Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Friends.. or Fiends?

Can't differentiate anymore.. Whether I should be a friendly guy anymore.. I'm quite tired now, tired of being friends with everybody else.. I don't know which place you all have put me into your hearts, but I'm sure.. I'm not as friendly as you all know I am.

My dad usually says: "Don't mix with bad influences", and I didn't, until now.. I know the friends that I just knew aren't very good both in behavior and in moralities, but unless they smoke or do anything that is illegal, I'm fine. But something keeps pressing to my heart, telling me to stay away from them as soon as possible.

I still miss my old friends. They're the one who can calm my mind and my heart. Although I did hate some few guys out there, but they indeed helped me a lot in my growth. I did hate Daniel, Kenneth and Nicholas once, but that was the past. At least they did not gave me some insecure feeling I have now with my new friends. They couldn't influence me to become a bad guy..

How I miss the old days now, as I can meet them, joke with them, play with them, and so on. But still we are separated from each other as I live far away from them. I can't always go there and have activities with them like they always can.

But back to the topic, can my new friends replace them? Or will they change me to be like them? I feel weak, none of these friends can help me to improve myself to be a better person, in fact, they might mold my personalities that I have build. Am I the only Christian within the gang now? Although there is one other girl, but she does not care about it. No one, no one can guide me already, just like Garry does in the past. Every mistakes that I made, Garry would correct me. Now? Even I want to correct my new friends, they won't even hear..(I think)

Let's see how long I could withstand this new waves. Hope it'll make me stronger.


Anonymous said...

Lol just remain optimistic and things will change for a positive turn ;)

Anon said...
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Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

oops.. ter-clicked delete.. sorry man..