Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy? not? Who cares?

Am I happy?I should be happy, right?

She forgave me.But the condition becomes even worse.

Should I talk to her?I'm scared now..

It's hard to converse with her..

I'm getting further from her..

Should I keep buying Mentos?

It's useless now..

Now I'll stop for a while..

Although I'm the Mentos guy..

But still, I'm done..

Getting emotional?

Yes, actually..

But it won't stop me from being a good friend..

I'm sorry to those who care..

I'm coming home..

Thanks for your comments,

especially Nick and Kenneth for telling me That I'm an Emo asshole..

But I'll still like her..

As usual..I'm confused..

Why so suddenly?

I don't know what is she thinking of..

If she's telling me to stay away..

I will..As her wish..

But now,

I'll concentrate on my studies 1st..

And who knows..

Maybe 1000 girls will like me in the future?

I guess I'll stop now..

Hope I'll get what I want next Wednesday..

For it is my birthday..

(It's a hint for you... BUY PRESENT FOR ME!!!)

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