Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TARC life no.11

21th June 2010

Holidays are over and I'm back to college. Nothing much to say today, as I didn't talked much during class.

Today was my first guitar lesson.(sort of)
I told the receptionist I was listed as lvl 2 for guitar but I'm taking lvl 1. 1 of the teachers there told me to come back this Thursday for lvl 2 lesson and tried to shoo me away =.=" but after my nagging finally he let me in for lvl 1 today.. but just for 1 day.

The 1 hour of the lesson was okay.. Learned how to stretch my fingers and warming it up. Then Benjamin (19 year old lvl 1 guitar teacher) said I can enroll for lvl 3 already since I know quite a lot about basics.. even the Barre chords..

After the class I asked about it and that took them quite a long time to make a decision.. and alas, I'm in lvl 3 and my class starts today(22th June, It's past 12 am now) at 4.30.. So I got to bring my guitar to college again (and the only 1 to bring it.) =.="

That's all for today, Classic Liew here

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