Saturday, July 10, 2010


Ah~ Everything went just as I wanted.. Except I got 2nd place for the telematch this morning.
Our team should have gone first~! I mean for real! 6 points is very easy to be gained.. (I'm a kia-su fella ^^)
Section C (Word Building) we still have a lot of time but our seniors kinda asked us whether to stop or not and we agreed to stop~
if our team didn't agreed by then, more words should have been formed by us~ T^T (Former Scrabbler ya know! XD)
our team got "aeosyzp" and the letters are repeatable.. so yeah I made quite a few words that they don't understood too XD

euouae is a very nice word.. I knew the meaning before but forgotten because I'm not playing scrabble often already  =.="

Totally enjoyed today~ My team is the best~!! (Jun Tian, if spelled correctly; Hong~; Guy Eon, Ung Yee(finally got her correct spelling XD) and of course.. me hehe

Ung Yee is a nice girl XD and of course not forgetting the other girls hehe

Classic Liew out

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