Sunday, April 5, 2009


Is the one that must take charge,
Is the one that should take care.

Without the leader,
It is like missing an eye of a needle;
Without it,
What is the use of that needle?

Without the leader,
It is like a flock of lost sheep;
Without the shepherd,
The sheep will be swarmed by wolves.

A leader,
Must have courage,
Must have ideas,
Must have charisma.
And most importantly,
Must have a kind heart.

Future leaders..
My requirements for a great leader is not long,
but its hard to achieve..
Many got plenty of the above..
But what use?
Even if you do not have a kind heart in leadership..
Nobody will work for you..
Even if you lack charisma by a little...
The team wont expand..

I can't say I'm a great leader,
In fact,
I'm not a good leader also.
But I do hope for the future...
That someone may take over my place...
That can make me feel relieved..
For He/She can handle without my worries..

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