Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wrong Choice

Yeap indeed I've made a wrong choice in studying STPM, but that's life! I'm just gonna stand up and run the whole race. I know I can do it, but Dentistry? Hmm...

It all started when SPM results came out. Everyone is starting to have their career be their goals so they took the subjects they're interested in. Me? Nah.. How can I be a musician?(yeah my primary goal was to become a musician, a pianist, a maestro....) eyes that stated "You have no talent" glared at me.. Yeah I'm not as talented but yeah, I'm better than a lot people too. Never know when you never tried eh? haha but I have no chance on it.

"Music as a career for men? You won't earn enough living for a family."
"There are a lot of talented people other than you, you won't survive."

Thus it was my farewell to music education, then I thought "I love electronics, computer, programs... Hmm.. Programming should be fun!" So this is my second choice, Programming. I got interested on how computers, programs etc work.

"A lot of people are taking these.. You must be very successful to earn a lot!"

HANCUR! haha so my mom kept saying that Dentist is a good job. Well obviously, because she went there every few weeks(maybe?) and got charged for more than RM200. Then yeah that's when I thought.. Okay since I like to help people out.. and I love Red Crescent so much.. I should try this, and I made Dentistry my goal now.

And because of Dentistry I must take STPM.

Now, I'm getting the feel that I shouldn't be here, in STPM. But half a year is already gone. I'm now stuck.. I can't turn back now.. Dentistry all the way now.. =)

I feel guilty. If I am really decisive I would've made a bold choice at going for music or tech educations.. I will be even more happier that way.

Lets hope I can endure this choice for life that I've made now.. I can do it! =)

Ethan the Classic signing out


Melody said...

Hmmm... Maybe you can use the results apply for IT too..

pouleen said...

I sometimes wonder if STPM is a wrong choice...

Anonymous said...

STPM is freaky. All the stress just gets to you! Sigh I can't agree more. You'd be much happier studying tech. You know you should really talk to your parents. I bet they'd help