Sunday, September 26, 2010

my phone...

As some of you guys out there who thinks I'm a mediocre at using my phone.. you might be wrong.. It's not easy to use my phone like you use Symbian OS(IF you don't understand what that means.. Turn on your old Nokia phones, including the touch-screens one and start looking at their displays!)

Some might think.. What's so good about my phone? but before I make any statements.. you must know my phone model is Xperia X1i which the model is some 2 years old.. Not Xperia X10 which is out for just a few months from now. Study more about phones before you simple assume something. my phone is considered very fast during those times.. and been compared with Iphone 3G by many phone-judges.

Okay, my phone carries a Windows Mobile 6.1 OS which is quite nice for the past years. But as you know.. Windows phones.. What do they do? THEY LAG THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR PHONES! literally.. Compared to the Iphone 3G which carries almost the same Processor speed and such.. and do stuff way more faster than my phone.

so yeah you think that's all? 6.1 is a total shitty OS with no customizations. It's like a Windows on your freaking handphone.. and with such a small 3.1" screen.. it's literally a nightmare.

So, I've done some research, and I found that xda-developers are amazing. what do they do? they do roms for phones (Which I bet you guys don't even know what are these for the phones).

And for the past few months.. I've been changing my phone into "other phones" and get the updates from the developers out there. Sony Ericsson is not good in providing good services. they gave us some firmware updates for the first few months and then? stops it and promote new phones for us to change. WTF? Even a Iphone 3G which is older than my phone can get iOS4 update.. Darn SE.

My phone can be modded using HTC's Sense UI(User Interface), Xperia X2 rom(which also means I turned my phone into an X2), Touchflo3D, Orange UI, and of course now.. Android which must be loaded through Windows! all these stuff requires some reading and risks.. phones might get bricked if you simply install a rom.

All these UIs and roms gives different feels and use for my phone. So yeah some roms might store taken pictures into the micro-SD card, and some into the device.

Yesterday my friends think I'm a noob just because I don't know which folder did I store the freshly taken pics. I installed this rom not very long ago so I didn't know they preset the location to the device instead of the micro-SD. so around 30-1 min search I can't find it in my micro-SD and my friends kinda laughed at me at my "stupidity of using my phone". It's not that I'm angry.. Just that I feel like telling them that they're so wrong.

Despite all the negative feedbacks on this phone.. I still love it. The design is nice, plenty of roms for me to try, and a full QWERTY keyboard.. Oh yeah!


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