!!)

Damn now I feel like studying computing instead of Biology.. But WTF I must go on with my goal!! oh yeah!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TARC life no.11

21th June 2010

Holidays are over and I'm back to college. Nothing much to say today, as I didn't talked much during class.

Today was my first guitar lesson.(sort of)
I told the receptionist I was listed as lvl 2 for guitar but I'm taking lvl 1. 1 of the teachers there told me to come back this Thursday for lvl 2 lesson and tried to shoo me away =.=" but after my nagging finally he let me in for lvl 1 today.. but just for 1 day.

The 1 hour of the lesson was okay.. Learned how to stretch my fingers and warming it up. Then Benjamin (19 year old lvl 1 guitar teacher) said I can enroll for lvl 3 already since I know quite a lot about basics.. even the Barre chords..

After the class I asked about it and that took them quite a long time to make a decision.. and alas, I'm in lvl 3 and my class starts today(22th June, It's past 12 am now) at 4.30.. So I got to bring my guitar to college again (and the only 1 to bring it.) =.="

That's all for today, Classic Liew here

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Not in the mood to blog nowadays..

Temporarily inactive~!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Nonono!! Not my voice!!!

I lost my voice.. I can't sing mid-range tunes? All because of my flu, cough, sore-throat etc etc

Just jogged at the park near my home.. You should know where is it right? It's Taman Bukit Jalil.. Check it yourself.. Feel refreshed but dizzy now due to my sickness.

I can barely write this post too.


Sunday, June 13, 2010


Having flu now =.="

o2jamv3 maintainence is lengthened.. OMG can't I play it yet?! I still have 1 week of enjoyment before I really start marking my books T^T

Damn it

I hate people who thinks that classical sucks.. Or claiming that modern musics are better than them.

To all Classics haters: Have you even heard their songs before?

I Love Chopin's Etude Op10 no12 A.K.A Revolutionary Etude. Try that song! I seriously recommend it.

Beethoven's Sonata no8 op13 is nice too. Especially the 3rd movement. (Been searching this for a very long time! It's V3 in o2jam, more or less..)

(They're pure Geniuses)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

o2jamv3 server

For o2jam freaks and lovers.. This is the link to the private server for the game.. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Competiton? LoL

Oh yeah, I offered a challenge to Jia Yu that we would have a guitar battle after Holidays, I was joking at first but she agreed. +.+

She said then if I lose.. I'll need to tell her someone's secret..
Don't know what she's going to play after hols eh?

o2jam is back!! though it's private server but I'll definitely play it ^^

Monday, June 7, 2010


Darn it.. Wasted my effort and a bit of $$ for a set of stupid electric guitar string. That seller said it can be put on the acoustic guitar. (Yeah, I'm a fool to actually believe him.)

Wasted almost 2 hours to string it.(1st time so WTF) and it sounded like shit!


Freaking not in a good mood!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Less updates during the Hols

Yeap~ I won't be writing posts everyday.

This morning went to church. ^^
Today whole day didn't study. Dude, STUDY LAR!!! =.="
Played piano and guitar non-stop only. XD
Then DotA a while. >.<
Then I jogged today and done some workouts. Tired. @.@
Now doing nothing. :(

That's all !,!

No!! I am a guy!!

I will definitely show you all that I'm a freaking straight guy and I act like one too~!

Just because I can do the "GRGRGRGRGR" doesn't mean I can be a girl.

If got chance, During Monday after the holiday I'll try to make girls "lam" me.. Muahahahaha!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What a dream!!

Wow, what a dream I just had.. It's just the first day of the holiday and my brain starts to go crazy already? OMG

It's just a normal day that I am going to college rushing to the leture hall. I saw Tian and I entered the hall. A weird guy(the crazy fella, few of you knows who he is) was in my class!! He put his arms on my shoulders and said: "Hey, bro.. I told all your friends about you ah!" And definitely I knew something bad has happened.

Everybody is looking towards me. He then sat back down with NaOH, SUN and Simonium. So I avoided him and went to higher seats and found that there is a seat beside HY and I took it. Then she stared at me when I sat down. Her eyes were wet when she saw me and said: "I am so disappointed in you!"(her signature words to me, =.=:) "PBSM??"

**you know... My dreams are freaking horrible but with no meaning at all.. I don't freaking understand what my brain is trying to say to me. Don't freaking laugh at me you know!! My dreams looked damn real whey!

She: "PBSM? What do PBSM means?"

Me: "Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah la!!"

She: "Nooo!! The hidden meaning for it!!"

Me: "WTF?! When did I have hidden meaning for PBSM? What did he tell you?"

She: "I thought you are my friend!! PBSM means..(I forgot what she said then).

Me: "OMG!! I freaking explained to you, PBSM means Red Crescent Society!! Ask SUN if you don't believe!! You don't believe me??! You believe a stupid guy and you don't believe me?!!"

