Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First day of exam..

Okay, since I saw some of my friends wrote some post about this topic.. Guess I'll do one too..

Today.. BM exam.. Not stressed out.. But in fact, I'm quite happy..

Paper 2.. Not good, can't get good marks.. Forgot Hilmi's sister's name.. Haiz.. (I don't even need Datuk Johari and I still can remember it.. WTF!!)

Okay.. Maybe I'm quite stressed out in paper 2.. But during recess.. Went to library.. sat down and read some karangan about wawancara.. Saw some peribahasa inside it.. Looked at it.. something kerbau something.. and something susu something.. 2 peribahasa.. Tried to memorize it for Paper 1.. Failed.. LOLX

After that, paper 1 starts.. Looked at the questions.. Pretty hard.. section B, 1-4, I hate it..
But when I saw number 5, a huge smile came across my face.. "kerana nila setitik, susu rosak sebelanga".. Fooh.. That's the 1 I learnt not long ago! WTF!! And they ask us to write a cerpen.. Which I like the most.. No need long, reasonable Isi.. So I planned to do that topic, no matter what.. Even though I might have a slight chance that I may have interpret the peribahasa the wrong way..

That's all I wanna say.. Tomorrow is Sejarah day.. Time to learn our stupid history about how stupid are us to fight for our own freedom although they already prepared one for us..

Ethan's heart has been eaten by her..

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