Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TARC life No.6

31th of May 2010

We went for library after class ends just to wait for the meeting for SMS.

SMS? You: "Don't joke with me". Yeah I didn't. SMS stands for Science and Maths Society.

So, 5 of us(Suria, Noah, Simone, Hui Yee and I) chat about the most interesting topic; LOVE.

It's like, everybody has their own point on it. Glad I remembered some.

1) Girls got only 1 rule(From what the girls said): First Impression. If your First Impression to a girl is good, you're good to go for her. (I screwed up mine during the first day. I combed my hair all up, making me looked like an idiot, and I look like a Malay too. The 2 girls that were chatting with us said too bad for me. It literally means.. Tak Boleh Harap la..." =="

2) Boys likes to flirt with girls, even if they have Girlfriends. (Not really true, I think it depends on how his Girlfriend care about him.)

3) Boys will never tend to give up. (Yeap, but not entirely true though)

4) From girls: They would love to keep their boyfriend's email accounts, facebook accounts, Handphones if possible just to make sure their BF isn't doing something wrong towards her. (I would love to hand over those to my GF if I had one.. ^^)

That's all I can remember now..

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