Friday, May 8, 2009

Nice to see!

Haha.. Not talking about THOSE stuff.. LOLX

Neh.. Yesterday was fine.. Nothing much.. Just that I don't dare to talk to her after the confession..

But most importantly.. After school.. There was an accident..

Boon Keat.. One of my friend..
Fell down and hit the corner of the stairs at the small gate in front..
(His injury is just beside his right eye.. JUST BESIDE!!)
I was like quite blurr before that..
Because so suddenly people called me..
And I didn't know the reason..
I rushed there and helped him..
(That time I was so certain that I'm going to miss my first class for tuition.. And its true..)
Brought him to see a doctor..
The doctor damn nice..
Quite steady..
Gave him some injection..
Washed the cut injury..
Stitched 4 times..
Damn nice to see..
But still..
Feel sorry for that guy..

That's all I want to say..

Ethan's heart has been eaten by her..


Anonymous said...

so in short, u didint do anythin. just pimping around in PBSM, Junjun has. plus u have fetishes 4 doctors? what a coincidence, me too!

Anonymous said...

Woi, who is SC? yknow, the dude that said it aint cool 4 u 2 post the allister-xindi thing?

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

I dun even know la..

Enyze said...

changed my blog add :