Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pictures and Words that I hate a lot...

Yeah, it's true... I hate a lot of pictures that people like...

They think that they're cool if they take this kind of pictures.. In fact, they're not..

Do I need to show you how to take a picture? Okay.


1) Please look at the camera, damn it.

Get it? Don't like it? You can do some hand signals like "peace" and any other things... It's still acceptable, for me... Example:

Okay? Understand how to take a picture? This is what we should do...

But... Nowadays "guys" and "girls" are so so called "photogenic"... They think pictures like this would look nice...


Guys... They think they're so cool.. Looking sideways.. Making it a bit blurrish.. Acting the "emo"-ish kind... Haiz... And they actually set their hair just to take some photos... WTF right? (In this example.. I did not set my hair.. It's just too stupid to do that... I wonder who actually done this before?)

See? this is how they take photo..


Come on... They do posts... Crazy posts... I almost puke when I see this...

See? Are they trying to act cute? Oh please.. Cuteness is derived from inside the character... Not by the looks.... How about this?

This is simply mental retardness.. Why do you even put "peace" to your mouth? That's why I hate people like this.

Ya.. By the way... What I dislike about Words as mentioned above... Is...

I ReAlLy HaTe PeOpLe WhO AcTuAlLy WrItE LiKe tHiS!! JuSt lIkE DaNiEl DoEs!

& of cours3 p30pl3 who wr1t3 l1k3 th15 t00!!

Do YOU understand?


zohan said...

the whole thing was so damn awesome! but the last paragraph really spoiled it. u shouldve MANTAINED ur I-dont-give-a-damn attitude, but u hadda take other peoples feelings into consideration. why so sensitive? who cares about how ur readers feel? pls edit it as soon as possible, its embarrasing (the last paragraph). u wanna be an asshole, be a proper asshole 4rom start 2 finish pls.

nicky-san said...

haha, i'm glad your genre of people tackled upon this topic. Yes, i do find these camwhore poses annoying.

You know what's a good picture? This:



Anonymous said...

Your contrast is not set to 150%.