Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fuyoh!! Another Competitor, I suppose...

Since today Kenneth ask me to write an “emo” post..
Guess I’ll write one then..

Competitor? Or is it an oppression?
He’s just too near to her..
Even Thomas can’t bear to see it too!
None of us,(Me and Thomas), tried to get so near to her..
Unlike him..
Who did these..:


This is the first time I heard Thomas supporting me..
Asking me to go near her and talk to her..
WTF right?
But he is sad himself also..
Most probably..

Finally, she's starting give some response to me..
But it’s still early to assume anything yet..
So I’ll be waiting..
Like an alligator waiting for a prey..
Watching every movement that she makes..
I know.. I’m a horrible man..
A guy from the abyss..

Her pupils shone like pearls..
Her specs.. clean white..
Her face.. as beautiful as she can be..

Yeah.. You know what?
During after school..
I saw him walking with her..
Laughing and smiling..
Which you know, makes me jealous of..
As always..
But my friends told me..
He purposely walk behind her..
Staring at her butt..
When she’s walking down the stairs..
So, you know..
It kind of pisses me off..

But still.. Thoughts came to my mind
Will she like him?
Will she like him?
Will she like me?
It's different, you know?

And ya.. Today I might post my second post of “Pictures and Words that I hate”..
So stay tuned..


nicky-san said...

Assuming that person whom you spoke of during the entirety of this post is the same person I have in mind, then i should say one thing: Don't assume.

Yeah, i know he looks great, he talks great, all to the eyes of girls only, but in the end, when it comes to serious matters for him, sometimes we shouldn't assume what he's doing.

Don't stalk, i'm advising you this. If he's stalking, let him, you'll see the consequences later.


Anonymous said...

You officially announced that you will stalk, and you expect people to not notice that you're stalking. Wow

nicky-san said...

Btw, u didn't add my blog yet LOL

Anonymous said...

whoo! pervert! n y u mention my name? fag.

BJ said...

dude,cmon...stop being a pussy larh. loving someone is not like that. your jealousy is betraying yourself.

SC said...

how the hell u noe he was staring at her a**?! which means.. u oso was staring at it right? so ur d bigger pervert i presume.. but hey..if u like her.. fight! giv him a challenge.. if god 1's u to b her.. then its confirmed that u both will b together.. not him..not brad pitt.. but u la.. but if u always irritate her.. then kiss her a** goodbye.. u feelin me?! a gentle reminder.. don use other ppls mistakes to back u up.. u do ur thing...he;ll do his.. n don get too emo..its f****** pathetic..if she reads this.. she'll b the 1st lady to ever shut ur mouth with an apple.. if i were u.. better delete this post n even who ever the gals name xin di i think... bcause intruding ppls privacy is breaking the rules of life... u just broke rule no.10..ur not respecting ur friends.. how bastardish u can b.. dey're together..let them b..who do u think u are to let the whole world noe..ur such an ass..

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

Hey SC.. Sorry for not replaying your comments here.. First things first.. Did you read my post? Read PROPERLY, damn it.. Or do I need to write this clearly for you? "But my friends told me.." Do you understand?

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...