Saturday, July 24, 2010

TARC life no.16

23rd July 2010

Hmm... Can't recall what had happened during Friday.. But I just remember that I'm sick =.="

Flu and sore-throat.. and a bit dizzy so I suspect I had fever.. But nothing major.. Focused on Chemistry and Physics.. so after that my brain cannot cope and I slept during Bio class.. for 20 minutes or so..

Got my Handphone back~! Love my Xperia.. too bad the service wasn't good enough.. The signal problem haven't been completely solved.. but I'm satisfied anyway.. At least the signals are still there and I can make calls..

Starting to port Android on my phone today.. Wish me luck.. ^^

Hate Flu~ Throat infection

SICK!!! Will update my TARC series tomorrow ^^

Thursday, July 22, 2010

TARC life no.15

22th of July 2010

Today I'll just make it short..

During Chemistry Lecture class, ARRRGGHH!! Bryan suddenly said: "Hey Ethan, Joanne said that she loves you!" and everybody in the class.. including 11S1a and 11S2b were there.. and most importantly.. C was there too~! Damn.. =.="

Come on, it should be a joke I think.. But OMG so many people heard that darn statement.. Some cheered =.= How should I avoid this? T^T

And Joanne kept looking at me T^T and her smile towards me is so..... =.="
Totally freaked out.

After that we went for Maths T2 class, and unluckily Joanne sits at the left front of me.. and here goes again.. I kept trying to avoid her eyes.. Humans have Stereoscopic Visions.. and this really sucks when it comes to this.. She just kept on looking at me with a grin.. Oh shit I can still remember it =.="

Vivian is a hamster while Man Yi is a koala! ^^

Today's Chemistry R&C is so funny.. Bryan came into our class and we chat a lot ^^
Even after that Me, Simone, Janice, Bryan and Noah continued the topic lol..

That's all for now..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TARC life no.14

21st July 2010

8:10am - 9:00 am

I was late to Physics Lecture class. Though it's not that late but.. I'm still late. It's always will be like that if it's raining. Gonna plan to stay there then.. hmm...

Physics Lecture is so fast today.. I can accept most theory but some.. Just don't understand some things.. I need further 1 on 1 question and answer session from teacher to understand.. If not.. I'm surely dead.. DEAD!!

9:00 am to 10:00 am

PA Karangan class.. Got a presentation performed by Fu Hong and Hema.. Don't understand why only Fu Hong the only 1 doing all the talking =.="

I kinda asked him some stupid question that caught him a bit.. XD

Charmaine is kinda interested in Bible stories.. I should tell her about it more often then.. hehe (Mok!! Don't be freaking jealous~)

10:00 am to 11:00 am

Maths T1 lecture.. are always that good hehe... Damn funny lar.. and we enjoyed and learnt something at the same time.

11:00 am to 12:00 pm

I think I got totally no interest on Biochemistry at all.. It's so erm... Boring T^T

Hope I can push myself harder then.. Been telling stories to Charmaine.. Thanks Wen Ying for helping to explain also.. hehe


Osaka Oyuro, This particular so called erm... the Sassy Girl a.k.a "Stitch" really kacau me until =.="

I feel molested T^T
I feel bullied @.@
I feel kesian #.#

I saw girl C at canteen.. can't stop looking at her XD
my eyes will just turn there no matter when I'm eating, talking or doing something else.. Even when Joanne bully me that time =.="

had a close look on Hui Zhen, Joanne and Ah Ying~ today.. found that all 3 of their skins are kept well.. good ah.. haha..

Taught them all about Biology Assessment.. I sounded like a pro then.. haha

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

PA kenegaraan.. Laughed a lot during Ms. Jacqueline's class.. I always like to say CSL in front of teacher.. her face will straightaway change XD
Simone and I talked about ehem... certain stuff hehe.. And LOL suddenly Ms. Jacqueline said "Tjun Git, janganlah mengurat Simone.. Simone ialah Guy-Eon punye!" I laughed so hard ^^ Simone was totally innocent that time >.<

Getting my X1 back on Friday.. Hope they did not change any parts of mine with a ciplak 1.. I'll definitely kill them.. Definitely

Classic Liew out

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TARC life no.13 + add ons ^^

20th of July 2010

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Maths T1 was okay.. Love how our teacher joke LOL.. Super lame but super fun haha.. Everybody seems to got shocked by my new hairstyle.. Bzzz..

