Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Chemistry is not bad.. Quite easy I suppose.. To all my classmates: I'm not LC-ing..

Nah.. My love chemistry is bad though.. LOLX

Bored to blog.. Still spotting something to post though..

Monday, May 18, 2009

For SC:

Dear SC..

Do you like me? Obviously you're surfing my blog almost everyday.. And you do care about me..

Are you gay?

Because you know.. I'm not into gay stuff.. So.. Just stay away from me..

And why do you try to hide your name from us?
You're scared?

And of course.. SC.. I'm aware of my doings.. My business is not of your concern..
Thank you.. I know you are trying to help me.. But please.. I got brains..
I can think.. Everything I do I will take my own responsibility..
So.. Don't care.. Okay?

And of course.. It's none of your business if you don't tell us your name..
Because I don't even know whether you're related to them..

And by the way, Allister sure liked this post.. He can finally show to the world how much he liked her.. And of course.. He thanked me too! He told me to keep this post and not delete it..

Don't need to care much already, okay? Just ignore my posts..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New blog

Hey guys.. I have 2 new blogs from now on..

An Emo me.. : For all emo-readers..

and For Seksyen 4 BSMM.. : For all BSMM to update on what's on..


Another post for Allister! LOLX

Since SOME people are so sensitive to this post.. I deleted everything..

I know a lot of you all have a kind heart..

It's not even your problem and you're trying to help..
They don't even need your help..
It's not that I don't respect them..
I'm a guy who doesn't care for "face"..
And I don't care people's too!

I'm weird..
Many of you will hate me..
But I don't care..
But I know there are people who will support me too!

And of course by the way..
Do readers really care of this things?
They'll just end with laughter and post some comments..
The most is just some short teases that Xin Di will receive..
Then back to normal life..
That's all..

But still.. SC is an asshole, who tries to "teach" me?
Oh please.. I don't receive knowledge from a student that I don't even know..
And by the way..
I looked back to the comments that he made..
Looks like SC is a guy who ALWAYS tease their friends..
And I think that his case is even more serious than mine..
That actually made him regret..
Looks like he's an asshole who simply tease people that he's not close with..

Same case..
But still tries to "teach" me..

SC.. You have just entered my world.. Prepare to be flamed by me in the future..
I'm now your worst nightmare...
I will find you..
Please be ready..

To Xin Di: I respect you.. But I do have pleasure making fun of you! You're just too easy to be jokeed with!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

History is crazy

History is crazy.. I've said it..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First day of exam..

Okay, since I saw some of my friends wrote some post about this topic.. Guess I'll do one too..

Today.. BM exam.. Not stressed out.. But in fact, I'm quite happy..

Paper 2.. Not good, can't get good marks.. Forgot Hilmi's sister's name.. Haiz.. (I don't even need Datuk Johari and I still can remember it.. WTF!!)

Okay.. Maybe I'm quite stressed out in paper 2.. But during recess.. Went to library.. sat down and read some karangan about wawancara.. Saw some peribahasa inside it.. Looked at it.. something kerbau something.. and something susu something.. 2 peribahasa.. Tried to memorize it for Paper 1.. Failed.. LOLX

After that, paper 1 starts.. Looked at the questions.. Pretty hard.. section B, 1-4, I hate it..
But when I saw number 5, a huge smile came across my face.. "kerana nila setitik, susu rosak sebelanga".. Fooh.. That's the 1 I learnt not long ago! WTF!! And they ask us to write a cerpen.. Which I like the most.. No need long, reasonable Isi.. So I planned to do that topic, no matter what.. Even though I might have a slight chance that I may have interpret the peribahasa the wrong way..

That's all I wanna say.. Tomorrow is Sejarah day.. Time to learn our stupid history about how stupid are us to fight for our own freedom although they already prepared one for us..

Ethan's heart has been eaten by her..

Friday, May 8, 2009

Nice to see!

Haha.. Not talking about THOSE stuff.. LOLX

Neh.. Yesterday was fine.. Nothing much.. Just that I don't dare to talk to her after the confession..

But most importantly.. After school.. There was an accident..

