Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fun day

30th of November 2010

Today I went to college to do my group experiments with Hui Yee, Simone, Janice and Vivian.(The only guy here XD)

Yup it was fun, since I am the only guy there.. Got used lol. They asked me to use my MANPOWAA~(man's strength) to help them to collect soils. haha

Besides that, Vivian brought a 小强(xiu qiong, in cantonese, a name for cockroach) for the insect collection assessment. From that I realised how cute is a cockroach, despite how dirty it is. hehe

After the experiment, we went out for lunch, leaving Vivian alone =( (sorry Vivian XD) and played pool XD

On the way back, I went to KLCC to see whether the HTC HD7 are there to be viewed. Alas I saw one at the HTC store. The "promoter/manager/whoever he is" was holding one and I was like: "Whoah, is it THE HD7?" and he smiled nodding his head. My face was covered with smile when I saw how fast the phone is ^^ Definitely must win this phone in the contest! =)

I saw the iPad too~!! Wow I'm amazed at the smoothness of that device. It's so great I couldn't describe lol.

That's it for today..
Ethan Liew signing out.

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHA I can't wait for the next 'FUN' day XD