Monday, April 26, 2010

I wonder?

Hmm.. I'm curious..
Why is it that some guys out there are just so free that they like to post some bullshits in my blog?
Are they gays?
Are they retards?

P.S: Thanks Bryan, now I know which place suits you now. Be with them and be retards together. It's so easy right? Since you live near them.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stay out from my life if you don't take me as a friend!

Yeap I said it.. Just don't be a stupid person wasting your time and strength trying to make me pissed.. Because now I can totally ignore you all already. To think that I once became so pissed at you. Yeap I cannot deny I am foolish that time to fell into your trap, but that's all.. No more from now on. You all thought that I'm worse than you all? Look at yourself.. what kind of achievements are you making? Wasting your parents money on your tuition and it didn't helped at all..

Laugh at my stupidity? You thought you're not? Wasting your parents money on your tuition fees and college isn't much of being a smart guy either. You didn't even realize that you don't deserved to be tutored.. If you're not interested to study.. then DON'T! There are plenty of people that needs tuition. But not you. Your parents can afford it, and you agree with it. What a joke! Look at your results! What kind of results did you got? Can you even apply for a scholarship? No?! Oh but you need to go college to right? So here comes more fees for your parents to pay.. What a fool you are.. Think of how your parents pay for you to go for better education.. I don't think you'll do the same to your kids, if you had one.(Really can't imagine a girl can fall for a guy like you.)I doubt that you can find a good job from your egoistic attitude. Your so called "Imma the ruler, you all are inferior to me" stuff doesn't suit in this society.

You think it's not important to study during secondary school? You will realize that you are so wrong. "It's no use to learn this thing la.. Do you know this? Do you know that? No?! You suck!".. Oh please.. Don't use what you've heard or learned to pawn somebody.. You don't even know basics and you're claiming that you're better than them. People don't learn B before they learn A. Even kids know how to learn and take it slowly. "Do you know how to do this? and how about that?" No hope for you, my "friend", Ya there may be some things that you can do but I cant.. But that doesn't mean what I can do, you can do it too.. even some things that you can do and you're trying to boast it on me, I can do it too.. You said you're getting stronger.. But for me.. You're just the same old you.. Nothings changed. I can still beat you if I'm out of patience.

Enjoying your life now? You think that you got life-long friends? You can even talk bad things about your friends.. Saying how bad and stupid they are.. But do you think that they'll not do the same to you? They're just like you. Your friends will back stab you anytime.

Tata! Hope that we'll never meet each other again.