Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stay out from my life if you don't take me as a friend!

Yeap I said it.. Just don't be a stupid person wasting your time and strength trying to make me pissed.. Because now I can totally ignore you all already. To think that I once became so pissed at you. Yeap I cannot deny I am foolish that time to fell into your trap, but that's all.. No more from now on. You all thought that I'm worse than you all? Look at yourself.. what kind of achievements are you making? Wasting your parents money on your tuition and it didn't helped at all..

Laugh at my stupidity? You thought you're not? Wasting your parents money on your tuition fees and college isn't much of being a smart guy either. You didn't even realize that you don't deserved to be tutored.. If you're not interested to study.. then DON'T! There are plenty of people that needs tuition. But not you. Your parents can afford it, and you agree with it. What a joke! Look at your results! What kind of results did you got? Can you even apply for a scholarship? No?! Oh but you need to go college to right? So here comes more fees for your parents to pay.. What a fool you are.. Think of how your parents pay for you to go for better education.. I don't think you'll do the same to your kids, if you had one.(Really can't imagine a girl can fall for a guy like you.)I doubt that you can find a good job from your egoistic attitude. Your so called "Imma the ruler, you all are inferior to me" stuff doesn't suit in this society.

You think it's not important to study during secondary school? You will realize that you are so wrong. "It's no use to learn this thing la.. Do you know this? Do you know that? No?! You suck!".. Oh please.. Don't use what you've heard or learned to pawn somebody.. You don't even know basics and you're claiming that you're better than them. People don't learn B before they learn A. Even kids know how to learn and take it slowly. "Do you know how to do this? and how about that?" No hope for you, my "friend", Ya there may be some things that you can do but I cant.. But that doesn't mean what I can do, you can do it too.. even some things that you can do and you're trying to boast it on me, I can do it too.. You said you're getting stronger.. But for me.. You're just the same old you.. Nothings changed. I can still beat you if I'm out of patience.

Enjoying your life now? You think that you got life-long friends? You can even talk bad things about your friends.. Saying how bad and stupid they are.. But do you think that they'll not do the same to you? They're just like you. Your friends will back stab you anytime.

Tata! Hope that we'll never meet each other again.


Zohan said...

Dude, what did Dan do to you this time? Chill a bit la. Whatever he did, im sure he was joking or just poking fun at you. Dont kill yourself over his humour, which I muct admit, is rather kickass. Anyway, just take his bullets with kevlar, im sure itll reduce the damage. Ciao, brotha.

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

LOL am I really writing about Dan? Hmm..

Anonymous said...

It is because I already do know that my friends will back stab me anytime I know what to do.

Not only that, I want to be a fucking programmer and I seriously think that stuffs like Malay Language, Moral or even History got to do with writing codes making programs. I always say that I rule this fucking universe because I know what's going on behind, thus only make effort enough for what I want, I'm not a fucking moron who would swallow the contents of hundreds of books to get around a hundred Aces for his result.

Look, on one hand, I gotta study like a bitch giving birth to 50 puppies to get 10 aces so that I can apply to study for my Computer Science.

On the other hand, I can just slack around, get a decent result and apply to study for my Computer Science.

I didn't need to do shit like transferring to different classes, fail to confess one's love to a girl, see another guy confessing to the girl and made her his girlfriend and eventually still only get 8 aces, not 10.

The resources in this world is limited. Things like petrol will deplete soon, so use it wisely. Wanna know why am I saying this to you?

You could have went to a school nearer to your home (like me), but guess what, you take a long trip to reach MY school, consuming tons of petrol over a year.

Anonymous said...

By the way, removing the previous or this comment means you have already lost, like one of those dotards.

Zohan said...
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Zohan said...

Honestly, I must admit that your post was kinda heartfelt and touching, but the post title was simple GAY. Try to repeat that line again and again and you'll see what I mean. Plus where'd did your camwhore pic go? I must admit its still kinda afro, reminds me of your true self. And one hot tip: Next time if you wanna "take" a photo (of yourself) as proof of you owning a phone cam, might I suggest you at the very least use a little more brains to take a pic of the phone cam ALONE without your fugly face (and hair) obscurring the view? It kinda distroys all forms of beauty you initially planned to project through the photo.

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

LOL?! It's because you're not me.. You don't know how important for some of us(definitely not you) to have scholarships.. Just let your parents feed you! You don't care about these things anyway.. Who would want to get more Aces if he/she wants to achieve higher education in a lower price so that they can get good jobs in the future? Oh come on.. Get a life and start living with the society like I said earlier!

Oh, congratulations! You're getting saner.. Although some part of what you say is true.. but you don't think about how your parents felt when you got those results. (Or maybe they don't even care, just like you..) What if your parents suddenly become jobless/idle and you can't go on with your courses? etc.(think yourself, there are plenty of them.) Do you think I would even study well if I'm sponsored fully by my parents to study abroad? I can even skip STPM now and go for medical course straightaway then. Because they can't afford it and so I need to achieve it myself by studying hard. Although I might fail.. But it's better than "never try"!

