Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fuyoh!! Another Competitor, I suppose...

Since today Kenneth ask me to write an “emo” post..
Guess I’ll write one then..

Competitor? Or is it an oppression?
He’s just too near to her..
Even Thomas can’t bear to see it too!
None of us,(Me and Thomas), tried to get so near to her..
Unlike him..
Who did these..:


This is the first time I heard Thomas supporting me..
Asking me to go near her and talk to her..
WTF right?
But he is sad himself also..
Most probably..

Finally, she's starting give some response to me..
But it’s still early to assume anything yet..
So I’ll be waiting..
Like an alligator waiting for a prey..
Watching every movement that she makes..
I know.. I’m a horrible man..
A guy from the abyss..

Her pupils shone like pearls..
Her specs.. clean white..
Her face.. as beautiful as she can be..

Yeah.. You know what?
During after school..
I saw him walking with her..
Laughing and smiling..
Which you know, makes me jealous of..
As always..
But my friends told me..
He purposely walk behind her..
Staring at her butt..
When she’s walking down the stairs..
So, you know..
It kind of pisses me off..

But still.. Thoughts came to my mind
Will she like him?
Will she like him?
Will she like me?
It's different, you know?

And ya.. Today I might post my second post of “Pictures and Words that I hate”..
So stay tuned..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pictures and Words that I hate a lot...

Yeah, it's true... I hate a lot of pictures that people like...

They think that they're cool if they take this kind of pictures.. In fact, they're not..

Do I need to show you how to take a picture? Okay.


1) Please look at the camera, damn it.

Get it? Don't like it? You can do some hand signals like "peace" and any other things... It's still acceptable, for me... Example:

Okay? Understand how to take a picture? This is what we should do...

But... Nowadays "guys" and "girls" are so so called "photogenic"... They think pictures like this would look nice...


Guys... They think they're so cool.. Looking sideways.. Making it a bit blurrish.. Acting the "emo"-ish kind... Haiz... And they actually set their hair just to take some photos... WTF right? (In this example.. I did not set my hair.. It's just too stupid to do that... I wonder who actually done this before?)

See? this is how they take photo..


Come on... They do posts... Crazy posts... I almost puke when I see this...

See? Are they trying to act cute? Oh please.. Cuteness is derived from inside the character... Not by the looks.... How about this?

This is simply mental retardness.. Why do you even put "peace" to your mouth? That's why I hate people like this.

Ya.. By the way... What I dislike about Words as mentioned above... Is...

I ReAlLy HaTe PeOpLe WhO AcTuAlLy WrItE LiKe tHiS!! JuSt lIkE DaNiEl DoEs!

& of cours3 p30pl3 who wr1t3 l1k3 th15 t00!!

Do YOU understand?

Happy? not? Who cares?

Am I happy?I should be happy, right?

She forgave me.But the condition becomes even worse.

Should I talk to her?I'm scared now..

It's hard to converse with her..

I'm getting further from her..

Should I keep buying Mentos?

It's useless now..

Now I'll stop for a while..

Although I'm the Mentos guy..

But still, I'm done..

Getting emotional?

Yes, actually..

But it won't stop me from being a good friend..

I'm sorry to those who care..

I'm coming home..

Thanks for your comments,

especially Nick and Kenneth for telling me That I'm an Emo asshole..

But I'll still like her..

As usual..I'm confused..

Why so suddenly?

I don't know what is she thinking of..

If she's telling me to stay away..

I will..As her wish..

But now,

I'll concentrate on my studies 1st..

And who knows..

Maybe 1000 girls will like me in the future?

I guess I'll stop now..

Hope I'll get what I want next Wednesday..

For it is my birthday..

(It's a hint for you... BUY PRESENT FOR ME!!!)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Officially Blocked

She blocked me... She blocked me... She blocked me... She blocked me... from messenger.

I'm now so blind...
I can't see the world..
I'm lost..
I'm clueless..

It's just 1 stupid conversation that I called Yi An a "small kid". Then.. this happens.. I was just playing around as usual.. But what happened now.. This is way beyond my imagination..

I'm sad.. I felt I'm so stupid.. Then I search for her hotmail account... I found out... Her past...

She's hurt..
She's sad..
She's afraid..
She's broken hearted.

So, what shall I do? I can't make a move yet.. There's a slash in her heart... Now I'm totally blank on what I want to say... I'm trying to hold my sadness from my face.. I don't have mood now to write on... Although I got plenty of things to tell..

