Friday, May 1, 2009

5 More Days to go...

5 more days to the luckiest day of my life.(Hope so).. Still reminding you all to buy me presents.. Haha

I'm not ready yet to confess my feeling to her yet..
I guess it's too fast..
But I'm also scared of him..
I'm scared he'll move first..
I'm scared she'll accept him..
I'm scared that I'll cry..(I don't think it'll happen)

I just don't know why..
Can't take my eyes off her..


Anonymous said...

"Ermm... Actually I rule, okay? Daniel.. Don't you forget I know who the hell you like? I can bring you down easily by spreading it.. Haha.. Worship me, the PEDO KING-MASTER!!"

Huh? Look who's talking...

Anonymous said...

dude, put ur name as A RANDOM PEDESTRIAN, ok? its starting 2 get lame.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is the identity of a 4channeler. Random pedestrian is my role in life.