That's why you'll never will understand us scholars.. thinking all has been set up for you as you journey your life.

And by the way, from 2As becoming 8A's in just 10 months is indeed a satisfying result for me.. And my aim is also 8As.. So I'm pleased enough.. Oh ya, I always played dota during those time.. Just that I can cope with my studies thanks to my tuition centre.. At least it's better than someone else paying more tuition fees but ended up getting the same old disappointing results.

Ken: oops I did said I MIGHT post my 2nd post about cam-whores.. But I did not said I WILL post it.. And no, it's not a Camera-phone, it's a Windows Mobile to be precise. Like a mini laptop+phone together in 1 package. And I do like to take photos of myself now.. call me a cam-whore if you want..



Anonymous said...

shut up la went into to mofoness when you went to S1..wait no you were already a mofo when you were born.And please stop being a pussy and tell ppl straight up their face and not being like what happen to you and shen xi. You sucked at every fucking thing you do.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! being so stupid at what you do.At s3 who was the one that talk to you, who was the one that gave a fuck to you when you were talking bullshit allthe way. I think it was you who was backstabbing someone. Pls do be more specific when you talk bout someone* starring at you*. You think the ppl now that you're together wont to the same. They will but not as openly as he does it.So be greatful that we are telling your mofoness to everyone else

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

Oh hello Anonymous that commented me today.. I'm sure you're not the one I mentioned above.

1) Don't be such a coward so post your name please..

2) What you said doesn't make sense at all! saw that?! "AT ALL"!

3) Here comes 1 more fella trying to comment me about how I CONFESS to Shen Xi again.. Let me ask and tell you something: (let me point form it for you..)

a) Who the heck are you? Don't be a coward trying to pawn me but WILL fail eventually. Who's the pussy anyway?

b) Come on, support your statements buddy. You can't attack me by just saying you'll attack me, fully armored but you didn't have a sword? Learn how to offend and defend yourself please before thinking of posting these. let me give you some points for you to fight back. Tell me about my confession to Shen Xi. Tell me yours then let's compare. Tell me who am I backstabbing?

Anon said...

Your confession to Shen Xi suck. Everybody watching it like a thriller movie, glued to the seat till they shat in their pants. The climax became an anti-climax, you not only wasted people's time you actually embarrassed people that you love, what a cake.

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

Not a child in this world will say: "dad! or Papa!" before they can start saying:"da! or pa!"

Come on! It's my first confession to a girl by my own self without anyone's help.. Nobody is giving me the courage to do that! It's all on my own.

If there is a first step to this, the second step and the third step will be easier and better.

FYI, I did not asked you guys to watch my confession.. It's you guys who's busybody..

所以呢, 像你这样的人是不会明白我们。还有, 别以为我不知道你是谁。

Anonymous said...

wekk who is the real pussy..cant even confess to a girl plus breaking the relationship of wtf was that and who is the pussy. Look yourself int he mirror pls and btw bryan here. So come and pist me off and i hope you'll regret doing so. SO FUCK OFF!!!

Anonymous said...

I must conjecture, you did in fact sought solace in another person prior to your confession. Hence, by approaching people who seemed willing to listen and disclosing your hardship in confessing to others, you seek to veil yourself amongst the pseudo comfort emanating from others.

In layman terms, we call that "being emo (around your friends)".

Anonymous said...

Wait, speaking of which, I remembered you being emo around me while dota-ing at my house. Yea, every time you died, you face me and start asking me "Should I or should I not confess to her?" to a point I gave you a flower and do it yourself.

Yea, I read your reply about something like "People never call daddy before "da" or papa before "pa"". Well, you said that to make a point that you were preparing for the confession right?

I was pretty damn sure you had your preparation like 2 or 3 weeks before that, after all that was the time you come to dota at my house the most to relieve tension.

If you still want me to prove how pathetic was you, well, what about the sports day was it? The day you camped outside my house for around an hour or 2 begging me to open the door for you to dota (which I never bothered to).

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

Terribly.. I did suck in confessing.. So what? Everybody have their first try.. Unlike our friend Dan here stalking behind Michelle last time and suddenly tap her shoulders.. Which frightens her to death.. And the "da pa" thing.. It literally means you'll get more experience after you've confessed once and it'll get better on the second try..

Dan.. 2 hours of waiting in your house is not on Sports Day.. It's on a regular week days where I have to go tuition.. I'm waiting for Yee Kha's mom to fetch me. I'm just trying to go inside for a brief rest. 2 f***ing hours I'm without water and rest outside your house.. How pathetic are you to even dare to bring this up!

And BTW Bryan.. you don't own this blog.. I do.. So it's you who should leave.. not me.. What a joke man.. Feel pity for you.. Do you have memory lost or something while you're writing this comments?

Yes I did emo.. But there's not even a connection to my post here.. What are you trying to say then? Bring it up dude.. You're out of topic..

You all are getting lame guys.. Just like what Bryan said to me: "SO FUCK OFF!!!" I'm intending it to you all as well.. That's why my topic is this! You're not my friend so just leave.. Since I won't see you again for sometime (if possible, forever) anyway..