9:00 am - 10:30 am

Biology practical Assessment.. Thought it was hard but it's still fine.. My records for my experiments are so constant.. it looks fake =.=" Hope teacher know it's true lol

Was taking too serious about it.. too concentrated into the experiment.. made my brain tired faster than usual.. =(

11:30 am - 12:10 pm

Chemistry practical.. ^^ it was fun... I like to cheat my records hehe.. and thus I can finish it off early today and went to lunch earlier than usual ^^V

sadly, everyone didn't told me where they were heading to.. One said they're heading to canteen 1 so I went there.. Too bad they changed plans and head to canteen 2 instead.. Poor me eating there alone T.T

It's alright.. Since I'm trying to save money >.<

Exra time - 2:00 pm

Revised physics, went to study room and sleep.. but before that I went teasing Surya and quite a number of girls.. LOL imagine how he got irritated by me ^^ (that's for teasing me and Hui Yee yesterday! Yay~! XD)

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Physics lecture.. That Hui Yee.. suddenly changed her seat with Ung Yee (wow it rhymes XD).. and thus made me feel erm.. blur? >.<"

80% concentrating on Physics.. 20% gone to somewhere =.=" (still understood what teacher taught of course.. But only 1 thing I kinda blur.. gotta ask teacher tomorrow.. ^^)

Sometimes questions that were asked by me is totally what Ung Yee wanna ask too.. and same case for me with her questions.. I wonder why other people didn't ask those questions? Do they really get what teacher teach? ^^

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

PA1 tutorial class.. Phew I pass my PA test.. so happy hehehe.. Hope I can do much better in test 2.. Created new animal names for our fellow friends.. Hui Yee (rabbit).. Hui Shan (Panda).. Yee Meng (Zebra).. and of course not forgetting our infamous Beaver (Sin Hui).. ^^

That's all in TARC life today..

time for add-ons..


Me and Mok were on the way home and we experienced that there's 1 LRT door that cannot be opened.. So we really don't care.. Then until the next train station.. some people waited for the door to be opened while other doors were opened.. They didn't notice a thing (so blur) and kept on waiting.. So as the good guys, we were just inside the door.. waving at them like monkeys doing their dance and show them that the other doors were opened =.=" It was so funny~! hehehe

Then the most funny part came.. A Malay woman(I'm not racist!) stood up and got ready to go out from the train from the same door =.=" and again as a good Samaritan I politely smiled at her and said: "erm.. Pintu ini tak boleh bukalah." I know my Malay sucks but she understood it well.. First she though okay I'm telling the truth but when the part that I smiled at her.. She then thought that it was a prank by me.. and then she said: "yakah?" and some mumblings showing that she doesn't believe me haha.. So I said: "tengok dululah.. tengok dulu.." with a grin.. making her more uncertain.. (I'm a pro.. I know.. haha)

But before reaching the station.. My heart was pounding with a faster pace.. who knows whether suddenly the door will work fine when it reaches there? I will be damn shy if I was wrong..

