Friday, December 24, 2010

No Talent

Yeah he said I have no talent in music

I'm the one who lead the choir group in my school..

I'm the one using my hearing ability to improve and harmonise "stand by me" song for our grandmother. And the credit goes to the eldest among us siblings, my sis.

I'm the one who've not seen any songs tutorial and learn from them. I learn by music scores and no matter how I will follow that path.

I'm not even grade 1 yet, though I can't detect any chords for a song, I can play the full melody(original tone) by hearing and practicing just a bit. In fact, I can create my very own melody(Right Hand). This means that I can create songs! And I'm still just few months touching my piano.

If I managed to learn music in a proper way and to be exact, if I have been educated in music since I'm young.. I dare say that I might be another music prodigy in this world.

And to say that I'm not really interested in contemporary music, that I'm much more attracted to classics, but do you think a not-even-grade-1 fella can play all these songs? Susah nak harap la..

Quality is always better than Quantity. Though honestly my eldest sister knows how to play more complete songs than me, my tempo and smoothness of a song won't lose. Learning through music scores is a hard way than just follow a pianist's hand running in a piano on Youtube. But this will eventually pay off one day. While through scores, I will master sight-reading one day.. So don't think that early achievement will be far ahead compared to the slow one.

That's all.
Ethan Liew signing out.


Anonymous said...

jia you :)

Anonymous said...

I have faith in you :)
Just continue working towards your dream alright? :)


Anonymous said...

btw, follow me :P
can? :P

JoYee said...


Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

HY: Thanks
JoYee: Ohh you have my blog link? Thanks for viewing my blog.. =) You also have talent ^^ played so many songs in Youtube wo.. haha

Anonymous said...

You're like the fastest learner in music i can find. tee hee.

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

lol you've never seen me played piano also.. still sucky for now.. haven't continue piano lesson yet, too busy for now @.@

JoYee said...

hey I always check your blog when ever u update one you know XD

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

^^ thanks.. I do view your blog too =) not every updates la.. but I do.. XD