Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Attention everyone!

This is not a funny moment.
44 deaths had been confirmed today in Malaysia by the cause of Influenza A virus. 2000++ have been contaminated.
Some of you all might think that it is still safe, the virus haven't reach our school yet, but please be aware of your health and take care of it. It is your life that you're holding now. It's either you want to wear a mask or not, you can make a difference.

Why should we wear masks?
It may look weird in the first place, but look at the bright side everyone.

By wearing a mask, whether you're sick or not, it shows that you care for your own life and others as well. It's because you won't know when you're going to get sick, and you'll carry the virus along with you. When you make contact, either talking, shaking hands, hugging each other, kissing and etc, you're spreading it to your friends and family. Is this how you care of your friends? By sharing viruses to them?

Thus, wearing a mask prevents you from touching your nose and mouth so that your hands will not get dirty. Besides that, when you talk to your friends, it prevents your saliva, bacterias to be come out directly from your mouth.

If everybody is wearing a mask, it will lower the percentage of contamination and contagion among us Malaysians, so please all of you who read this post, start thinking about others and yourself and wear a mask everyday when you go out. You will truly save someone if you help spread this news to your friends.

Help pray for the patients that are suffering from H1N1 virus. Thanks.

Ethan Liew Tjun Git

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Was told to update..

Wow! I didn't knew that people do really care about my blog.

A lot of form 2-3 girls know about my blog. And of course, they know who I like thanks to what I wrote on the blog. They asked for more! So I'll give them more.

Okay, these days I've been studying(so-called) and kinda sad in sort of ways. During Thursday 2 weeks ago, something big happened. This "something" made me fall in the midst of failure. My love life really sucks.

I like her, Thomas like her, Juede might like her last time, And of course, Wei Khong, who got her.
(And please.. Don't say: "You can't use the word like on humans la! Only love is allowed to be used," Seriously I'll kill you. Because that English teacher sucks although my English is bad. I'll explain it next time.)

Now, trying to find a new one. But seems like I really can't do it. Because I think my time is coming to an end. Plus she is still in depth of my heart, really really hard to erase it, but I'm trying, just trying to forget it. Forget how beautiful she look when she smile towards me; the look when she laughs; the look when she is alone, thinking really deep on something.

Okay, now let's put that aside.

Today, I almost caught in a fight with Indians.
They stole a snack from the form 2 girls which are my BSMM active members.
So when I went there, the girls went to me and hoped that maybe I could help them. And I did.
I went to the Indians, being alone.(The girls are really scared, Haiz.. So, I have no backup.)
And so I went scolding them non-stop. They also replied to my scolding, so it's like: "wanna fight ah?! Coming here alone and scold us?! Stupid fella!" They tried to deny they took it. But at last they finally admit it, but in an unsatisfied way because I'm so disturbing. Cool eh? They paid back the money for the snack. The Form 2s finally got back their faces, and I gained some experience on scolding Indians. Last time I do scared of them. Because they really dare to fight if they want to.

That's all for now.