Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sports Day

Yesterday was the Annual Sports Day.. Duh!! Of course I'm participating in the marching competition... That day was filled with excitement, spirit of winning... And of course anger on us; the BSMM.. And of course.. BSMM wore the uniform smartly.. With hackel and mafla on.. Others are just like normal.. So, its kinda obvious who is more superior in the 1st place...

So, I was so afraid of losing.. because Pandu Puteri and Pengakap are so desperate on winning this years match.. But this is my team.. I have my confidence too in them..

The first day of their practice with me... I still remembered that I said:

1) " Don't waste my time.. And of course.. You don't hope to waste your time losing, right?"

2) " With the guidance of me and Chen Shin.. You all will win this match... But you need to give some commitment also!"

3) " You all are juniors... If you all win.. We will have a lifetime pride!!"

4) " If you want to win.. Follow me!!"

So, after some practices, i mean really.. SOME practices.. Our team is great.. But not perfect enough.. Plus this years formation we might have lost to others... But our formation is without error for we did not break any rules, and of course it's fast... Just 1 command "Hormat Berformasi..." will do it.. Everything is included then.. Pusing here and there.. Hormat here and there... And of course senang diri and "kamehame.. HA!!" then straightaway left the place without another command like " cepat jalan" or something..

So of course... We won...... again.. I'm happy for all of them... But I'm also sad because i saw the faces of Pengakap and Pandu Puteri.. They didn't get anything.. They're so good... But why can't they get at least second? Haiz.. Who knows.. VIP does the voting.. Maybe they don't like the uniform? Based on their uniform, they should have won both KRS and Kadet Polis.. Cuz all of them.. Guys and girls in Pengakap wore the same uniform... Tucked in nicely... same goes to Pandu Puteri.. But KRS and Kadet.. Their uniform is nicer.. But they vary their dressings.. Some tucked.. Some not..

So thats all I wanna say.. Just glad for defending the name of Champion my last year of BSMM...

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