Monday, May 18, 2009

For SC:

Dear SC..

Do you like me? Obviously you're surfing my blog almost everyday.. And you do care about me..

Are you gay?

Because you know.. I'm not into gay stuff.. So.. Just stay away from me..

And why do you try to hide your name from us?
You're scared?

And of course.. SC.. I'm aware of my doings.. My business is not of your concern..
Thank you.. I know you are trying to help me.. But please.. I got brains..
I can think.. Everything I do I will take my own responsibility..
So.. Don't care.. Okay?

And of course.. It's none of your business if you don't tell us your name..
Because I don't even know whether you're related to them..

And by the way, Allister sure liked this post.. He can finally show to the world how much he liked her.. And of course.. He thanked me too! He told me to keep this post and not delete it..

Don't need to care much already, okay? Just ignore my posts..


Łucãs™ said...

dude,for the sake of GOD...please think about Xin Di's feelings,NOT Allister!! Gosh....dude,have you lost your mind?

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...


Even now you're against me?
Dude.. I've told you..
I know what I'm doing..
I'll pay my own consequences..
I am aware of my doings..
Yes, as a friend, You care about me..
But I have my own life to find..
Even if she hate me or anything..
It's still my own business..

But thanks for caring!

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

And I do not lost my mind.. Try finding any picture of mine and put it in your blog then? It's simply nothing! Because I have nothing to hide..

And by the way.. It's Allister's fault for the pictures that he put on friendster.. Even people will do the same thing just like I did..

You all can call me an asshole if you want to.. But I'll still be the same old me!


Anon said...

to anon...

wow..thank god.. at least i've learn something i noe..cock can b use 4 other stuffs.. n NOT ONLY that thing.. but i'm sry man.. i'm REFERING to that thing..secondly.. in my life..this d 1st time i come across d word dumbfuck..1st of all is da even a word? nah.. i never think that i'm smart.. i just correct wat i noe is right.. 3 rd.. i'm not even talking to u in the 1st place so i repeat.. get a life..[quote = Dumbass SC (Sexually Challenged)]
and aaa.. to whoever d anonymous person is... its either ur dumb or u have a pea size brain.. this is not nobody.. this is somebody which is his friend... n d M.F just invaded their life.. so i suggest u get ur facts right before u even say anything..

I sense contradiction

Musical Rythem said...

woooo, flames gettin more serious!? Even lucas joined.. Tjun git is just joking la... Why so serious??? anyway, whose tat SC, another extra A?

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

I don't know..

Anon said...

It's safe to assume that SC (Small Cock) is Ming Kang as he too is a competitor to Alister, and I don't think he's happy from looking at that picture

Anonymous said...

to Tjun Git:

about a week ago, i heard you say to me that the person by the name of SC will never get to piss you off. plus you also said you WILL NEVER DELETE YOUR ALICE/XINDI POST no matter how much SC pushes you to do so. i guess you were wrong. i guess you werent strong enough to put up with the whinings of that 5yr old, and thus deleted the post. is that what happened? coz if it is, i now pronounce you the biggest pussy on earth. youre a FUCKING FAILURE, PUSSY THAT CANT EVEN KEEP HIS WORD. its so bad i somehow think ur related to SC. you bitchface, i actually thought you were a man. now i know ur just a piece of shit. now refresh my memory, dipshit, for i heard you say that he will never make you delete your post. NEVER, now i hear him thanking you for your balllessness. just WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? JUST WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING? do you even have testicles? you actually let urself give in to a pussies bitching. such an awesome post made by such a useless pathetic fucker, DELETED. i truly denounce all manner of respect i have for you. you disgrace me. you disgrace US.

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

I'm not a loser..
I don't surrender to SC..
Always will not!

Anonymous said...

if you didint already surrender, why the fuck is the post missing?

Anon said...

Accept the fact that you can't join the /b/tards overnight.

SC ( ori ) said...

kenneth..sometimes good people need a break.. give the man a chance to wat if hr doesn't surrender? its not bout showing who's man who's a least he's man enough to noe wats right..n do the right thing..actually he's not a pussy...ur d biggest pussy of all.. u big dumbshit..he disgrace u? who d fuck u think u are? some big shot? does he owe u? i doubt it..tjun git..ur doin the right thing.. u accept wat ppl think you did not rebel.. its good.. it doesn't mean that u lose or i win.. i din mean this kind of thing to occur.. i'm just trying to tell u wat u did was wrong...n now.. u did wat u hav to.. nobody tells u wat to do.. u din disgrace anybody.. most of all u din disgrace urself..:) trust me..

SC ( ori ) said...

kenneth u can go fuck urself...ur a disgrace to ur friends! i thought ur d smart 1... i thought u noe ethics.. but look at u.. ur d biggest shit of them all...he didn't disgrace u...u disgraced him..u just memalukan him la..look how u talk to him.. goodness..get a life la..

Anonymous said...

i disgraced him? this is getting funnier by the moment. you n him r gay couple now? what about allister? so sad 4 him lol! this Broke my back laughing in the making! this is so FUCKING hilarious! dont forget to ask david furnish n elton john for tips.

Ethan Liew Tjun Git said...

... Speechless...

SC ( ori ) said...

sry aa... elton n furnish is out of the picture,ur d hilarious mother fucker..ur making jokes not by using ur brains...but by using ur ass..ur jokes stink n don't make sense..try gettin lessons..faggot..