Sunday, May 30, 2010


Today went to Giant and met Yee Kha and her siblings and her mom. Chat for a while with her mom about our studies and briefly about my life in my college. Pity Yee Kha cannot join me eh? haha.

Today also met Jia Lu(Rynnie) there. Nothing much.. Just waved at her and parted.

Can't seem to stop sending messages to someone. But sadly, she said I'm not her type. XD

Now rushing my homework(especially Chemistry!!)

Yeah, that's all for today.

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29th May 2010

I'm so happy today.
So happy
Too happy

Happy because I learned something new about music from my piano teacher.
Happy because I had the determination to do homework already.
Happy because I can relax.
Happy because I done few pages of Chemistry Tutorial book in few hours STRAIGHT.
Happy because I can chat with someone.

yeah, Today's one of my favourite day!

Ethan has eaten the ethane?

Friday, May 28, 2010

SJK(c) Yak Chee 6P year 2004 Gathering

28th of May 2010

Today went to IOI for my Brunch(Breakfast+Lunch)with Lucas Chong's family. Had Dim Sum until I'm full.(First time man, first time....)

Lucas and I chat a lot today. We actually seldom talk to each other because we have not much topic to talk about, unlike both of our parents.. They can talk non-stop! It's so good if I can be like my father. Haha

Then, my primary objective today is the Gathering. So before the Gathering starts, my family went for a walk in the shopping centre. And lucky me, my dad said I can buy some clothes! Oh yeah~! It's been a long time I haven't have new T-shirts. So I bought 3 cool T-shirts and 2 long pants. I'm happy for it. Thanks Dad.

3PM arrived. I went to Sense cafe and waited for them. Wai Keong and Yee Liang were there already.. So we waited for the others to turn up.

After that one by one they showed up and we started talking non-stop about our current life and so on.. It was quite fun hearing their stories and stuffs! Bernard and Yee Soon then went for Prince of Persia. =.=" And they forgot to pay their food and drinks! It was so funny~! I payed for them for awhile until they realised their mistake.. haha (I think Bernard still forgot about it~ Or did he actually paid for it? Cuz I know I payed extra RM8-9 for it) xD

Then we parted differently. Zi Yang, Zheng Yi, Kok Hong, Wai Keong and me went for pool. I'm totally new to pool, except the fact that I actually simply played it without knowing the rules before. Thanks to them now I know how to officially play it. It was quite fun, as I once got in 3 balls consecutively.

Nothing much to say after that. I bought a "Ciplak" watch that looks quite nice.. It'll accompany me to college for a while ^^

That's all for now!

Ethan has eaten the ethane!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

TARC life No.5

27th May 2010

Today, Mok and I arrived early in TARC as Biology class was canceled and thus we went for a tour in TARC and then we decided to stop at the canteen 1 for some refreshment. And then we met Jia Yu, Simone, Fu Hong, Bryan and Avin there. Simone was then shocked to see us as she thought we didn't know about the cancellation of the class. But then she added: "Today no physics class also la!!" =.=:

Then I contacted few girls about the same thing while they're on their way to TARC. It was so funny to hear their reaction on the phone. Then all of us agreed to study and do our weekends homework in the Reading Room in our school block. the starting first hour was quite serious, all of us taking our exercises and doing our homework. But later on, we were notified that our Physics are still ON!! We were like "OMG, what the heck is happening?! I thought it was canceled? AARRGGHH!!" We then quickly rush into the office(There were about 6 of us) and apologised saying sorry! to him. We should have sing "Sorry, sorry" by Super Juniors ya know~! He then accepts our apologies and didn't got angry about it.

=For the 1st time, Physics lecturer was smiling towards us!!!=

After that, I accompanied Hema and Caryn to look for 2nd-hand books sold near Canteen 2. Then halfway reaching there, a funny guy, named Yong Tien Shin without knowing what he is doing, came to me and rest his arm on my shoulder. I guess he's trying to make me angry but failed eventually. And he does not know shame, because my friend was with me and he's not even polite. I ignored him mostly and just left him be. He then said: " My next class still got a long time to go la.. I've no friends now etc etc".. Aww, I pity him. What a jerk that tries to piss me off during secondary school till present and now wants to be near to me. (If you want more information about this guy, feel free to ask me during class)

Maths T2 was quite fun today. We heard a lot of very very lame jokes from the lecturer itself until no one is laughing. Then when there is part when teacher explains about some theory about the topic that he's teaching, Ryan raised his hand and asked: "Teacher, will this come out in exam?" We all laughed until nobody's business.