I yelled at her and went off~ *I don't think I dare to yell at her in real life.. hehe I got the chance here ^^

Then I woke up from that crazy dream.

I feel damn relieved whey.. ^^

**Who's dream is in Third-person view?? Mine is in.. Normally people dream it in first-person view. Almost all my dreams are in 3rd-person.

Talking about dreams.. I can tell you about my childhood dream..

When I was still at a very young age around 4-6 and lived in Taman Maluri.. Every time I had normal dreams as usual.. But just before I wake up, I must dream a dream.

This time it's in 1st-person view. I entered my bathroom in my room and then entered my parents room.(It's linked together) Then, I walked slowly to the balcony door and opened it. I see a baby crib in front of me, and as I walk 1 step to the balcony, then when I turn right.. I will always see a white dressed, long black hair girl in front of me within few millisecond and then I wake up. This dream stayed for quite a long time until I move out.

When I was small I didn't think much about it. Now, once I recall the dream, it gives me the creeps.. Damn scared whey!

That's all for this morning.

Friday, June 4, 2010

TARC life No.10

4th of June

Guess where I am now? I'm inside our college's Cyber Centre!! The building is so huge and it consist around more than 500 computers I think. All free to use. But one thing bad is, there is limited amount of things you can do in the computers. No games, no Youtube, etc etc, unless, you bring the game and plug it in the USB console on the computer. Normally I see people there play none other than, DotA =.=" and they seriously suck at it. It's like, who's that stupid to press button 1,2,3,4 non-stop, thinking they can regenerate some Mana(used to cast spells) points faster than usual while they're not? I'm lazy to explain how it all goes.

Let me compile everything into note form:

1) Today I was nearly late to school.

2) During Physics class, I asked a question that nobody understands.. =.=" Teacher don't know what I meant also..

3) MUET class was short as teacher was late or something.. So we lepak in our classroom chatting.

4) I walked so far just to pass my sister her birth certificate. =="

5) I helped Ms Hee(Biology lecturer) to do her stuffs.(inserting some letters for parent-lecturer day into the envelope) ^^

6) I actually focused fully during Maths T2 class and for the first time I felt it was fun. Muahahahaha!!

7) Hui Yee sounded very down just now when I called her asking whether she should join us together to take LRT back.. Hope she's okay ^^

8) Today is Sin Hui and Hui Shan's birthday.. Happy birthday li'l sisters!! (oh yeah I'm elder than them ^^)

9) I'm getting better and better at talking to girls already hahaha!!

10) Saw Siew Yin and Zhi Kuan at Canteen 1 today, chatted with them and Kok Chung(I thknk I've spelled his name correctly) thought I went and kao lui(means pikat girls).. XD then later-on he asked to confirm whether it was true so that if it is, he's safe to go for someone.. Right Jack Ng?

That's all for today xD

Thursday, June 3, 2010

TARC life No.9

3rd of June 2010

Thanks to my fellow blog viewers/fans I'll continue to update it.

I felt like avoiding someone today.. Or not to say avoiding that person, but I don't want to feel awkward when I start a conversation with that person.

Now only I know Simone got BF.. So everyone!! Don't go tease me and her already.. Pity her la.. Later her BF knows about it I sure kena from him. XD

During Maths T2 Lecture today, Charmaine Tong the Tong Sui(or you can say sweet soup, a kind of dessert) A.K.A. Tong Sampah(Thanks to me) competed with me in drawing emoticon.. Weird eh?
*I was drawing the "less than" and "more than" ogive(Checked it, it's pronounced as "oh-Jyve" and she suddenly drew a ==" at my paper.. now I'm really =.="

then each of us drew one emoticon at a time..

> <"

there's more actually.. But I kinda forgot about it.. It was my first time sitting with her and Wen Ying.. they're quite friendly too! Seems that I should sit with them more often too.. I can't always accompany you guys right?(indicating Suria, Noah, Hui Yee, Simone, etc) I should be more friendly to everyone like I were during my secondary school days.

Today chat quite a lot with Simone.. She's kinda cool girl that I can share my thoughts with.. Since we're good friends right? (you guys don't think too much~!)

I kinda feel jealous I think when I saw the two sitting near and chat normally.. Wished I can do that too.. But it's all over now hehe..

I'm just fine today but everyone look at me like I'm damn Emo.. =,="
Suria and Noah kept asking me whether I'm okay.. Duh I AM!! xD
at least it's a lot better compared to a couple of days back right?
Caryn comforted me.. kinda.. But I feel much better after that(Thanks Caryn)

P.S: Eh, don't think I'm Emo-ing again please.. I'm fine as usual..

That's all for today

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fair or not fair?

I lent my sister my old handphone for more than 6 months now.. She said she want to buy my old phone.. But guess what? She WON'T buy it eventually

She barely even touch her guitar so I used it and put it in my room..

