Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It was a great day,
Right before I have an injury inside my left ear...


So pain... So pain...
Do you actually felt the pain before?
When you're taking a bath...
Then you try to wash your injured ear...
Ouch... Everything seems like the end for my ear...
I thought... This is the end for my ear...
I'm going to be half deft...
What the...

So, when I tried to sleep...
From 9 o'clock...
But right until 10:17,
The water that I poured into my ear just now blocked the "airway"...
And I felt the pain...
Like the water is corroding my eardrum...
Pain like shit...

So I stayed awake... Waiting for the water in my ear to evaporate out of it...
Waited until almost 2 in the morning...
I cant stand it..
I almost gonna throw out;
I'm damn tired..
Only few drops of water coming out..
So I cant wait any longer...
I went to sleep...
Ignoring a little pain that trying to disturb my sleep,
I still go on...
And on..

Until 6:10a.m....
I woke up a while due to my alarm clock..
But my body cant..
My body cant move...
I'm still too tired..
I used up all my energy to fight against the pain...
So i went to sleep again...

Sorry guys..
Sorry I cant take class pics with you all..
Sorry I cant go for the meeting..
Sorry I cant interview the seniors and some juniors of MRC..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My sorrow

Why am I alone when I need people to help me?

I am not God,
I cant be Omni-potent;
I cant carry all my jobs perfectly.

I am not a messenger,
Bringing messages for you all.
For I am your leader;
That I should lead you,
To every kinds of rough roads,
To every tides of strong waves.

But now,
I am alone,
Fighting the Wicked,
My heart is crying;
Everything I do now is useless.
My companions are slowly fading,
To the other end of my road,
Which I will never go.

I need you all,
To support me,
To help me,
To find me when there's anything
For I am not always free,
For I am walking to the road of the Higher.

I am tired,
Tired of fighting.
My young ones,
Go now and live peacefully,
For I and the Wicked will go to the road of the Higher,
Leaving you all without sorrow,
But with joy a bountiful.
I hope there is no more,
No more Wicked lies within your clan.

I am fighting with the Wicked,
For he is my greatest enemy,
For he betrayeth my belief in him;
For he wants to exceed me;
For he wants to overthrow me;
For he wants the throne;
The throne of My life;
The crown of My Soul.

I am sad.
I am alone.
My heart is pounding with bitterness,
My bosom feels the eternal pain,
For every pound aches.
I hope that I will be saved,
By my companions.
But I know it won't happen.
For they all have left me,
Enjoying their life;
Having pleasure,
For they need not to fight against the Wicked.
I am the One,
That the Wicked take interest of.

(To Be Continued...)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunway is fun?

Yo, long time didn't see me blog? of course... This few months i was....books...games....books...BSMM...games...books... haha, i lost count...

So, during Tuesday... It was our class trip to Sunway Lagoon to have some fun and some photos for our school magazine... But who cares, the primary objective is to hang around with friends..

I went to school at about 7:30 a.m. and i thought i would be the first who arrive there... Then my pride has gone when i saw Chen Shin who was waiting at the bus stop... Then I saw Thomas... It was about 7:45 so we went for tea... We should be gathering at 8:00 as told by Amalina and Winnie... But they're the one who was late... 5S2 and 5S1 also joined us... The bus moved at around 8:40 I supposed...

We arrived... and we thought:"finally we are getting some fun." until we saw the board notifying:" Sunway Lagoon Operating Hours: School holidays 10:00"
so we waited again.. Then I saw Steven.. with a girl... What The... His girlfriend?
He actually bring someone? Then....................
His sister... she is actually his younger sister... No one would recognise her as his sister... Almost all of us was :"No way she's your sister!!"
Her sister was actually going out with her friends in Sunway Pyramid later...
But I had an experience seeing that Steven was so concerned of her sister.... When he is going to leave her alone in Sunway Pyramid... Maybe Christian Family IS like this... Maybe I will too if my sister gets older... Making sure that nobody hurts her.... Maybe... After that we went to Sunway Lagoon..

I can't say that Sunway Lagoon is fun, but we manage to gather some laughs... We went for dry park first of course... We, as in Me, Steven, Chun Hoe, and Ti Hau stick in every game we ever played there.. Although Chun Hoe didn't play any extreme games...

Then we went for wet park.. DUH!! We boys of course will strip our shirts off!! These are called boys... unlike some... who dislike going to wet themselves up..Haha.. So.. we helped them a little.. by dragging them down to the pool... You should imagine how they looked like...

After we have fun, we went for luch in Sunway Pyramid.. Ate in the restaurant called Gazoline... Food is affordable and eatable... but it didn't suite my palate... but who cares... we must fill our tummy... FOR HUNGER!!!

Nah!! nothing to say.. After that we went to Popular bookstore.. Shu Yi took some pics with us... Guess who was inside that pics beside me and her? Of course Chun Hoe was inside.. Haha.. too bad he didn't cherish the moment when he had the time to take the pics with her alone... He dragged Ti Hau into the pic... What a.....

Thats a wrap.. we went back home after that... So my conclusion to Sunway is, this place isn't as much fun as it seemed... But we had some fun during this trip... Maybe because this is my first time going somewhere nice with my friends....