Friday, April 17, 2009

Tired! Confused! Afraid! Anxious! Happy!

Today, I'm quite happy, can actually do what I can do.. Is SHE happy today? I won't know.. Whether she is happy with my presence.. Or will she feel irritated by me? Haiz.. This is Confused!

BSMM last practice was today.. Phew.. I can't say that our team is perfect.. But it is fine!! It is!! Damn tired la.. This is Tired!!

Tomorrow is the big day for us.. Fuyoh.. Damn scared leh... Pengakap and Pandu Puteri are getting somewhere near us leh.. KRS is still unknown to us.. But they are good too... Whereas Kadet Polis is very disciplined.. 1 of our tough competitor indeed.. But I'm afraid of Pengakap the most.. They're formation is way too good for showing off to VIP but not outside competitions.. So I damn scared that they'll get high points.. hope that we can survive the "war" la!! If we win eh.. Sure we will be crazy... This is Afraid! and Anxious!

What is Happy! then? Happy! is 1)When I'm with HER.. When I gave HER lollipops.. Haha... 2)When Sin Wei was having her birthday party.. When I'm eating her cake... When we completed our practice with perfection!

So.. Tomorrow I'm giving my everything for both BSMM and of course ???.... Hope that we'll win la.. Hehe..

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