Thursday, May 27, 2010

TARC life No.5

27th May 2010

Today, Mok and I arrived early in TARC as Biology class was canceled and thus we went for a tour in TARC and then we decided to stop at the canteen 1 for some refreshment. And then we met Jia Yu, Simone, Fu Hong, Bryan and Avin there. Simone was then shocked to see us as she thought we didn't know about the cancellation of the class. But then she added: "Today no physics class also la!!" =.=:

Then I contacted few girls about the same thing while they're on their way to TARC. It was so funny to hear their reaction on the phone. Then all of us agreed to study and do our weekends homework in the Reading Room in our school block. the starting first hour was quite serious, all of us taking our exercises and doing our homework. But later on, we were notified that our Physics are still ON!! We were like "OMG, what the heck is happening?! I thought it was canceled? AARRGGHH!!" We then quickly rush into the office(There were about 6 of us) and apologised saying sorry! to him. We should have sing "Sorry, sorry" by Super Juniors ya know~! He then accepts our apologies and didn't got angry about it.

=For the 1st time, Physics lecturer was smiling towards us!!!=

After that, I accompanied Hema and Caryn to look for 2nd-hand books sold near Canteen 2. Then halfway reaching there, a funny guy, named Yong Tien Shin without knowing what he is doing, came to me and rest his arm on my shoulder. I guess he's trying to make me angry but failed eventually. And he does not know shame, because my friend was with me and he's not even polite. I ignored him mostly and just left him be. He then said: " My next class still got a long time to go la.. I've no friends now etc etc".. Aww, I pity him. What a jerk that tries to piss me off during secondary school till present and now wants to be near to me. (If you want more information about this guy, feel free to ask me during class)

Maths T2 was quite fun today. We heard a lot of very very lame jokes from the lecturer itself until no one is laughing. Then when there is part when teacher explains about some theory about the topic that he's teaching, Ryan raised his hand and asked: "Teacher, will this come out in exam?" We all laughed until nobody's business.

After school, Me, Caryn and Mok went to the Music centre and registered for the instruments that we're going to take. Caryn is taking Keyboard while me and Mok will be taking Guitar. I wanted to learn Keyboard but they prefer us to have our own instruments and bring it there. So I went for Guitar instead.(Sorry Caryn, can't teman you luu~) Then I asked, should I go for level 1 classes in Guitar? and they tested my skills.

How good am I in guitar eh? I learnt guitar chords myself. So I'm very bad in it. The guitar teacher then said I'll be in level 2. ^^ Level 2!! Never thought I'm actually can skip 1 level! hehehe.
(Hope I can manage to save money for this.)

Noah, Hui Yee, Janice, Mok, my sister and I took LRT home together. It's the first time I'm taking LRT with a lot of my friends. xD

That's all for now. (I'm quite dizzy and tired now.. So my sentences are quite weird today. Hope you'll bear with me.)


Anonymous said...

I learned Guitar Chords from NS. I just don't feel like showing it off.

Anonymous said...

Why not clear your misunderstanding with the mentioned "Yong Tien Shin" once and for all?