And the result is.. It didn't open.. That women that stood near the door knew she was wrong and didn't even dare to talk to me, taking her children out from the LRT at the next nearest door as fast as possible.. And I laughed so hard LOL Mok laughed too hehe.. And some of the bystanders laughed along =.="

Dad's Birthday was today so we celebrated it in a nice restaurant and a cake ^^

Monday, July 19, 2010

TARC life no.12

19th July 2010

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Chemistry class. Mr. Low brought the test papers and distributed it back to us.. My results aren't that good.. But still satisfied I think.. 1 thing is I lost to Mr. Digi T^T

Hui Yee got 100 for it.. OMG I must beat her! XD

9:00 am to 10:00 am

MUET class. Miss Christina asked us to complete the tutorial that she gave last week.. and she called few of us to show our answer on the board. Sadly I was one of them =.="

My answer was quite short so yeah, I've been waiting for Ms Christina to really talk bad about it.. She was laughing all the way when I posted my answer.. She even cut down a small space for me to post my answer lol. Then I went to the whiteboard, and start writing new answers XD

^^ She corrected a bit of my mistake and said my answer is short but nice! Woohoo! Happy~ hehe

10:00 am to 11:00 am

Chemistry Lecture. We arrived there late but when I went in.. The first thing I see.. XD (you know what...) Mr. Low... (What were you thinking?) LOL

Thank God he haven't start yet.. Everyone were seated except for our class =.="

Saw Ung Yee with her new hairstyle.. *2 thumbs up* totally a new image XD

Concentrated a lot during Chemistry class.. Just don't understand why Chemist wants to invent that cubic system =.="

11:00 am to 12:00 am

PA class. Nothing much.. Just like to kacau Charmaine and Wen Ying hehe.. Since we're same team for PA.. I got to sit with them.. So what to do? kept disturbing them lo.. Charmaine made the fake angry look.. LOL so cute~ Mok will surely like it hehehe


Met Zhi Kuan and Siew Yin and their friend, Winnie.. We ate our lunch together.. though I became their butler for a while XD we had fun.. talking about my love life =.="

Swimming Session

Swimming is fun~!!!!

That's all for now.. Classic Liew out

Sunday, July 18, 2010

No Mood to keep my blog updated like last time..

Feels bored nowadays to post my usual TARC blogs..


Will try to re-open it soon.. Stay tuned~

Friday, July 16, 2010

Not again.. T.T

It's already been a couple of times, when I see a girl that's too nice (both pretty and good behaviour).. I can't freaking talk to her.. Haiz..

Monday, July 12, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Ah~ Everything went just as I wanted.. Except I got 2nd place for the telematch this morning.
Our team should have gone first~! I mean for real! 6 points is very easy to be gained.. (I'm a kia-su fella ^^)
Section C (Word Building) we still have a lot of time but our seniors kinda asked us whether to stop or not and we agreed to stop~
if our team didn't agreed by then, more words should have been formed by us~ T^T (Former Scrabbler ya know! XD)
our team got "aeosyzp" and the letters are repeatable.. so yeah I made quite a few words that they don't understood too XD

euouae is a very nice word.. I knew the meaning before but forgotten because I'm not playing scrabble often already  =.="

Totally enjoyed today~ My team is the best~!! (Jun Tian, if spelled correctly; Hong~; Guy Eon, Ung Yee(finally got her correct spelling XD) and of course.. me hehe

Ung Yee is a nice girl XD and of course not forgetting the other girls hehe

Classic Liew out

Friday, July 9, 2010

In the mood to study?

Nah,, Still haven't stretch myself to the maximum~! OMG OMG OMG

Damn why am I the only one who appreciates and loves classicals among my friends?
Ah well, they just don't know music. Such a pity.

Added some new classical in the mixpod, feel free to hear and enjoy~!

Can't stop doing something.. Just too succumbed to it.. Aarrgghh! should I continue?~

I love Physics~!! Although Mr. Ng (Physics lecturer) actually quite bad in replying people's questions, but he's very good in teaching Physics. I can totally understand what he was saying!
For the first time I did not feel bored in Physics classes all the way until now! Thanks Mr. Ng

Today quite a few of my friends laughed at me for bringing my grade 1 theory test paper and doing it. Although they're grade 6 and some way above, I don't really care..
Maybe one day I can even surpass them eh? XD

Nowadays quite a few people like to share their problems with me. I'm really that trustable eh? But can I trust what you all told me? For me, if you were gossiping about another person, I can't trust you all completely but I need to see it in my own eyes.

That's all for now~