Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oh oh..

Today went to Kasturi with my 2 of my great friends.. Shen Xi and Yee Kha.. How I missed them before I met them today.. Yee Kha looked just as good looking as usual.. and of course Shen Xi is still as gorgeous as she smiles.. (electrifying!!)

But too bad I cannot try their class.. so I just went to PC fair.. Silly me thought the PC fair was at PWTC so I went there.. and what I see there was printing machines etc fair.. LOL so I went to KLCC then and got there too early.. =.="

I was the first visitor to get into the pc fair today!! oh yeah I'm so proud.. though there might be hundreds behind me.. I quickly walked as fast as I could to the hall XD

Today I tested few phones.. but finally it all comes back to my Xperia X1.. Though my X1 is not as fast as theirs.. the functions of my X1 is still the best.. what you want X1 to be.. X1 can be! ^^

Overall Pc fair is still the same.. nothing special..

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