Friday, April 24, 2009

Is Liking Someone Nice?

I like her... I just dunno why.. she's a beauty to my very eyes.. I told myself so many times, to stop on liking someone.. But I still end up like last time... Haiz.. Now, I'm in love.. But still, fear is still lurking deep inside me, waiting for a chance to strike me when I'm unprepared..

But now... Does she actually thought the same way I do? Or is it just another one-sided love?

The more I draw closer to her, The more I feel I'm apart from her.
The more I feel that she's beautiful, The more I feel afraid of losing her from my sight.
The more I see someone treats her nice, The more I'm jealous of.

Liking someone is both nice and bad.. You can't differentiate them.. It is just too weird.. I don't know what to do...


Moomoocow1314 said...

Yo t-jun =D nicky here....aiya, don't emo lah. THINK OF GUNDAM!

Anonymous said...

emo fag. all she wants is ur Mentos n u know that.