Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TARC life No.3

Okay everything seems to be fine today, excluding the part where HY were so stressed out all of a sudden about our Maths T2 lecturer. (OMG, why is she always the centre of attention in my blog? I must divert it back to myself again.)

She really hates that lecturer as she claimed that he cannot teach well enough. Well for me he's just okay, just that his way of teaching is so different and boring. He's currently the first teacher that appointed us to copy his notes about maths T2, and yeah, it's all the definitions of it. Not that it's useless.. But, can't he at least explain it in examples more often? We wasted most of our time copying those notes. I respect the lecturer of course, and I did understood what he taught. But too bad, HY cannot cope with that. So she's going to really complain about it(based on the 1st post, you should know what I'm talking about).

Hope that her bravery can help her find what she wants.

Okay, today we had another gossip.. About Suria. We teased him with Loka, as they were discussing homework together.. And now because of that, now He(Suria) "confronted" me in Facebook and "begged" me for not teasing him with any girls. Now he knows finally how much that I had suffered from the gossips eh?!

Today we only had 2 classes.. Cool right?! Almost every class canceled except Physics and Maths T1..

Physics class was interesting today, about vectors. but due to bad environment(the room only have lights, while fans and air-conds are not functioning. We changed to another better room but it's not cold also) I almost slept in the class. But Thank God I can understand what teacher had taught.

That's all for today~~

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