Xin Di!!

Here's a song for the birthday girl today.. Xin Di!!

"Bah Bah black sheep have you any wool?
Yes sir, Yes sir, 3 bags full..
1 for my Xin Di and 1 for Xin Di..
And 1 for the little girl who name's Xin Di."


Okay.. Here's my song for you..

"Happy birthday to you...
Hope you'll be with Bah Bah!
Hope you'll stay together forever..
Happy Birthday to you!"

Note: Xin Di, if you see this... Please don't be angry... It's a joke, okay?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Today, my blog will host a special event.. I will sing a birthday song to Yi An.. Happy birthday oh!!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Yi An,
Happy Birthday to you..

Hope you'll have a nice party... Enjoy your 14th birthday, girl-woman.. Haha..

Emo a lot now..

I am getting more and more emotional now.. Hope you guys and girls out there will forgive me for I have been so emo..

The Smiles and Laughters of hers

She is sweeter than anything I can ever describe..
She is as beautiful as the creation of this world..
She is as kind as a person can never be..
She is as nice as the Good Samaritan..

Her smiles.. Brought me a new life..That I longed for..
Her smiles.. Are my strength that keeps me alive..
Her smiles.. Are as pure as snow white alone..
Her smiles.. Are the key for me to smile too..

Her laughters brings me joy..
Her laughters brings me soothing effect..
Her laughters brings me hope..
Her laughters brings me love..

Friday, April 24, 2009

Is Liking Someone Nice?

I like her... I just dunno why.. she's a beauty to my very eyes.. I told myself so many times, to stop on liking someone.. But I still end up like last time... Haiz.. Now, I'm in love.. But still, fear is still lurking deep inside me, waiting for a chance to strike me when I'm unprepared..

But now... Does she actually thought the same way I do? Or is it just another one-sided love?

The more I draw closer to her, The more I feel I'm apart from her.
The more I feel that she's beautiful, The more I feel afraid of losing her from my sight.
The more I see someone treats her nice, The more I'm jealous of.

Liking someone is both nice and bad.. You can't differentiate them.. It is just too weird.. I don't know what to do...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sports Day

Yesterday was the Annual Sports Day.. Duh!! Of course I'm participating in the marching competition... That day was filled with excitement, spirit of winning... And of course anger on us; the BSMM.. And of course.. BSMM wore the uniform smartly.. With hackel and mafla on.. Others are just like normal.. So, its kinda obvious who is more superior in the 1st place...

So, I was so afraid of losing.. because Pandu Puteri and Pengakap are so desperate on winning this years match.. But this is my team.. I have my confidence too in them..

The first day of their practice with me... I still remembered that I said:

1) " Don't waste my time.. And of course.. You don't hope to waste your time losing, right?"

2) " With the guidance of me and Chen Shin.. You all will win this match... But you need to give some commitment also!"

3) " You all are juniors... If you all win.. We will have a lifetime pride!!"

4) " If you want to win.. Follow me!!"

So, after some practices, i mean really.. SOME practices.. Our team is great.. But not perfect enough.. Plus this years formation we might have lost to others... But our formation is without error for we did not break any rules, and of course it's fast... Just 1 command "Hormat Berformasi..." will do it.. Everything is included then.. Pusing here and there.. Hormat here and there... And of course senang diri and "kamehame.. HA!!" then straightaway left the place without another command like " cepat jalan" or something..

So of course... We won...... again.. I'm happy for all of them... But I'm also sad because i saw the faces of Pengakap and Pandu Puteri.. They didn't get anything.. They're so good... But why can't they get at least second? Haiz.. Who knows.. VIP does the voting.. Maybe they don't like the uniform? Based on their uniform, they should have won both KRS and Kadet Polis.. Cuz all of them.. Guys and girls in Pengakap wore the same uniform... Tucked in nicely... same goes to Pandu Puteri.. But KRS and Kadet.. Their uniform is nicer.. But they vary their dressings.. Some tucked.. Some not..

So thats all I wanna say.. Just glad for defending the name of Champion my last year of BSMM...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tired! Confused! Afraid! Anxious! Happy!

Today, I'm quite happy, can actually do what I can do.. Is SHE happy today? I won't know.. Whether she is happy with my presence.. Or will she feel irritated by me? Haiz.. This is Confused!

BSMM last practice was today.. Phew.. I can't say that our team is perfect.. But it is fine!! It is!! Damn tired la.. This is Tired!!