Boon Keat.. One of my friend..
Fell down and hit the corner of the stairs at the small gate in front..
(His injury is just beside his right eye.. JUST BESIDE!!)
I was like quite blurr before that..
Because so suddenly people called me..
And I didn't know the reason..
I rushed there and helped him..
(That time I was so certain that I'm going to miss my first class for tuition.. And its true..)
Brought him to see a doctor..
The doctor damn nice..
Quite steady..
Gave him some injection..
Washed the cut injury..
Stitched 4 times..
Damn nice to see..
But still..
Feel sorry for that guy..

That's all I want to say..

Ethan's heart has been eaten by her..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday!!


Today is one of the best birthday I had..
Had some presents..

Forrero Roche?(forgot how to spell) (Sweetest chocolate I've ever tasted)
Gatsby Moving Rubber Wild Shake..(I'll used it when my hair is...(cough)... long)
Post it! (A post sticker.. Haha.. very useful..)
2 cards... (Creative and funny!!)

But most importantly.. I'm happy because you know.. I've confessed to Shen Xi.. Yeah.. It's her..
Told her that I like her.. 3 classes were there to see what's happening.. So many people.. Almost fainted..

People said that I have guts.. I say not.. Love can give you so much strength.. It just happened suddenly..

Hear ye, hear ye..
I won't be posting "emo" posts anymore..(except when something bad happens..)

That's all

Ethan's heart has been eaten.. By her..

Monday, May 4, 2009


Today, I heard something that is unpleasant to my ears.. She is not interested in all 3 of us.. Haha...

But after that.. I thought.. Shit.. I missed out 1 guy who she always sticks with..
But still, I'll be as strong as a mountain.. I like her right? I will not be shaken..

Turned out to be a useless person..
Failed in my love-life..
Failed to learn music at all(Which I'm really desperate on learning one)..
Failed on general knowledge(Daniel rocks!! I suck.. Which means I'm stupid)..
Failed on my studies(Form 4)..
Failed in my hair style(Don't want to talk about it)..
Failed in everything(This life sucks!!)..


2 more days to go...

My day is coming!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

If you think you're clever, read this...

Read this:

1. Keep reading on..
2. I think you're stupid.. Know why? Read on..
4. You are a noob!! I've skipped 3..
5. You're checking it..
6. You're smiling..
7. You're reading on..
8. You're still smiling..
9. Still reading..
11. I skipped 10, haiz..
12. WTF!! Why are you checking it again?

Still think you're clever?

Loving you..

Succumbed to you..
Holding on to you..
Even if I fail..
Never let you go..

X-tremely in love with you..
I'm hoping for more..

I love you..

Loving you is nice..
Opening your heart..
Vowing to you..
Ethan will never leave you alone..

You are my happiness..
Only you..
Urging my love for you..

(I don't even know what the heck I'm talking about..)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sorry Xin Di.. But I have to..

Haha.. Found this picture in Xin Di's blog...

What so special about this pic? look!!

Haha.. Now you know? Allister and Xin Di's pic is the best compared to other guys..
And you know what? This picture really shows something fishy about them..

EVERYBODY!! Explore Xin Di's blog and you'll see the pictures she took with other guys..
They are just normal..(they blocked something that is nice..)
But this picture...
It's so nice.. Because of the things at the back..
Still can't guess?
It's the bed la..
Really shows some relationship between them..
It will actually make you think:
"what are they going to do?"

"HUH!! Why are they sitting on a bed?"

"Why the heck is Allister doing, leaving 1 button on the shirt unbuttoned where it should be buttoned?"

"Where is Allister's hand? look at it!!"

To Xin Di and Allister: Sorry.. I've run out of topic.. But I really liked this pic.. Sorry for intruding your privacy!! Haha.. Please don't get mad..

5 More Days to go...

5 more days to the luckiest day of my life.(Hope so).. Still reminding you all to buy me presents.. Haha

I'm not ready yet to confess my feeling to her yet..
I guess it's too fast..
But I'm also scared of him..
I'm scared he'll move first..
I'm scared she'll accept him..
I'm scared that I'll cry..(I don't think it'll happen)

I just don't know why..
Can't take my eyes off her..