Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today, my class is going to HELP college..(guess what? I wrote this post when they've just started to move okay? so don't judge my English and say that I'm wrong to put "is going to HELP college"..

Too bad.. I'm not going... It's a waste of time.. I'll just stay at home.. Then I'll go to shopping centre to buy some needs for the marching competition this saturday.. And of course teacher's sweets and Shen Xi's sweets too!!(Haiz... She called me to buy la.. Then must buy lo.. I might charged double.. LOLX)

And I'm going to tuition today for 4 classes.. So I can skip my class tomorrow.. Saving my money...

Yeah, dunno why I'm getting more and more EMO nowadays... Hope that I can remain calm from love... MUST STUDY!!! No time to play around already... But it still depends on the situation la... Haha... If the girl I like is more clever than me.. Then I can learn from her and also pikat her at the same time..Haha.. "catch" two birds with a "net"... LOLX

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