Saturday, November 6, 2010

Damn I really need a new phone..

6 September 2010

I love my phone, my Xperia X1, but I need to move on.. So I've been working hard on the Windows Phone 7 contest. Trust me, you wouldn't know I would send 1000+ friends about this right? @.@

So now I'm half dead, dad knows I'll lose my scholarship. Hmm.. I wonder how many more people will experience the same? even people who REALLY study got 55 marks for Biology, I can't imagine mine =.="

Will soon try to install ROMs for Ms. Simone's HD2, hmm.. kinda pressured though, just because it isn't mine, so I'm kinda scared of bricking her phone.. Wish me luck! I got to do some reading about it first LOL

I feel like stopping something, because my true passion isn't that. I once said I liked the other one, but obstacles blocked my way, it prevented me to fly further. Who knows? I might soar way beyond if I try..

Ethan Liew signing out

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