Tomorrow is the big day for us.. Fuyoh.. Damn scared leh... Pengakap and Pandu Puteri are getting somewhere near us leh.. KRS is still unknown to us.. But they are good too... Whereas Kadet Polis is very disciplined.. 1 of our tough competitor indeed.. But I'm afraid of Pengakap the most.. They're formation is way too good for showing off to VIP but not outside competitions.. So I damn scared that they'll get high points.. hope that we can survive the "war" la!! If we win eh.. Sure we will be crazy... This is Afraid! and Anxious!

What is Happy! then? Happy! is 1)When I'm with HER.. When I gave HER lollipops.. Haha... 2)When Sin Wei was having her birthday party.. When I'm eating her cake... When we completed our practice with perfection!

So.. Tomorrow I'm giving my everything for both BSMM and of course ???.... Hope that we'll win la.. Hehe..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tired!!! Tired!!! Tired!!!

Today was the tour to the HELP college... I didn't went there.. I skipped school... But from Chen Shin I heard that it was tiring... But compared to mine.. Mine should be worse...

Wake up early in the morning to wake my sis cuz she got school... Then I need to take my shower cuz 9 am there will be water treatment going on... I need to go to shopping centreS to look for cheapest sweets to buy... So I went to 3 shopping centres today.. After that.. I still have to go from tuition at 2.30-745 p.m. Then I need to take LRT and bus back home.. So I'm back around 10 p.m.

Today was interesting... I dunno why.. Today in tuition keep laughing and having wide smiles... Maybe because of.....


Today, my class is going to HELP college..(guess what? I wrote this post when they've just started to move okay? so don't judge my English and say that I'm wrong to put "is going to HELP college"..

Too bad.. I'm not going... It's a waste of time.. I'll just stay at home.. Then I'll go to shopping centre to buy some needs for the marching competition this saturday.. And of course teacher's sweets and Shen Xi's sweets too!!(Haiz... She called me to buy la.. Then must buy lo.. I might charged double.. LOLX)

And I'm going to tuition today for 4 classes.. So I can skip my class tomorrow.. Saving my money...

Yeah, dunno why I'm getting more and more EMO nowadays... Hope that I can remain calm from love... MUST STUDY!!! No time to play around already... But it still depends on the situation la... Haha... If the girl I like is more clever than me.. Then I can learn from her and also pikat her at the same time..Haha.. "catch" two birds with a "net"... LOLX

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm happy today...

Without reason...
I feel that I'm so happy...
It's like having fresh shashimi in Japan...
Very happy...

Is it because of THAT?
Who knows?

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Changing EMO mode....


Now you're official PEMO-BEAR!!!(which means PEDO-EMO-BEAR!!)


What shall I do? Am I really like this?

Why I can't feel anything when I'm beside her?
I swore that I'd wait for her until SPM later,
But my heart for her is slowly fading away...
Why can't I wait for her?

Why do I feel something when I'm beside HER?
I can't like HER..
For SHE is just my friend..
And SHE got an admirer which is better than me...
With what I'm allowed to compete with HIM?
HE treats HER nice...
I can see that..
For HE is my friend;
For I know HIM...

Last time, I used to like HER..
But i cant... She had been taken then...
Until this year..
SHE remained single again...
Now... 2 years later...
I am confused...
Whether who should I choose?

SHE treats me with care..
In fact,
SHE treats everyone with care...
HER smiles are as sweet as chocolate...
A very friendly person indeed..

But still...
I can't like HER...
SHE is way too good to be mine...
So I'll just let go of this feeling...
This would be the first time that I want to stop this feeling...
But can I?
Haven't even tried to go for her...
Lets just wait and see...

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Is the one that must take charge,
Is the one that should take care.

Without the leader,
It is like missing an eye of a needle;
Without it,
What is the use of that needle?

Without the leader,
It is like a flock of lost sheep;
Without the shepherd,
The sheep will be swarmed by wolves.

A leader,
Must have courage,
Must have ideas,
Must have charisma.
And most importantly,
Must have a kind heart.

Future leaders..
My requirements for a great leader is not long,
but its hard to achieve..
Many got plenty of the above..
But what use?
Even if you do not have a kind heart in leadership..
Nobody will work for you..
Even if you lack charisma by a little...
The team wont expand..

I can't say I'm a great leader,
In fact,
I'm not a good leader also.
But I do hope for the future...
That someone may take over my place...
That can make me feel relieved..
For He/She can handle without my worries..