Saturday, November 13, 2010

The 7th day of the week

13th November 2010

Today is Saturday, also known as the Sabbath day. What is Sabbath day? it literally means Rest day in the Bible, the Word of God.

I guess you wonder why I would talk about that right? It all happens when few Koreans preached their interpretation of the Gospel for me. I was shocked at that time to know that I was so unprepared in my Bible knowledge. I almost knew nothing regarding the Bible. So, they kept on "attacking" me in different ways, saying that my church teachings are incorrect and theirs are true. They've asked why our service is held on Sunday but not Saturday, which is the Sabbath day? the Holiest day of the week, where God Himself asked the Jews to observe it? My mind was totally blank. I was flanked by 3 of them, not knowing what to answer, nor how to just run from them. So I would just accept what they were talking about. Besides that, they also talked about why Christmas shouldn't be celebrated and why the Passover event MUST be observed and kept.

But through God's grace, I was able to ask my senior, a near fourty brother in Christ regarding Sabbath and Sunday, the Lord's day when I'm on the way back home. He gave me a website.

This really explains why our church does our service on Sunday instead. I was relieved that there was really such answer to that. I believe I chose the correct church. So I replied them through SMS with the link included. But they are hard-headed, not willing to give up on me, to bring me to their church; to convert me into their belief. Not long then I was getting annoyed by them. @.@

Now they've asked that I should meet them during Monday afternoon, after my school ends. Should I meet them? knowing that they will keep on trying to convince that my church practice wrong teachings? Do leave a comment here. Thanks

Ah and by the way, my [all about smartphone] website is on!

Ethan Liew signing out

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