I kinda owe her around RM50 from my hair dye(She's not using that Garnier dye either, so what's wrong for me to have it?) and some stuff.. (but I recalled lending her some fares for the taxi she took when she went to work.. I don't think she actually remembered it..)

So here's the problem..

Just now, I told my sister of a proposal of exchanging my phone with her guitar, since she's not using it anyway.. Then she went SOOOO overly angry and said I still owe her this and that, and that she won't be using my phone forever and so on.

Then I said she's taking things for granted, as she's using my phone for half a year and she's throwing it back to me now. What a joke! My phone still worth around RM130 at shoplots and her "more than 3-4 years worn-out-string" guitar doesn't worth much as well. (she bought it around the same price also, excluding the bag.)

I told her about using my phone too long and now she just return it to me like that? She just take things for granted. she took 6 freaking long months(and more to go) to repair her SE phone? And to say that she actually has another phone that she can use(A touch-screen phone that looks similar to Iphone, some ciplak phone) but she insist on using mine!

This ain't a good deal? I had a digi prepaid and I gave up on it because I don't have another phone for it. Now the sim card's gone for good. It's expired and MIA

Now she said she's going to give back the phone to me and ask me to leave like that? And to pay her RM50 back? And she's not even trading her guitar for that?

1) I didn't said anything of not returning her her RM50.. but yeah I never remembered those thing though.

2) I never even asked her to change the guitar string using the new string her admirer bought for her some 2 years ago. I can buy some cheap string that my guitar teacher said and that will just do fine.

3) Talking about money, I did mentioned that I used quite some money to buy Korean Dramas.. But when I asked her to share, since she's having a part watching it.. She'll say no.. If she took the share for it.. I've already cleared my debt. But sadly everything turned out the opposite way.

Who's got the fairer idea? Mine or hers?

P.S: I just want that guitar so that I can start training it after school holidays in the Music Society. But it seems that I should buy 1 myself then. My dad will eventually scold me then for wasting money on another guitar.

Turning back to my own self

Oh yeah, I'm so enough with all of this.

Tomorrow I'll be back to my own self.
And I'll be quite different.

TARC life No.8

2nd of June 2010

Today I felt weird. When I'm in Physics, PA, Maths T1 and Bio class.. I gave my full strength to it. But after that.. during the other classes I was like not really paying full attention to it. Why? I'm not thinking anything..

All the time, we love to tease Caryn and Guy.. They are really going to be a couple if we keep on doing that.. ^^

Today no mood to write my blog.. I think I'm getting emotional again.. sad.. Will put myself back to normal ASAP..

Hope I can concentrate well in class ^^

That's all for today.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TARC life No.7

1st of June 2010

This morning I "tumpang" Calvin(or Kelvin, didn't ask him)'s car to TARC. on the way, his mom went to load petrol.. But sadly, the car couldn't jump-start after that. So 3 of us (He, Mok and I) have to take cab to reach our school and we're late. T^T

Today I saw something that I shouldn't.. Kinda feel beh song(means not feeling good) when I saw that, dunno why.. It's none of my business anyway.

Chemistry Practical was so fun today!! We neutralised HCl and NaOH all by our own! everyone had the chance to conduct their own experiments..

Biology practical is cool though! Everyone has their own Microscope to use. Damn nice!!

During Physics class, I saw Hui Yee sms-ing.. Seems like she's having some fun.. So I tried to pull her back to the class by sms-ing her "eh dun sms during class la" something like that.. Haha and she didn't notice when I text that.. And after she received it.. She's like "Hurh??" and looked at me so confused.. LOL

Seems like today few girls are not quite feeling well or something. Vivian looked like she haven't recovered fully from her ill yet or something. Simone is sick, I think.. as HY told me that.

I'm not very happy today.. Don't know why..

That's all for today.

TARC life No.6

31th of May 2010

We went for library after class ends just to wait for the meeting for SMS.

SMS? You: "Don't joke with me". Yeah I didn't. SMS stands for Science and Maths Society.

So, 5 of us(Suria, Noah, Simone, Hui Yee and I) chat about the most interesting topic; LOVE.

It's like, everybody has their own point on it. Glad I remembered some.

1) Girls got only 1 rule(From what the girls said): First Impression. If your First Impression to a girl is good, you're good to go for her. (I screwed up mine during the first day. I combed my hair all up, making me looked like an idiot, and I look like a Malay too. The 2 girls that were chatting with us said too bad for me. It literally means.. Tak Boleh Harap la..." =="

2) Boys likes to flirt with girls, even if they have Girlfriends. (Not really true, I think it depends on how his Girlfriend care about him.)

3) Boys will never tend to give up. (Yeap, but not entirely true though)

4) From girls: They would love to keep their boyfriend's email accounts, facebook accounts, Handphones if possible just to make sure their BF isn't doing something wrong towards her. (I would love to hand over those to my GF if I had one.. ^^)

That's all I can remember now..