Thursday, July 22, 2010

TARC life no.15

22th of July 2010

Today I'll just make it short..

During Chemistry Lecture class, ARRRGGHH!! Bryan suddenly said: "Hey Ethan, Joanne said that she loves you!" and everybody in the class.. including 11S1a and 11S2b were there.. and most importantly.. C was there too~! Damn.. =.="

Come on, it should be a joke I think.. But OMG so many people heard that darn statement.. Some cheered =.= How should I avoid this? T^T

And Joanne kept looking at me T^T and her smile towards me is so..... =.="
Totally freaked out.

After that we went for Maths T2 class, and unluckily Joanne sits at the left front of me.. and here goes again.. I kept trying to avoid her eyes.. Humans have Stereoscopic Visions.. and this really sucks when it comes to this.. She just kept on looking at me with a grin.. Oh shit I can still remember it =.="

Vivian is a hamster while Man Yi is a koala! ^^

Today's Chemistry R&C is so funny.. Bryan came into our class and we chat a lot ^^
Even after that Me, Simone, Janice, Bryan and Noah continued the topic lol..

That's all for now..

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