After school, Me, Caryn and Mok went to the Music centre and registered for the instruments that we're going to take. Caryn is taking Keyboard while me and Mok will be taking Guitar. I wanted to learn Keyboard but they prefer us to have our own instruments and bring it there. So I went for Guitar instead.(Sorry Caryn, can't teman you luu~) Then I asked, should I go for level 1 classes in Guitar? and they tested my skills.

How good am I in guitar eh? I learnt guitar chords myself. So I'm very bad in it. The guitar teacher then said I'll be in level 2. ^^ Level 2!! Never thought I'm actually can skip 1 level! hehehe.
(Hope I can manage to save money for this.)

Noah, Hui Yee, Janice, Mok, my sister and I took LRT home together. It's the first time I'm taking LRT with a lot of my friends. xD

That's all for now. (I'm quite dizzy and tired now.. So my sentences are quite weird today. Hope you'll bear with me.)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TARC life No.4

26th of May 2010

Today's classes was quite interesting and easy to understand, though Biology was quite a challenge to be memorised. That's because I hate proteins, lipids etc etc.

Today didn't tease Suria but enjoyed a psychological fight with him. I was just looking at him and he went a bit panic as he thinks I'm going to tease him with ______(censored). While he too tried to do that to me too! And also, Suria is "jealous" of me as I am quite close to girls(actually not) and now might want to gossip about me and all other girls that I know.. hahaha =.="

Noah is just as cool as usual today.

Hui Yee acted just as herself except in Maths T2 class. It's like totally a different girl in the class you know? She just answered "understand" in an unusual way every time teacher asked us whether we understood the examples he showed. But slowly after that, she asked the lecturer a question and I was like LOL! Maybe she's starting to put hope again to him hopefully.

Simone? Nothing much to expect from her anyway. XD

Today there is a new student in our class, a girl, smart girl, who lives in OUG(close to my house area..), and very friendly and easy to be friends with. Her name is Janice Yeo Yin Torng.. (Now I realise that the 1st 2 name, Yeo Yin is my another friend.) Easy to remember her name~ ^^

That's all for today~

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TARC life No.3

Okay everything seems to be fine today, excluding the part where HY were so stressed out all of a sudden about our Maths T2 lecturer. (OMG, why is she always the centre of attention in my blog? I must divert it back to myself again.)

She really hates that lecturer as she claimed that he cannot teach well enough. Well for me he's just okay, just that his way of teaching is so different and boring. He's currently the first teacher that appointed us to copy his notes about maths T2, and yeah, it's all the definitions of it. Not that it's useless.. But, can't he at least explain it in examples more often? We wasted most of our time copying those notes. I respect the lecturer of course, and I did understood what he taught. But too bad, HY cannot cope with that. So she's going to really complain about it(based on the 1st post, you should know what I'm talking about).

Hope that her bravery can help her find what she wants.

Okay, today we had another gossip.. About Suria. We teased him with Loka, as they were discussing homework together.. And now because of that, now He(Suria) "confronted" me in Facebook and "begged" me for not teasing him with any girls. Now he knows finally how much that I had suffered from the gossips eh?!

Today we only had 2 classes.. Cool right?! Almost every class canceled except Physics and Maths T1..

Physics class was interesting today, about vectors. but due to bad environment(the room only have lights, while fans and air-conds are not functioning. We changed to another better room but it's not cold also) I almost slept in the class. But Thank God I can understand what teacher had taught.

That's all for today~~

Monday, May 24, 2010

This is so =.="

What to do? Thanks to the first post I made for TARC life people started to say that I like Hui Yee.(Read the first post if you don't know her!)

Hmm.. Do I like her then? can't really say a no for that.(I'm being honest) I admire her bravery, and she's the type of girl that I will like. But it's just 1 week since I know her, how can I possibly in love with her? NO way! And I'm taking STPM, I don't have time for these things. (I hope so)

And yeah, Simone was sick for a couple of days last week and didn't manage to attend school, and so suddenly Noah and the gang, for nothing, kept asking me: "Why Simone is sick ah? Go call her!" and etc etc. There started the gossip about me and Simone. Now Simone gossiped about me and Hui Yee, that's "great", really "great".