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

btw nick.. did Dan ever told you that he always called you a pussy etc etc as you're getting emo over WLG.. and that insult wasn't for awhile.. And btw.. I don't backstab my friend.. I'm more likely to backstab some schoolmates that are not considered as my friend.

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

oh ya Dan.. Since you like to talk bad about me.. Let me tell a bit about you then..

Hmm... Remember Wee Ern? Wow you did have a lot of unforgettable memories ay? Stalking her.. etc stuffs.. Wow it seems that I have the same thing too.. Hmm.. So that makes you just like me? But 1 thing for sure.. I don't RUN AWAY FROM THE GIRL I LIKE! It's like we bring you to her.. You ran like a Olympian.. Now that's funny..

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

Bryan: I did confessed to her face by face! I just didn't propose like Wei Khong does..

For your information, I did not break them up.. I wonder why do you say that? I was just emo for around 2-3 days and that's over.. I congratulated WK also and wished them all the best..

The reason of their breaking up..(From what I heard) is Pn. Chong told SX that she should focus on her studies first.. Dunno what happened then she rejected WK.. I am a victim dude.. Stop accusing without any proof or statements.

It's just that I'm alone with my confession and WK got friends to back him up.. I might suck a lot than him.. but I did had my try confessing to her in front of you all bravely. I'm not a pussy.. sms-ing "I love you" text to somebody I love.

Zohan said...

Tjun Git, I see after every sentence you've left 2 full stops instead of 3. Bravo! That's one step in the right direction. And btw, the term is known as 'PWN' not 'pawn'.

Zohan said...

I see you're still scared of Bryan, as usual. Don't get me wrong, but calling him "dude" all the time doesn't seem to be making him hate you less. Not even a bit. Plus your criticisms seem to be evolving slowly, that's good. But by going back to the very basics of grammar, I think the others' arguments have better content than your ones. To narrow it down, I guess its the core fact that I understand their language easier, coz you still have much trouble in being mean- thats so not in your nature, so id understand why you always keep losing to all of us so frequently in all of our debates. No offense, but really, this whole cyber duel i getting so fucking lame, starting from the very post. IT'S OVER. What has happened, has happened. Guys, how can the lot of ya still have fresh memories that all of us want to forget? Doesn't anyone here feel this topic is a little too overdebated? Its just too obviously boring.

Now lets all just agree to the facts that Im about to put down.
1) Tjun Git and Daniel fail at love.
2) Tjun Git gives more initiative into pursuing his love interests, compared to Dan, who is always too shy to do anything.
3) Tjun Git lives with his three sisters and has no brother, but that still doesn't change the fact that he fails to understand girls after such a goddamn long time.
4) Dan has a sister who is pretty much like mine; a lesbo. So that implies that Dan has 2 brothers, and no sister.
5) Both still fail under given circumstances.
6) Tjun Git somehow fails more as all his life, he doesn't even learn to understand girls thoughts and behaviour, even though he has a ridiculously oestrogenic-laden family. This obviously turns him into a fucking idiot.
7) Daniel always will fail at love, even in the near future as he often mistakes the word "love" for "rape". His mixed-up interpretation of words often lands him into a lot of trouble, so too bad for him la.
8) Much to our entertainment, both of them keep embarrasing themselves in pursuit of love, during our jolly good schooling days. Dan is always sporting enough to laugh at his own mistakes, and be a man at it but Tjun Git always takes them too seriously, and pussies out probably owing his over-sensitiveness of being brought up with three sisters. Man, i so pity you.
9) Tjun Git's very existence is a crime against nature, as he hasn't admitted that he's gay. Yet.
10) Based on his lack of childhood training, Dan never had the chance to really understand how girls like guys. He usually thinks a guy will fortunately end up in an awkward situation with a girl, and from there the plot development of a typical Japanese love manga comes into effect.
11) Both still fail at love. But, who cares? To us, the bystanders, the true pedestrians, the awesome-awesome spectators, nothing can be more entertaining than watching a moronic lovesick loser and an unfortunate misinformed pervert measure up each of their so-called achievements and compare each others' gains and losses. As far as we're concerned, this is just good enjoyable stuff that should never go to waste.

So let's fuck the facts and continue with this dick-measuring competition.

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

thanks for the word correcting "pwn".

First thing first.. I don't use bad words.. I'm just trying to be polite to you.. Bryan is my highly respected person among your gang.. I think of him as a friend.. But if he thinks the other way.. Let him be then.. I don't mind having another one against me. Just wait and see who are becoming retards at the end that's all.

Oh ya, I presume that you've told your family how selfish I had become now.. Good job!

It's 4 a.m in the morning now.. I'll just
cut the craps.. So now... JUST LEAVE ME ALONE.. We better not meet in TARC.

Thank you very much for your supports..

(Stop spamming comments in my blog.. You all are officially out of my life.. I'll delete whatever comments that you will post from now on.)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Zohan said...
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