Now there are 2 Gossips about me.

This is how it started. Yesterday, Simone read my blog, commented on my fb saying that I like HY, and bla bla bla..

This morning, I text her warning her not to spread the meaningless gossip. But unfortunately she's a bit of a torturer. The more I says no, the more she'll say yes!

When I reached my class, the gang looked at me in a different way that I could easily notice. And I am correct, Simone told the gang, including HY. And funny thing is, they left a seat for me beside her. LOL to that. They are really good friends right? =.="

I'm tired this morning, because I slept at 1:30 a.m this morning and I need to wake up at 6:00 a.m and thus I'm not very cheerful as I always are during class. I was trying to concentrate on Miss Hee, my Bio lecturer but failed at certain part.(Bio Chapter 1 is sooooooo boring). So I'm getting more and more wasted and then my friends claimed that I'm getting moody because of the gossips. xD everything lines up beautifully.. Nothing to comment about it.

HY said she doesn't mind the gossips. But is it really the true voice of her heart?

Today Chem lecturer gave us A LOT of homeworks!! 8 pages of Tutorial questions which each page consist of around 20-30 stoichiometric equations questions. Nice right?

I'll stop for now..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

College Life Part 1

Never thought my College life would have been so much fun compared to Secondary school life..

Though I seldom do homework during school days.. I'm actually doing it now. Maybe because it's STPM for me, so I'll need to work much more harder.

The first day when I entered my Form 6 class, 11S2a from SPUS school of TAR College, I'm a total stranger to everyone. Nobody knows me, and I to them. But fortunately, some guy that I met earlier (We claimed to have known each other during the orientation week but we're not, funny right?) was in the same class with me. Noah (His name) really helped me a lot. He met some friends there too so yeah, I got to know them too. And there I met Suria too. He's a great guy, all hardworking and studying is his way. Simone is a direct and honest person, in her own ways though.. That makes her a bit of a scary person too~ At least I'm scared of her.. She like to say: "Sim!"(meaning Go Away) when she's doing or thinking something.

Noah and Suria is my current most reliable male friend that I can cling to in TARC.. They helped me a lot too cope with the surroundings too.. And my "perasan-ness" is coming back.. And because of that, I got to know more guys and girls in my class..

And one particular girl in my class(Hui Yee).. She's amazing! Her bravery really is undeniably great! Let me brief you about her:

1) During the Orientation week, there's been an close-up with the seniors of this school, so when there was time for some questions for seniors, she stood up and asked the question in a very loud and clear voice. All of us in the hall was like "Woah~! This girl is sooooooo brave~!" and she was alone when she asked this question.. nobody is beside her giving her the strength for this! Then she asked another one, and another one until she's pleased with it and sat down then.

2) She can approach to guys easily.. Guess she's more open than we guys do.. Even she said hello to me first before I knew her~ LOL

3) During Thursday, (which is the fourth day of our class) we had so much time after school so we went for lunch together with Suria and Avin(friend from another class). Then we decided to do homework and study together in Suria's house since it's raining. And yeah, there are a total of 5 boys and only one girl in the house, and we've just met for 3 days. We all stayed there for 2 hours.

4) She once intended to actually complain about how boring a lecturer was to the office. All of us said: "are you joking" and she said no. OMG

Imagine a girl being THAT brave, I kind of worried about her, as she's a pretty girl also. And since I have 3 sisters, I'm used to worrying about girls' safety. It's normal for me to accompany girls safely if they ask. I accompanied Gloria and Zhi Kuan (ex-schoolmates) before in LRT.. and sms-ed them whether they've reached home safely or not after that. I'm a good Samaritan ain't I?

We (as in me, Noah, Suria, Hui Yee, Simone, Hema, Muniye) always like to sit in front of every class, except a class which they claimed the lecturer was boring during the fifth day.

We usually have sweets with us during classes so that we might not get asleep. I'm scared we'll have Diabetes if we keep on doing that for a long term. XD

That's all I want to say for now. More updates will be posted every week hopefully.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jeon Ji Hyun and Park Shin Hye

Who do I really love? Can't really decide which to be placed first in my heart..


Watch Korean drama: "You're Beautiful!" or Korean movie: "My Sassy Girl" to compare!